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2016-09-08-Linda Farrell_APC certificate 2


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2016-09-08-Linda Farrell_APC certificate 2

  1. 1. Linda Farrell This accreditation certificate remains the joint property of the IIC&M and the above on the proviso that the IIC&M’s fees are paid and the IIC&M’s Declaration of Integrity is honoured. DAVID MONRO-JONES MANAGING DIRECTOR IIC&MThe International Accreditation Body for Coaching and Mentoring creating excellence in the coaching and mentoring professions confers upon Declaration of Integrity signed: 8th September 2016 Awarded on this day: 8th September 2016 ALI KOÇ HEAD OF ACCREDITATION the designation of Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M) and the letters APC Member Number: 644APC valid to: 30th September 2017 This designation has been earned by demonstrating their knowledge and experience through the robust and comprehensive accreditation process designed to ensure excellence in the mentoring profession.