L.Eggs E Folio 2011


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L.Eggs E Folio 2011

  1. 1. digital commonwealth bank: dollarmites agency: New Dialogue (now Tongue). media: Website. brief: CBA’s Dollarmites Club targets young kids with the primary objective of teaching them good financial sense from an early age. The Club has been around for years and many CBA customers fondly remember the Club as their first banking experience and have stuck with the Bank since. By 2008, however, the Club needed a boost - as the characters were becoming tired and boring. Particularly since they were now up against a barrage of contemporary online entertainment. The website also needed to account for parent approval - due to growing concerns about marketers targeting kids with unwholesome content... along with fears of stranger danger. And thirdly, the website had to work as an interactive platform that tied in with the DM campaigns/competitions. execution: Obviously, a serious make- over was needed. So we animated the characters and gave them voices, plus fun biographies. We also created more informative content for both kids and their parents. The result was a 67% increase in session duration and an IAB award in the Financial Services Sector.
  2. 2. digital
  3. 3. digital commonwealth bank: home buying know how campaign agency: New Dialogue (now Tongue) media: An informative website offering a suite of home buying tools and advice via podcasts and downloadable information. This website was supported with swf, gif and flash banner ads which reflected various target market needs and CBA home loan solutions. Campaign no longer running. brief: The CBA wanted to position itself as the premier home lender with all the answers; not just in the financial sense, but in the practical sense of buying a home. Coupled with the fact that many home buyers are bamboozled with the whole process, the website needed to be a step by step guide to home buying and the costs associated with it. execution: The look and feel of the campaign had to reflect the mainstream press ads. This consisted of block-style buildings that looked like they had expanded across news print (or were squashed by it) to demonstrate a point. Online, the block-style buildings also used space to grow or change shape before the viewers eyes - looking like they were growing beyond their booked media allotments.
  4. 4. digital 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  5. 5. digital1 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 5
  6. 6. digital kotex: stayfree ultra thin agency: The Farm Digital media: Online banners, forum & website. Pitch. brief: To engage young women and position the Kotex brand as one that relates to their lifestyle and ideals. Research had shown that the brand had fallen into the old-school category and was not considered to be very innovative. execution: Since sanpro advertising is generally bland, the agency chose to go the social media rout and encourage dialogue among the market; drawing analogies between the closeness and comforts of girl friends and advanced sanitary napkins. The campaign was to run static and rich media banners. These linked to a forum, that engaged insightful and often humorous conversations about friendships between women. In doing so, five emotional categories were adopted to spark conversation and thoughts. Women could also find out more about the product via a product landing page and free sampling. Unfortunately, this concept didn’t run. However, the agency did win the account as a result of it.
  7. 7. digital
  8. 8. digital commonwealth bank: $50 credit on credit cards campaign agency: New Dialogue (now Tongue) media: swf, gif and flash banner ads in all sizes for 4 different cards, plus a microsite. Ads were highly targeted, appearing on a select range of sites - depending on market demographics and the relation of the card propositions to the sites. Campaign no longer running. brief: The CBA was experiencing a reduction in its Platinum, Gold, Awards and Low Fee credit card uptake. To en- courage aquisition, The Bank offered $50 1 2 3 worth of credit on every new card application. The campaign also needed to highlight the many benefits of each card and relate them to the specific target markets. execution: This was a complex campaign. So to demonstrate the advantages of each card in an attention grabbing way, we developed banner ads that tore along the centre, layer by layer, 4 5 6 revealing a new propositon beneath. From a copy perspective, this meant that the lines had to flow from both top to bottom and bottom to top. Of course, there were far too many messages to be conveyed in the banner ads, so the microsite took the form of a comparison table.
  9. 9. digital
  10. 10. digital
  11. 11. digital caltex: main website agency: New Dialogue (now Tongue) media: Informational website for consumers, business and investors. brief: Caltex needed to update its main website to be more informative, rank higher for SEO, be easier to navigate and to establish a more corporate, yet consumer friendly tonality. execution: From my perspective, this was an exercise in creating the right tonality and editing a good deal of the content. This was quite a large job with the content coming from a wide range of stake- holders. Despite their conservative disposition, a good deal of the copy got through unchanged - which, apparently, is unusual for Caltex.
  12. 12. digital caltex: biofuels agency: Tongue media: Interactive microsite brief: To maintain its innovative stance in the fuel market and to better educate customers about biofuels, Caltex required an informative, yet friendly microsite. They also required an interactive ‘biofuel finder’ component to help drive traffic to Caltex biofuel retailers. execution: When I was briefed on this job I couldn’t help but feel a tad uncomfortable. For me, writing about a fossil fuel conglomerate that was espousing the need for environmental protection represented a murky shade of green washing. Luckily, Caltex had a story to tell; one which was factual, truthful and as financially driven as the importance of renewable energies and public approval. In the end, it became one of the most enjoyable corporate jobs I’d worked on.
  13. 13. UWS has a state of the art music faculty and offers degrees in a vast range of areas. However, university of westernthrough the line they lacked recognition and were often overlooked by school leavers making their uni selections. This website became the centre-piece of the campaign and was backed with press ads in music / sydney: bachelor of music street mags. Free air guitars (the client couldn’t afford much) with bonus picks were also given degree out at popular music gigs. agency: New Dialogue (now Tongue) media: Website, full page ads in street mag’s, radio and experiential. Site no longer running. brief: UWS has a state of the art music facility and offers degrees in a vast range of areas. However, their courses lacked recognition and were often overlooked by HSC school leavers when making their uni selections. execution: To make the UWS Bachelor of Music top of mind with school leavers, we created a more contemporary web- site using talent from the school. This site highlighted the range of courses available and ran with the strapline: There’s more to music at UWS (which was the client’s strapline). The site also profiled the academic requirements for each course, the types of people these courses would benefit and samples of work (downloadable) that were created by past students. To support the site, 30sec radio ads (on indi stations, like FBI), full page ads in street mag’s and free air guitars with bonus picks were produced. The free air guitars and picks were handed out at gigs - which was extremely popular, despite some guitars being untuned.
  14. 14. throught the line Front and back of air guitar pick card
  15. 15. digital kellogg’s: all-bran agency: Tongue media: Interactive website: www.all-bran.com.au brief: To introduce the wide range of All-Bran cereals now produced by Kellogg and to position All-Bran as the most effective, delicious source of fibre on the market. The website also needed to educate consumers about the importance of a high fibre diet and healthy living - and demonstrate how this doesn’t need to be boring. execution: This website had to be deep and informative - covering a vast amount of content, including how the digestive system works, nutrition and the need for fibre, recipes, product information, a fibre calculator, regular journals from a dietitian, FAQ’s and more. Thanks to the use of Ajax, all of the above could be covered in a comprehensive way - allowing snippets of info which could expand to reveal more detailed explanations.
  16. 16. digital di’s hill: romantic home stay agency: Molotov Communications + Icon Innovations media: website: www.dishill.com.au brief: To photograph and build a website for this spectacular holiday house. The client, Dianne Willett, had been struggling to lure guests and wanted a website that brought to life the charm of the property and the Lake Conjola area - which few people know about. execution: Using WordPress, Icon Innovations and I developed the site for optimisation, functionality and, above all, inspiration. Indeed, the landing page set the tone with an image loop of copy reading: “Five acres of personal tranquility Space to lose yourself... ... and rediscover each other There’s a pool that’s 6km long... ... and an endless park to walk in Monuments from another time... ...and time to linger and relax.” The site was set up for easy back-end administration by the client, opportunities to run special promotions, for readers and guests to add blogs and for people to make reservation enquiries. We’re also working on her to incorporate a social media campaign to get her search ratings higher.
  17. 17. mainstream ingersoll-rand: the dmm3 blasthole drill agency: Milne and Partners. media: Full page ad for engineering and construction magazines. brief: To demonstrate the enormous drilling ability and technical advancements of Ingersoll-Rand’s DMM3 Blasthole Drill. execution: The first step was to convince the client to depart from the typical, mechanical/statistical advertising found in engineering and construction trade journals at the time and do some- thing that really stood out. The next problem was coming up with a concept that would demonstrate the benefits of the Blasthole Drill in a compelling way. Like usual, the budget was small and the production period even smaller. As the drill vaguely resembled a rocket launcher, our solution was to turn a stock shot of a space shuttle upside down.
  18. 18. point of sale schwarzkopf: indian fire agency: Harris Robinson & Associates media: A3 poster for hair dressing salons. brief: Build awareness of Schwarzkopf’s new red hair dye, Indian Fire. execution: This product had no major benefits over its competitors; it was simply quality product that dyed hair red. From an emotional point of view, however, red hair dye had a lot to offer. The client research showed that many women who chose to dye their hair red were head- strong, confident individuals that weren’t worried about fitting in. To reflect their ideals, and tie in with the product name, Indian Fire, a quasi Asian/ mystical approach was adopted.
  19. 19. through the line balmoral boards agency: Molotov Communications media: Full page ads in snow board, skate board, mountain bike and ski mag’s. brief: Proposal to get client in the door. execution: When I started Molotov Communications, I was on the lookout for SME’s that would allow us to do some really fun stuff. However, I felt that they had to have a great product and business plan, a strong background, market recognition and a desire to grow. Balmoral Boards ticked all those boxes and more. After a little snooping, an art director (Rua Perston) and myself put together a proposed print campaign that positioned Balmoral Boards as the Gods of snow boarding. These concepts could also be adapted to metro lights, street posters, cafe postcards or even local bar coasters. We posted the layouts to the client with a cheeky letter that explained how we would like to make him famous. This scored Molotov an interview. Over the course of two years, Molotov provided strategic direction for Balmoral Boards and its B-Star label, plus assistance with their catalogues.
  20. 20. through the line
  21. 21. mainstream good cause: recruitment agency: Molotov Communications media: Small-space recruitment ads for press. brief: Good Cause was a fund raising consultancy that organised events and programmes for a wide range of popular charities. Basically, the company trained people to discuss specific charities with the public in a bid to encourage regular EFT donations. Their recruitment ads targeted people who wanted casual work while at uni - or just needed a short term job to help make ends meet. Of course, the budget for these ads was minuscule. execution: Molotov created a vast series of small-space, type driven press ads to run in the recruitment section of local and major newspapers. Most people are aware that this job is not a glamorous one, so changing peoples’ perspective about the work and appealing to their altruistic side was important.
  22. 22. mainstream good cause: recruitment agency: Molotov Communications media: Recruitment strip ads for free street publications. brief: This was a Molotov initiative which followed up from the small space press ad campaign. The strategy was the same as the small space campaign - only using dif- ferent publications and layouts for impact. execution: Running on the success of the small space press ad campaign, I suggested that Good Cause invest a little extra money in running some highly visible strip ads in free street and university publications. The client loved the concepts but, unfortunately, decided to adapt them into more small space press ads.
  23. 23. mainstream
  24. 24. direct marketing sterling pharmaceutical: first steps campaign agency: Clemenger Direct media: A series of informative, 12 page booklets that focus on childhood development. brief: To help build long-term customer loyalty, Sterling Pharmaceutical decided to produce a series of booklets to advise mums and dads about the different stages of their kids’ development - and position Panadol as a trusted authority on growing pains in the process. execution: Data collection was achieved through direct response ads in women’s magazines and brochures in bounty bags. Parents could sign up every child under seven - ensuring they would receive a new First Steps booklet that corresponded with birthdays. Each booklet focused on the behavioural, learning and growth expectations for a specific age-group. They also carried an information chart at the back to keep Panadol top of mind between mailings. This included immunisation charts, home first aid guides, resuscitation procedures for minors, etc. Naturally, each booklet had to be thoroughly researched and approved by a recognised paediatrician.
  25. 25. direct marketing
  26. 26. sandoz pharmaceuticals:direct marketing lamisil ‘murder on tinea’ agency: Clemenger Direct media: A direct response mailing to GP’s and dermatologists. Sample request forms were included. brief: Sandoz Pharmaceuticals’ Lamisil cream was the only dermatological cream on the market that actually killed fungal infections, such as tinea and ringworm. At the time, the cream was only available via prescription, so the company had the challenge of, not only educating doctors about the efficacy of the product, but to convince them to take all fungal infections seriously enough to prescribe Lamisil. (As many GP’s ignored these infections, or falsely believed they could be cleared up with over the counter solutions.) execution: The client and agency alike felt that mentioning the word ‘kill’ wouldn’t go down well with doctors - despite it being an integral part of Lamisil’s proposition. With that, we challenged doctors to look at the evidence and judge for themselves. Hence, the ‘murder on tinea’ concept. This also enabled us to quote medical papers (which are pretty bland) and present them as conclusive evidence in a more interesting way. The concept also provided a great platform in which to invite GP’s to trial the product themselves. This mailing was backed up with telemarketing and invitations to dermatological seminars etc.
  27. 27. direct marketing
  28. 28. direct marketing achievement concepts: corporate wilderness:stage 1 agency: Molotov Communications media: A two-stage direct mail campaign to the top 50 companies in Australia. brief: Achievement Concepts helps companies to develop their culture, leaders and teams. By taking key players out of their comfort zones and making them work together in hostile wilderness regions, executives learn how to adopt constructive thinking behaviours - rather than being defensive. These trips are facilitated by an accomplished mountaineer and psychiatrist and are followed up with mentoring. Naturally, the programs aren’t cheap. And, because our mailings were to target the top CEO’s, they had to be cut-through enough to make it past the PA’s. execution: The program was summed up with an invitation for companies to ‘navigate the corporate wilderness’. This consisted of a personalised topographical map of a national park - where the park itself, plus streams, mountains, and ridges was renamed after the company and its key exec’s. The map was also marked-up with a teaser, asking the CEO how far they could take their team. A short letter, personalised brochure and compass also accompanied the map; along with a bushwalking mapbag as a vehicle for the whole pack.
  29. 29. direct marketing achievement concepts: corporate wilderness:stage 2 agency: Molotov Communications execution: A week after receiving the first dm pack, the company would receive a follow-up mailing. This mailing was also highly personalised and built on the Corporate Wilderness concept - albeit, with a prusiking analogy. Prusiking enables people to get over difficult cliff faces with the use of ropes and loops. So it reflected the message of “getting executives over hurdles - particularly those in the office” perfectly. To illustrate the notion, the second stage pack included prusik loops, a personalised brochure - which set the scene for the program itself, photos from previous corporate trips with testimonials on the reverse, and a letter. This letter was kept short and simply informed the CEO that there was a limited number of program vacancies still available . The client was adamant that, as long as the CEO had received the mailings, he would be able to sell-through the program in person. And so, three days after the second mailing, the client was to follow up with a phone call. This campaign had real cut-through potential and our client loved it. Unfortunately, it didn’t go ahead due to internal politics on the client side.