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  • Although twitter is also a social netowrk it is notably a micro blog.You can post information in 140 character bites. Again, NO selling, just generation influence – let people know who you are, you are not broadcasting you are socially connecting adding value to conversations.
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  • MAR - Understanding Social Media

    1. 1. Understanding Social Media Linda Davis Facebook: LindaCDavis Twitter: @LindaDavis
    2. 2.
    3. 3. The Rules:• Some of what I say today is my opinion. You can probably do it bigger, better, or different.• It is more about good content than it is about technology.• Anything I say today could be outdated tomorrow.• Social media is a conversation.• I am here.
    4. 4. My Tools: Desk Top Computer iPad iPhone Scan SnapEpson Workforce Printer Evernote Dropbox Paperport
    5. 5. Why engage insocial media?
    6. 6. If not, why not? 2011 NAR Technology Survey
    7. 7. “A primary benefit of social media isthe ability to reach out to consumers,even when they are NOT ready tocontact you.”P.S. Millennials are using social networking tomake big picture decisions.
    8. 8. How much timedoes social mediatake?
    9. 9. Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL!!! Social Media is not Free. It costs time. Plan for 30 minutes a day to start. Then 10-15 minutes a day. Blogging will add more time to your social media plan.
    10. 10. Who is youraudience?
    11. 11. Create Lists on Facebook
    12. 12. Where toengage?
    13. 13. SOCIAL NETWORK TOOL KIT “This is where “Here I am eating “My skills include “I’m eating a donut!” “I like donuts.” I find donuts.” a donut.” eating donuts.” twitter Facebook Four You LinkedIn Square Tube May 1, 2011 June 15, 2011 August 23, 2011 November 12, 2011 February 14, 2012
    14. 14. Where are your potential clients? Are you there to meet them?
    15. 15. From Hub Spot:
    16. 16. Do I need aFacebookPage?
    17. 17. A Facebook Profile must only be used to represent an individual.
    18. 18. Facebook Site Governance: Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (updated 8/11/09)Section 4, Point 2“You will not use your personal profile for yourown commercial gain.“
    19. 19. Nancy Minor on Facebook
    20. 20. Create a Page
    21. 21. Naming your Facebook Page isone of the most important steps.
    22. 22. Ledyard Real Estate News
    23. 23. Ledyard CT
    24. 24. Resources
    25. 25. Facebook Marketing Bible) (Facebook Privacy Guide)
    26. 26. What do I talk about?
    27. 27. Annoying Things
    28. 28. Don’t Be Stupid!$old another hou$e how do we spellclosing? Let me $ee if I po$$ibly canremember.......Hmmmm OH yeah it$coming back to me now. It$ called:************** M O N E Y **************that green $tuff
    29. 29. We showed property to husband and wife physicians who said they were not working with any other agents -BS! Fortunately their agent called because they want to make an offer on the house we showed them and she is an honest ethical agent. We asked for a referral commission even though we are procuring cause AND she knows it - they lied to us, but had toUGH!!! come clean to her - so now that we know they are not very ethical people professionally would we want them to be our doctors? Would you?
    30. 30. One of my goals as an agent is to become a valuable resource.
    31. 31. Become a Resource Real Estate?
    32. 32. Have Fun!
    33. 33. Should I Create a Group on Facebook?
    34. 34. Create a Group and Become a Hero
    35. 35. How Socialdo I Need tobe?
    36. 36. Twitter – A MicroBlog
    37. 37. What Are You Doing?Twitter - You answer the question “what are youdoing?” and you are sharing that status with the groupof people who have chosen to follow you. At the sametime, you are following the status updates of the peopleyou’ve chosen to follow.
    38. 38. How . . .TWEETREPLYRETWEET “RT”
    39. 39. How . . .DIRECT MESSAGE “DM”HASHTAG
    40. 40.
    41. 41. To help “get” TWITTER Start Listening By Following & By
    42. 42. Use Desktop Applications Like HootSuite
    43. 43. Consider “Answer Sites”
    44. 44. Do I need to Blog?
    45. 45. Blogging
    46. 46. A blog can open doors and provide amazing opportunities.
    47. 47. Why Blog? YEO? “You Engaging Others” Focus first and foremost onproviding value to the reader. Instead ofbeing a “writer,” think about being an “educator.” 55 Comments 57
    48. 48. Become A Source for Media 58
    49. 49. Island’s End Golf Course Long Island 2007Other Reasons to Blog?
    50. 50. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers 2. Define your audience 3. Decide on a blog platform
    51. 51.
    52. 52.
    53. 53. Saint Paul Real Estate Blog
    54. 54. Life in Bonita Springs
    55. 55. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy
    56. 56. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers. (Try commenting) 2. Decide on a blog platform. 3. Define your audience.
    57. 57. If you can use word . . . 67
    58. 58. Blogging PlatformsREAL ESTATE SPECIFIC NOT INDUSTRY SPECIFIC Trulia Voices Blogger Active Rain $ Wordpress (.org or .com) Typepad Posterous and Tumblr Patch?
    59. 59. You can post photos, text, files, and videofrom your computer, Ipad, or smart phone.
    60. 60. If you can use email, you can blog. Really.
    61. 61. Posterous Facebook
    62. 62. Posterous Twitter Stream
    63. 63. Posterous Flickr
    64. 64. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers. 2. Decide on a blog platform. 3. Define your audience.
    65. 65. HyperLocal Blog 79
    66. 66. Creating a Blogging Plan Blog a minimum of once a week Plan regular features Have a “blog ideas” notebook Add photos & video for interest Carry a camera everywhere
    67. 67. What to blog about?• Photo Friday• Mortgage Update• Local Market Updates• New Businesses• Properties/Subdivisions• Weekend Updates• In the News? 82
    68. 68. Why Video?
    69. 69. 10%Why Video? What you read 20% What you hear 30% What you see 50% What you see and hear
    70. 70. You will need a video cameraAnd some tools…
    71. 71. Create a You Tube Channel FranklyRealty
    72. 72. Ways to use video?
    73. 73. Instructional Videos
    74. 74. Using video to provideneighborhood information
    75. 75. Neighborhood/Community VideosShow the neighbors Show the history . . . Show the lifestyle!
    76. 76. Just one morething….
    77. 77. It’s all about finding you on line.When people Google you or your community, what do they find? Linda Davis Real Estate