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MAR - First 10 things You Must do in Social Media


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • Love it. I'm going to borrow this to recap my class 'Bob's Digital Marketing Club' Now that I discovered this slide share, I realized I covered some of this over the past 10 weeks of class. You're the best Linda.
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MAR - First 10 things You Must do in Social Media

  1. 1. The First 10 Things YouMUST do in Social Media Linda Davis Facebook: LindaCDavis Twitter: @LindaDavis
  2. 2.
  3. 3. The Rules:• Some of what I say today is my opinion. You can probably do it bigger, better, or different.• It is more about good content than it is about technology.• Anything I say today could be outdated tomorrow.• Social media is a conversation.• I am here.
  4. 4. BeginnerIntermediate Advanced Ubergeek
  5. 5. My Tools: Desk Top Computer iPad iPhone Scan SnapEpson Workforce Printer Evernote Dropbox Paperport Realty Juggler
  6. 6. DROPBOX - Free
  7. 7. EVERNOTE - FreeP.S. Dropbox is for files. Evernote is for everything else!
  8. 8. Paperport Software
  9. 9. Paperport Software
  10. 10. Using Paperport
  11. 11. If you close your eyes,social media is not going away.
  12. 12. If not, why not? 2011 NAR Technology Survey
  13. 13. Create aDatabase
  14. 14. Contact Management“How you gather, manageand use information to servethe needs of your customerwill determine whether youwin or lose in your business”Bill Gates in “Business at theSpeed of Thought” Active Rain Survey 2012
  15. 15. www.GaryDavidHall.coml
  16. 16. Realty JugglerI use Realty Juggler but it may not be the best choice for you.
  17. 17. What do you need to consider when choosing a database?• Cost• Support• Web based• Social media interaction• E-mail interaction• Phone synching• Task management (launch plans)• Enough fields
  18. 18. Gmail Contacts
  19. 19. Task Management
  20. 20. My Database CategoriesClients: Clients are anyone who I have done business with and as a result, earned acommission. Sphere of influenceProspects: Prospects are people I hope to do business with in the future. This listincludes: CMA prospects, Orphans, Movers and ShakersFamily and Friends: They should be on your mailing list too! Sometimes they need tobe reminded you are in the real estate business.Out of Area: These are past clients who have moved out of the area.Vendors, for people like painters, cleaners etc.
  21. 21. Fields?
  22. 22. Decide onyour SocialMedia Hub
  23. 23. Your hub is the foundation of your web presence. Use it to tell who you are and what you do. Linked In Twitter eNewsletters HUB Facebook You Tube FourSquare
  24. 24. There is no better hub than a blog. A blog can open doors and provide amazing opportunities.
  25. 25. Saint Paul Real Estate Blog
  26. 26. Life in Bonita Springs
  27. 27. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy
  28. 28. Your hub can be a page on your company’s website.
  29. 29. Social Media Hubs
  30. 30. Social Media Hub -
  31. 31. Create aProfile
  32. 32. Long Profile
  33. 33. Short Profile Im a blogger, sister, politician, mother, golfer, wife, real estate broker, educator, and wannabe photographer. Im also a pretty damn good cook.
  34. 34. Create andEnhance yourSignature
  35. 35. Email Signatures
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Bunny MostadABR, CRP, CRS, e-PRO, GRI, LHMS, SRESColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage203
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Carry your cameraeverywhere and buildyour photo library!
  40. 40. Share the story of yourcommunity with photos and video.
  41. 41.
  42. 42. PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS – Free
  43. 43. DynaLight HD for iPhone PRO HDR for Android
  44. 44. Camera+ for the iPhone
  45. 45. HDR Plus for the Android
  46. 46. Diptic
  47. 47. Plan your Photoshoot Ahead of Time
  48. 48. iWatermark for the iPhone
  49. 49. Add Watermark for the Android
  50. 50. A photo-sharing social network.
  51. 51. Find YourClientsOnline
  52. 52. Finding clients and friends on Facebook
  53. 53. Search Local Groups on Facebook
  54. 54. Finding clients on Twitter
  55. 55. Finding clients and friends on Twitter____________________________
  56. 56. Use Desktop Applications Like HootSuite
  57. 57. Create Lists onFacebook
  58. 58. Create custom lists from your home page.Clicks Friends in the left hand column
  59. 59. Sign on toLinkedIn
  60. 60. 5 Places To Practice Keyword Loading 1Professional Headline 2 Position
  61. 61. 3 Summary
  62. 62. 4 Experience5 Skills and Expertise
  63. 63. Other Linked In Tips •Join Groups •Connect with at Least 500 People•Your Name Should Contain only Your Name •Answer Questions (More Tab) •Add Stuff (Links, Video, SlideShare)
  64. 64. Give and you shall receive recommendations.
  65. 65. Provide Knowledge tothe Communityyou Serve withLocation Based Technologies.
  66. 66. Yelp
  67. 67. Foursquare – More than a game Badges Points Mayor
  68. 68. Leave TipsThroughout YourCommunity.The masters atFoursquare – TheCorcoran Group
  69. 69. Consider Flickr
  70. 70. Create aneNewsletter
  71. 71. Use an email newsletter to communicate market information
  72. 72. Ledyard Real Estate Update
  73. 73. Email Marketing1. Narrow your focus2. Be consistent3. Keep it personal4. Provide good content
  74. 74. Free Newsletter Resources Local and State Board/MLS Statistics (Blog)
  75. 75. Newsletter Product Must Haves Manage subscriptions automatically Unsubscribe Feature Data and Analytics Templates
  76. 76. Constant Contact$15 Month for 0-500 Email Addresses $30 Month for 500-2500 Email Addresses
  77. 77. Statistics
  78. 78. Mail Chimp