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Working with Burtch Works: What to Expect


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Are you a quantitative or marketing research professional looking to make your next big career move, or a hiring manager looking to add to your analytics or consumer insights team? We can help!

Burtch Works is the industry leader in quantitative and marketing research recruiting, and our recruiters have over 80 years' combined experience working with professionals just like you!

With the explosion of Big Data, the analytics, data science, and market research industries are booming, and Burtch Works can help you maximize your career or team's potential. From unparalleled industry insights to our groundbreaking Burtch Works Studies - comprehensive salary reports for Big Data, Data Science, and Marketing Research professionals - we're here to help you find the right fit.

For more information on our salary reports, check out our website and other slideshares!

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Working with Burtch Works: What to Expect

  1. 1. Working with Burtch Works What to Expect
  2. 2. The quantitative industry is soaring!
  3. 3. 93%of analytics talent is approached monthly on LinkedIn 90%of analytics teams planned to hire during the 1st half of 2017 Talent is in high demand.
  4. 4. We’re the quantitative recruiting experts.
  5. 5. We’re the quantitative recruiting experts. Unmatched knowledge of the talent landscape Clients include Fortune 50 companies, global consulting firms, and start-ups across industry verticals Network of 40,000+ professionals: Analytics Data science Marketing research Consumer insights
  6. 6. We’re the authority on salaries.
  7. 7. Our studies contain unparalleled data • Accurate salary data collected directly from professionals • Data analyzed across demographics: – Years of experience – Job level/category – Gender – Education – Geographic – Industry
  8. 8. Our data have been featured in a variety of business media.
  9. 9. Comprehensive reports with salaries, demographic data, and additional hiring market insights available for: Predictive Analytics Data Science Marketing Research
  10. 10. There’s a lot more data to see… Download the free reports for 30+ pages of salary data for each specialty © 2017 Burtch Works LLC
  11. 11. We’re the quantitative recruiting experts. We’re your source for talent Our specialties: Analytics Data Science Marketing Science/Modeling Market Research/Insights Credit/Risk Analytics Web Analytics Digital Marketing Analytics Operations Research Analytics Management Analytics/Research C-Suite
  12. 12. We’re the quantitative recruiting experts. We’re your source for talent Sample job titles: Data Scientist Sr. Marketing Analyst Web Analyst Credit Risk Modeler Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights Director, Market Research Sr. Director, Analytics & Insights VP, Marketing Analytics Chief Analytics Officer Chief Data Scientist
  13. 13. Bring your questions We regularly brainstorm with clients, answering questions such as: How’s the hiring market in my city/industry? Are my salary bands in line with the market? What does the candidate pool look like for this role? How long will it take to fill our position? What’s working to my advantage in this search? What are the risks or opportunities?
  14. 14. • Contingency recruitment • Retained services • Job board platform What We Offer
  15. 15. • Personalized partnerships • Recruit across industry verticals nationwide • Network of 40,000+ professionals • Leading edge sourcing methodology & technology • Welcome feedback throughout the process Contingency or Retained Services based on your needs
  16. 16. Find niche talent by posting open roles on • Flexible posting options • Receive applications directly • Unlimited editing • Ability to share on social media
  17. 17. We understand the market through our ongoing research Annual salary studies Flash surveys Industry blog Live webinars
  18. 18. Follow Burtch Works on social media to stay updated on our latest research.
  19. 19. About Burtch Works Leading resource for analytics, data science, and marketing research talent Download our salary reports 30+ pages of data for: Predictive Analytics Data Science Marketing Research
  20. 20. Let’s talk hiring strategy. 847-440-8555