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Burtch Works Studies: Salary Reports for Analytics, Data Science, & Marketing Research Professionals


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Burtch Works is a top executive recruiting firm specializing in data science, predictive analytics, and marketing research talent. This deck shares our most recent salary data and hiring market insights on quantitative and research professionals in these fast-growing fields.

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Burtch Works Studies: Salary Reports for Analytics, Data Science, & Marketing Research Professionals

  1. 1. The Burtch Works Studies: Salaries for Predictive Analytics, Marketing Research & Data Science
  2. 2. Job seekers: Want to know your market value? Hiring managers: Want to keep your job offers competitive? You’re in the right place!
  3. 3. We’re a trusted resource Comprehensive salary and demographic reports for our main specialty areas: - Data science - Predictive analytics - Marketing research Website, blog, and job board trafficked by thousands of quantitative professionals Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Recruiting Firms Frequently interview by the press:
  4. 4. We’re the authority on salaries. Salary reports and other hiring market research available for: Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Marketing Research Professionals
  5. 5. Our studies contain unparalleled data Accurate data collected directly from professionals Compensation & hiring trends Demographic characteristics Salaries examined by years of experience and other factors Salary means, medians, and quartiles Download for free at:
  6. 6. data © 2019 Burtch Works LLC Salaries of: Predictive Analytics Professionals and Data Scientists
  7. 7. Data Science vs. Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics Professionals Analyze data to glean insights and prescribe action Quantitative skills Structured data Data Scientists Analyze data to glean insights and prescribe action Quantitative skills Unstructured, streaming data Computer science/coding May cover entire analysis cycle
  8. 8. Typical academic background Predictive Analytics Professionals Typical degrees: Statistics/Mathematics Business Analytics Economics Newer programs: MS in Predictive Analytics MS in Business Analytics Data Scientists Typical degrees: Statistics/Mathematics Computer Science Engineering Newer programs: MS in Data Science MS in Machine Learning Retraining or expanding skills via online courses or bootcamps: Coursera, Udacity, Metis, etc.
  9. 9. Typical tools Predictive Analytics Professionals Using analytical tools R Python SAS SQL Expanding to use other tools/techniques Hive, Hadoop, Spark Data visualization Machine learning Data Scientists R SQL Python Java Hive Pig Hadoop Spark TensorFlow D3.js
  10. 10. Profiles matched to job categories Individual Contributors Level 1: 1-3 years of experience early career professional Level 2: 4-8 years hands on, more advanced Level 3: 9+ years analytics subject matter expert Managers Level 1: 1-3 direct reports tactical manager Level 2: 4-9 direct reports leads a function Level 3: 10+ direct reports executive leader, sets strategy text © 2019 Burtch Works LLC
  11. 11. Predictive analytics vs. data science salaries in 2019 $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 IC-1 IC-2 IC-3 MG-1 MG-2 MG-3 DataScience PredictiveAnalytics +19% +34% +27% +12% +6% +1% data © 2019 Burtch Works LLC
  12. 12. data © 2019 Burtch Works LLC Salaries of: Marketing Research & Consumer Insights Professionals
  13. 13. SECONDARY/ SYNDICATED Marketing Research Professionals are… QUANT QUAL PRIMARY CUSTOM
  14. 14. Marketing Research Professionals are… • Consumer Insights • Shopper Insights • Category Management • Media or Audience Research • Competitive/Market Intelligence
  15. 15. Profiles matched to job categories Supplier-side Client-side
  16. 16. Profiles matched to job categories Supplier-side levels and sample job titles • Level 1: 0-4 years Research Analyst, Research Executive, Sr. Research Analyst • Level 2: 5-9 years Account Manager, Research/Project Manager, Sr. Research Manager • Level 3: 10-19 years Project/Research Director, Sr. Director, Associate VP, Vice President • Level 4: 20+ years Group Director, SVP, EVP, President
  17. 17. Client-side levels and sample job titles • Level 1: 0-4 years exp. Analyst, Sr. Analyst • Level 2: 5-8 years Associate Manager, Manager, Consultant • Level 3: 9-14 years Sr. Manager, Sr. Consultant • Level 4: 15-24 years Associate Director, Director • Level 5: 25+ years Sr. Director, Vice President Profiles matched to job categories
  18. 18. $67,500 $90,000 $122,500 $180,000 $83,500 $115,000 $146,000 $172,000 $215,000 $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 Supplier- vs. Client-side salaries in 2019 Client Side Data © 2019 Burtch Works LLC Supplier Side
  19. 19. Additional data is available in our full reports Demographic data Salaries Year-Over-Year Trends Qualitative Insights Quartiles/Means
  20. 20. Visit for more insights • Career advice • Hiring market insights • Additional salary research • Burtch Works news and updates
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  22. 22. Let’s chat! 847-440-8555 Looking for more industry insights?