Food matters


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Food matters

  1. 1. Transitions Lifestyle Systems
  2. 2. U.S. HEALTH STATISTICS  Life expectancy has increased, however  Quality of life has decreased  We’re eating 25% more, but poor quality food  Obesity is at an all-time high  We are using more prescription drugs than ever  Record deaths from heart disease and cancer  Sources: American DiabetesAssociation; CDC
  3. 3. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS  MORE  TV/Computer time  Work  Stress  Processed Food  Environmental Contaminants  Oxidative Stress  Prescription Drugs  LESS  Sleep  Exercise  Quality Food  Family time
  4. 4. WHAT IS WRONGWITHTHE STANDARD AMERICAN DIET?  Wrong Foods - excessive fats, sugars, processed; • NOT enough: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, berries, nuts, plant proteins  Wrong Amounts - portions are often 3-4 times the normal size  WrongTime - eating large meals at dinner, just before sleep, skipping breakfasts, rushing lunch, etc.
  6. 6. WHY “DIETS” DON’T WORK Characteristics of “Diets”: • Target weight loss only • Attempt to be a quick fix – not long term • Restrictive • Remove essential nutrients • Complicated • Do not promote balance and disease prevention or overall optimal health
  7. 7. WHAT DOES WORK? A program that is designed to support a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!  Journaling for awareness, accountability & better results  Promotes Balance: Low Glycemic Index core eating plan combined with lean protein and healthy fat sources  Appropriate exercise that works for your lifestyle  Education to make the RIGHT choices, Behavior Modification and Accountability from a Personal Coach
  8. 8. WHAT ISTHETRANSITIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM?  A way of life! ... NOT a Diet  Allows you to eat a wide variety of “real” food  Preserves normal, healthy metabolism  Focuses onTOTAL BODY composition  Provides a total-system approach – science, education, behavior modification, support & accountability from CertifiedTLS Coach  Promotes balance – nutrition, exercise, stress management, tools for busy lives  Healthy way to manage your weight  Long lasting results!!!
  9. 9. KEY ELEMENTS OFTLS  Low-glycemic-impact eating  Stress reduction  Lifestyle and behavior modification  Exercise to address body composition  Mindfulness and journaling  Customized supplementation to address your specific needs  On-line tools  Accountability and Support  TLS FINDYOUR FIT OVERVIEW AND DIETER PROFILE : 
  10. 10. WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn the difference between what you “think “ is healthy and what really is healthy and find out exactly what you need to do to be healthy and lose body fat without having to “diet”! • Learn to choose balanced, low-glycemic meals for weight management and disease prevention • Learn tons of new recipes and how to put together healthy meals that are easy to prepare, delicious, nutritious and do not require a lot of time or ingredients
  11. 11. WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn how to REALLY read labels – exactly what to look for to get past all the misleading marketing “hype” • Learn what to look for and purchase when grocery shopping & how to navigate your favorite grocery store • Learn exactly what types of foods to eat and when
  12. 12. WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn the science behind the nutrients (fats, carbs, sugars, etc.) • Learn how to manage and eliminate cravings • Learn how to gain more energy all day long • Learn how stress really affects your weight & how to manage stress instead of letting it take over your life • Learn about the right types of exercise you need to do to change your body composition and have access to plans that work best for you
  13. 13. WHATWILLYOU LEARN? •Learn how to break out of a plateau • Learn how to detox and cleanse safely • Learn how to preserve and increase your metabolism! • Learn how to change your body composition through diet – lose fat and gain muscle! • Learn about proper supplementation to reach and maintain overall optimal health • Learn how to modify your behaviors to break old habits and create positive new habits • Learn the secrets to individual goal setting to ensure long lasting results!
  14. 14. WHAT RESULTS CANYOU EXPECT?  You will be able to eat MORE food and a wider variety of QUALITY “real” foods than ever before!  Increased Metabolism  Improved Body Composition – loss of body fat & preservation of muscle  Reduced Stress  Decreased Cravings  Boost in Energy  Increased Self-Esteem  Power & Knowledge you Need to take Control of your Health!
  17. 17. DIGESTIVE HEALTH Detox Kit Healing your gut
  18. 18. WHERE CANYOU START??? GO HERE: Or CALL: 845-712-5389 (ask for Linda at AHU)