Anti Aging - How to Slow it Down


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Slow down aging naturally. Knowledge is power and common sense can be applied. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves but we need to work in conjunction with that. Read on, I think you'll be surprised #ahealthieru

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  • Dream Team for bone health right here.
    Prime balance is great for its two all-star ingredients: inulin and bonistein. Inulin supports bone mineralization –it helps ionize calcium and magnesium so they can be absorbed. Bonistein is the ingredient that makes this a great product for women.
    Calcium plus
  • Omega III might seem like an odd ball here, but did you know that the brain is 60% fat? Having essential fatty acids is critical in maintaining optimal cognitive health
  • Libido is a concern of many people as they navigate the aging process.
  • Anti Aging - How to Slow it Down

    1. 1. Anti-AgingAnti-Aging All-Natural Approach to Aging Well Linda Lotito-Lehrbach Health and Nutrition Consultant 845-712-5389
    2. 2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    3. 3. What is Aging?What is Aging? Accumulated changes to the building blocks of life (protein, carbohydrates, fats, DNA) Changes begin at conception and signs become present after puberty
    4. 4. Accelerating AgingAccelerating Aging Biological age vs. chronological age Dietary intake ◦ Lack of whole foods ◦ Lack of fiber ◦ Excess processed foods ◦ Hormones and chemicals in foods ◦ Serving sizes
    5. 5. Accelerating AgingAccelerating Aging Unhealthy lifestyles ◦ Sun exposure ◦ Excess drinking ◦ Smoking ◦ Lack of regular exercise ◦ Chronic stress ◦ Lack of sleep
    6. 6. All-Natural Approach to Aging WellAll-Natural Approach to Aging Well Counter the accelerated aging process which may result from poor lifestyle choices ◦ Establish Healthy Supplemental Foundation  Isotonix® Multivitamin  Isotonix OPC-3®  Heart Health™ Omega III  Transitions Lifestyle System®
    7. 7. Apply latest endocrine principles in nutraceutical formulations to promote healthy aging ◦ Ultra Prime™ Secretagogue ◦ Prime AGE Defense Formula All-Natural Approach to Aging WellAll-Natural Approach to Aging Well
    8. 8. Endocrine System andEndocrine System and AgingAging What is the endocrine system ◦ Pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary, and testes. Cortisol (stress hormone), growth hormone, thyroid hormones, glucocorticoids (steroid hormone) Healthy aging requires optimal functioning of the endocrine system
    9. 9. Ultra Prime™Ultra Prime™ Increases secretion of human growth hormone Helps restore health and vigor Increases energy Helps maintain cardiovascular health Builds protein to create lean body mass
    10. 10. Lifestyle impact on agingLifestyle impact on aging Modern day diet  Excess glucose Excess glucose binds to proteins The function of these proteins (DNA, collagen, enzymes) may change Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are formed
    11. 11. Prime™ AGE Defense FormulaPrime™ AGE Defense Formula Key Ingredients ◦ Thiamin (as Benfotiamine) ◦ American Ginseng ◦ Taurine ◦ Cinnamon Bark Extract ◦ N-Acetylcysteine
    12. 12. BenfotiamineBenfotiamine Lipid soluble derivative of thiamin Superior absorption and bioavailability Promotes normal AGE formation Supports the body’s normal ability to remove AGEs Supports normal circulation to extremities
    13. 13. American GinsengAmerican Ginseng Combats occasional fatigue Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels
    14. 14. TaurineTaurine Semi-essential amino acid Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels Helps maintain normal levels of AGEs
    15. 15. Cinnamon Bark ExtractCinnamon Bark Extract Powerful antioxidant Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels Helps promote normal AGE formation
    16. 16. N-AcetylcysteineN-Acetylcysteine Derivative of amino acid cysteine Supports the normal conversion of cysteine to glutathione (glutathione is cellular antioxidant) Promotes healthy glutathione levels in the liver and plasma
    17. 17. Prime™ AGE Defense FormulaPrime™ AGE Defense Formula Helps to promote healthy aging Helps to maintain a normal level of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) in the body Supports the body’s normal ability to remove Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) Promotes healthy metabolism of glucose to support optimal energy levels Supports a healthy endocrine system Inhibits premature aging of the skin
    18. 18. Promotes normal circulation to the extremities Helps maintain healthy cell function Supports healthy collagen and elastin Promotes skin elasticity Promotes healthy, elastic arteries Prime™ AGE Defense FormulaPrime™ AGE Defense Formula
    19. 19. Healthy Bones and JointsHealthy Bones and Joints Prime™ Balance Calcium Plus Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2 Glucosatrin® Heart Health™ Omega III
    20. 20. Cognitive HealthCognitive Health Curcumin Extreme ◦ Helps to maintain neurologic health as we age Cognitin™ ◦ Helps minimize the effects of aging on the brain ◦ Aids in improving and enhancing memory Heart Health™ Omega III
    21. 21. Healthy LibidoHealthy Libido Prime™ Time Performance for Men ◦ Supports healthy sexual desire ◦ Helps maintain normal levels of testosterone (libido) and nitric oxide (erectile quality) Prime Time Female Libido Formula ◦ Supports healthy female libido (sexual interest and desire) ◦ Promotes normal sexual arousal and intensity ◦ May help promote natural lubrication
    22. 22. Vision and HearingVision and Hearing Prime™ Hearing ◦ Promotes the health and retention of auditory cells ◦ May help maintain hearing ◦ May help promote clarity of sounds ◦ May help reduce mild tinnitus Isotonix® Vision Formula ◦ Helps maintain healthy macular density ◦ Supports night vision ◦ Nourishes eye tissue and supports healthy circulation in the eye
    23. 23. Energy and StaminaEnergy and Stamina Isotonix® Advanced B-Complex Isotonix Acai AWAKE® Mochatonix®
    24. 24. Stress and SleepStress and Sleep Isotonix® L-Tryptophan Bliss Prime™ Dreamz
    25. 25. 1. Counter the accelerated aging process which may result from poor lifestyle choices 2. Apply the latest endocrine principles to promote healthy aging 3. Address age-related concerns to promote healthy aging 4. Enhance quality of life, self image and self esteem by using effective anti-aging cosmeceuticals All-Natural Approach to Aging WellAll-Natural Approach to Aging Well
    26. 26. Put HealthPut Health in Your Years!in Your Years!