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Mixbook | Education Program - Free Digital Storytelling Software for Educators            famous Americans with the help o...
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Mixbook for Educators


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Mixbook for Educators

  1. 1. Mixbook | Education Program - Free Digital Storytelling Software for Educators Get Exclusive Discounts and Announcements  on our Facebook page. Like us now!   Like 50k Send   Live Chat | Help | Signup | Login Photo Books Cards Calendars Gallery Offers Mixbook Education Program The Best Teachers Aid. Ever. Looking for a way to get your students more engaged? Mixbook is proud to present Mixbook for Educators, a program that allows educators even easier access to the most powerful suite of digital storytelling tools on the web. Check out the stories below to hear how Mixbook can help YOU. Mixbook Education Program Offers... Create Your Yearbook Now! Free Collaborative Classroom Tools for creating and sharing personalized Mixbook photo books Full Name: Secure online environment for students and teachers to share Email: and edit privately Password: Education Discounts on printed products - 10-30% off printed Mixbooks for your classroom Sign Up for the Yearbooks Newsletter Sign Me Up! Follow us on:                    What Educators are Saying About Mixbook “Mixbook is an awesome tool for getting kids interested in writing and producing some incredible interactive written ebooks. You have to check this site out. Kids and you will love it!” read more - Cheryl Capozzoli “Mixbook was originally created for users to create digital scrapbooks using personal photos from weddings, vacations, parties, etc. While it is great for all of those purposes, Mixbook also has some great applications for education. If youre looking for a way for all of your students to demonstrate what theyve learned, Mixbook is the perfect tool for you!” read more - Chris Clancy “Mixbook sets itself apart from other web-based storytelling tools. It allows us to use storytelling in a way that we all are already comfortable and familiar with. Mixbook is a tool that allows anyone to tell a story by creating and publish it as a book!” read more - Silvia Tolisano Success Stories Chronicling Famous Exploring Childrens Documenting a Americans Rights in Kenya Journey to Egypt Michelle Discenza’s 5th Fifth-grade students created San Jose Episcopal Day grade class researched an A-Z photo book of School took a journey to famous Americans in groups children’s rights with the Egypt with all grade levels and each created a page in help of Mixbook’s tools. The and created a beautiful the class Mixbook. Using creativity and class sold the books to raise enough money Mixbook to showcase their adventures with collaboration students learned about many to help pay for a child to complete his the students, family and friends. Then theyhttp://www.mixbook.com/edu[2/27/2012 4:45:36 PM]
  2. 2. Mixbook | Education Program - Free Digital Storytelling Software for Educators famous Americans with the help of Mixbook. secondary education. ordered copies for the students to enjoy. View this Mixbook View this Mixbook View this Mixbook Learn More Our Services Idea Center   Programs Corporate About Mixbook Photo Books Wedding Photo Books Wedding Guest Books Mixbook For Educators Get Help Shipping Memory Books Baby Memory Books Wedding Scrapbooks School Yearbooks Contact Us Testimonials Online Scrapbooking Birth Announcements Wedding Invitations Affiliate Program Gift Cards Press Kit Birthday Party Invitations Engagement Refer-a-Friend Careers School Yearbooks Announcements Volume Discounts Baby Scrapbook © 2006-2012 Mixbook | Terms of Use | Privacy | Returns Connect With Us On:   Twitter   Facebook   Mixbook Bloghttp://www.mixbook.com/edu[2/27/2012 4:45:36 PM]