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Around the worl in 80 days


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Chapters about around the world in 80 days

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Around the worl in 80 days

  1. 1. Around the world in 80 days
  2. 2. CHAPTER 1 Skins Fogg lived in Saville Row was a great member of the Reform Club in London. Never did anything to draw attention, no one knew anything about him. Just knew it was a good person and if someone needed something he was helping. Never had traveled and knew all the world map. CHAPTER 2 Passepartout compared his new master with a wax figure of a woman with whom he worked to be as quiet. Passepartout was a nice guy, gentle and helpful. He did not want a love like he had, capricious, unequal, adventurers and travelers. Passepartout was delighted with the timeliness and order of his master.
  3. 3. Phileas Fogg met his friends and started playing whist and interrupted the game with a conversation that was Phileas Fogg and another friend thought the earth was smaller. Another said that because she was told to circle the world in three months with new technology but Fogg contradicted him saying that he could go around the world in 80 days. His friends thought it would be impossible to do that but he would and bet half his fortune. Accepted the bet and ended up playing as he went home to prepare. Chapter 3
  4. 4. C hapter 4 hapter 4 Mr. Fogg was prepared for the journey. Passepartout thought he wanted peace and would not have it. They also took money Fogg bet with his friends, some twenty thousand pounds. They arrived at the station and Fogg gave a beggar some twenty guineas. They took notes and were there to fire his friends of the Reform club. Said he would return within 80 days, on Saturday December 21 at forty-five past eight p.m..
  5. 5. All newspapers were saying that this bet was impossible. Friends of the Reform Club were criticized, then the Metropolitan Police sent a telegram to say Bombay chasing a bank robber named Phileas Fogg. CHAPTER 5
  6. 6. Chapter 6 Suez was expected in the steamer called Mongolia. In the spring there were two people waiting, one was the consular agent of the United Kingdom and the other seemed more nervous was the detective Fix. He was impatient because I wanted to the arrival of the Mongolia and monitor passengers arriving to catch the bank robber in England, wich the telegram was Phileas Fogg. Fix the consul asked if he came early and he said yes. There was a stir in the spring since it came Mongolia. When the passengers got a Fix approached, asked where was the consular agent taught English and Fix the passport. He said it was his passport but his master so called beacuse it could not put the British visa.
  7. 7. Chapter 7 Fix quickly went to the Consulate office and told him all the servant and his master and his description was the same as the thief. The consul gave him the passport and asked Mr. Fix if Phileas Fogg was called and he said yes and his servant was a Frenchman, named Passepartout and Fix told they were going to Bombay. In total was six and a half day trip.
  8. 8. Passepartout reached Fix to know everything about Phileas Fogg. Passepartout had to buy some clothes and took him to the bazaar Fix. He told his master had made a bet that would travel around the world in 80 days and Fix thought would be an excuse for police not cogiesen in London for the theft and that was so fast. Passepartout said he would go from Suez to Bombay. Fix left him in the bazaar and the consul told him everything. Fogg thought he was the thief. Chapter 8
  9. 9. Chapter 9 Most of passengers of the Mongolia went to Bombay. In Mongolia there were dances and played some music. Fogg, played whist with some new teammates like him because they had passion for the game. The next day he saw in Mongolia to Fix and was pleased. Them since they were often talking Fix and it suited him to know all about Phileas Fogg. At one point the Mongolia refueled but delayed to Fogg. They arrived two days earlier and that was an advantage for Phileas Fogg.