The Marcus Graham Project Bootcamp V 4


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The Marcus Graham Project Bootcamp V 4

  2. 2. The Marcus Graham Project > Bootcamp Background: The American Advertising industry has been asking a question lately, partially in fear of a looming class-action lawsuit regarding the lack of diversity amongst general market ad agencies on New York’s Madison Ave: “Where are all of the diverse talent?” In response to this issue, The Marcus Graham Project has created a bootcamp, to launch Summer 2009, teaching transferable skills to potential and future advertising professionals. This idea was posed in a blog written by Tiffany Warren, Chief Diversity Officer of Omnicom: An excerpt from Ms. Warren’s blog is as follows: “One idea proposed is the creation of an industry sponsored advertising quot;boot camp.quot; Such a camp could assist those agencies who need to diversify, but are worried about lack of advertising experience in potential candidates. This would also help professionals yearning to be free from other sectors hit the ground running when they enter ours.” (Source: Ad Age Blog “The Big Tent”) The goal of this bootcamp is to do just as Ms. Warren suggested, identify opportunities in the industry and those interested in pursuing them. Objective: The camp’s primary purpose is to provide diverse aspirants in the field of advertising & marketing with the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the industry. Synopsis: A group of young men get a glimpse into what it really looks like working in an industry of persuasion through words and images, as they attempt to create advertising campaigns with some of America’s top brand builders. They will enter an advertising bootcamp in which they will push their creativity to the limits and see if they have what it takes to become the next team of brand producers. Throughout their trek, the experience of creating a 360-degree marketing campaign from the ground up will be filmed and turned into webisodes used as instructional videos for high-school and college training programs and awareness campaign. 2009 Bootcamp Topic: “Green is the New Black” The team will be challenged to create a strategic marketing campaign highlighting the importance energy consciousness and sustainable living practices amongst the young urban demographic. The campaign will be created for the bootcamp’s main client, Broccoli City, an organic urban lifestyle company. 

  3. 3. The Assignment: Your client, an urban organic lifestyle brand entitled Broccoli City is interested in expanding to new markets, starting with Dallas, TX. The client would like for you to develop a concept for an campaign introducing their brand into the market. The client is interested in developing the following: ipop up retail promotion, mini- magazine prototype, a “green living” viral video campaign, pilot for a tv show, and a :30 PSA for the movement including production of original music and “celebrity appearances.” Summaries: 1. Pop Up Retail Promotion • The pop up retail promotion will be executed at Loft 111 in Dallas’ South Side on Lamar. The objective is to develop a retail execution with a “green room theme,” The retail promotion will be a showcase of sustainable luxury goods including: t-shirts, shoes, jewelry/accessories, consignment clothing, furniture, food/beverage and music. • The team will have to determine pricing structure, method of distribution & delivery, costs analysis to run for an extended period of time – basically a business model & plan 2. Mini- Magazine • The team will create a mini mag & catalogue that features the products showcased in the retail space and supporters of the MGP. The team will decide whether or not they want to shoot ads or request ads that are already done. • The magazine will be called GO and this issue will be the “Green” edition • The magazine will later be used as a prototype for the MGP/LocoMotives Group’s quarterly trend report & newsletter • The focus of the magazine is simple, show how people live! - This issue happens to be focused on how people live from a “green” perspective - sustainable luxuries. • The mini mag can be an insert into another publication (i.e. Streets, Quick, D, Envy, etc.) 3. Viral Videos ‐ Topic: Everyone Needs a Little Bit of Change : The Green Economy ‐ Discover the costs saving methods that are out there so that everyone can experience certain sustainability luxuries: o How to do things better for cheaper: (7 Ways + 7 People)  Food (Newflower + Anns)  Exercise (KWash Camps)  Wardrobe (clean the closet)  Travel/Commuting (DART + Vehicle sponsors)  Entertainment ( The Dallas Music Movement – Pop Festival)  Real Estate
  4. 4.  Entrepreneur / Tax Incentives ‐ Two Weeks of shooting: June 28-July 11 ‐ The collection of viral videos will later be edited into a pilot episode(s) for Prescribed Groove, distributed exclusively on Broccoli City as a premier, then aired later via a series of cites:,,, etc.) -- Distribute it as far as possible 4. Online Radio Pilot ‐ Determine questions and content to include in the premier show, which will be hosted by Marcus Graham Project members Jamil Buie and Kenji Summer ‐ See Radio Program Treatment in Appendix 5. Branded Entertainment Project ‐ Write an original song that is to be featured as the anthem for the urban organic movement: - concentrate on the message - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Music 6. Event ‐ Create a culminating youth-focused community event for Broccoli City where the Retail promotion will be launched and to launch Broccoli City’s presence in the market ‐ The event must include music, community leaders and youth 7. PSA Campaign (Social Media & Banner Advertising) ‐ Develop a concept for a PSA and key message for Broccoli City’s community sustainability message Confirmed Partners: Broccoli City WFAA / ABC 8 Dallas Morning News South Side on Lamar Trigon Management Newflower Tenabes Prescribed Groove
  5. 5. Schedule Overview (subject to change) Week of June 8th • Orientation Activities o Movie Review (Putney Swope)  Assignment: Write 500 words on the significance of this movie to the advertising industry movement o Introduction to team of what they will be covering during the bootcamp and the Lunch & Learn sessions at various companies including ad agencies, media companies, production studios including:  TracyLocke (Shopper Marketing)  The Marketing Arm  Agora Entertainment  Moroch  WFAA/Dallas Morning News  Reach Media  TPN  Imaginuity  Sanders Wingo Week of June 15th • Assignment Session o The assignment: Develop a 360 marketing campaign encouraging the young urban audience to live a more “sustainable” life including:  Community Development & Redevelopment  Health & Fitness  Energy Efficiency & Sustainability  Lifestyle (Fashion, Entertainment, Dining) o Multi-Day Topical Combine in Green Living, Sustainability & Community Development  Broccoli City (confirmed)  Green Dallas (confirmed)  Trinity River Project (to be confirmed)  Project Green WFAA (date to be confirmed)  DART (Need contact)  Veev (date to be confirmed)  Newflower Market & Nutritionist (date to be confirmed)  Habitat for Humanity (date to be confirmed)  Green Living (need confirmation)  Current Energy (awaiting response)
  6. 6. ( June 22nd - August 1st ‐ Campaign Development o Research o Ideation o White Paper/Concept Development o Message Testing June 25th – 27th – MGP Retreat & Vision Development • Vision & Dreams Conference June 30th - First Round of Concepts due (White Paper) July 14th - Second Round of Concepts due (Revised with Pencils/Visuals) July 21 – Final Round of Concepts due & approved (Layouts & Story Boards) July 22 - Concept Development Week of August 3 – Concept Presentation Development August 11th ‐ Final Presentation of concepts to client group August 15th Weekend - Culminating Event & Bootcamp Wrap party Weekly Meetings & Events Sunday: ‐ 4PM Radio Show Recording o Location: South Side on Lamar Monday: ‐ 11am – Team Meeting / Status o Location: South Side on Lamar ‐ 9pm – Midnight o Location: Henderson Ave Tuesday: o Every Other Tuesday / Urban Intelligentsia Wednesday: ‐ 9pm – Jam Session Thursday: ‐ 7PM MGP Writing Session 
 the marcus graham project
  7. 7. About Us Founded in July 2007, The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a network with the intent strategically focused on building the next generation of diverse male leadership in the advertising, media, marketing and entertainment industry through mentorship, training and career development. MGP is supported by a collective of non-profit initiatives as fiscal partners & supporters of the program. Core Values ‐ Integrity ‐ Forward Thinking ‐ Leadership ‐ Responsibility ‐ Professionalism ‐ Selflessness Founder Lincoln C. Stephens Founding Advisory Committee • Malcolm Gillian, VP Music & Entertainment at Momentum World Wide • Dr. Jason Chambers, Author of Madison Ave and The Color Line; Advertising Professor at The University of Illinois • Courtney Hill, President of Market M • Jeremy Hodges, President of Entity Global (An Omnicom/GMR Marketing Agency) • Aubrey Walker, Former Associate Creative Director at Carol H Williams Advertising • Jamil Buie, Freelance Marketing Professional • Rudy Duthill, Director of Zoom Forward • LH Whelchel, Chief Talent Officer, Y&R • John Casmon, Advertising Manager at General Motors (Pontiac) • Richard Harvey, Associate Media Director at Carol H Williams Advertising • Chris Surrey, Founder of Paintbox Laboratories & Project54 Tour / Diversity in Media • Kenji Summers, Millennial Evangelist & Jr. Media Planner at Media Edge • Brandon Byrd, InterACT Associate 
 the marcus graham project
  8. 8. Marcus Graham Project Radio Show Title: The Drum The Drum refers to the beat of the industry and the beat makers that are pounding away. The name “The Drum” specifically comes from the Robert Downey Sr. film Putney Swope, which referred to the Drum as their method of fast communication Show Concept: Online broadcast hosted by Jamil Buie, writer of the blog The Purveyor of Cool, and ExtraOrdinary brand strategist, supported by a diverse cast of urban men, discussing topics that resonate with trendsetters and the trends that they are creating, adopting and promoting. Show Duration: (all times listed are approximate) 1 hour / 60:00 minutes Show Clock Structure: 58:00 minutes - talk/music programming 2:00 minutes - of sponsorship content* * to be broken into four (4) :30 second advertising segments. Programming Content 16:00 minutes – Specialized Music Content , featuring new music 42:00 minutes -- Show Content Slated Topic Categories Include: * Trends in Music * Gadgets & Toys * Career * Review of relevant TV programming * Discussion of ad campaigns (Past & Present) * Book Review The integration of show topics will incorporate a variety of entertaining avenues to effectively draw listeners to participate and interact with Jamil and his panelist via: * Round Table Discussions * Influencer Interviews * Listener Testimonials * On-line Chat/Message Board/Text 
 the marcus graham project