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  • WOW – Your client has a helluva lot of demands. Think about Time. Scope. Resources. You need to put together a well engineered plan to solve their marketing challenge.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses are internal while the opportunities and threats are external.
  • Our people perish for a lack of knowledge.
  • This schedule will get blown out into an extremely regimented plan that will lead to the success of your project.
  • Mgp Bootcamp2

    1. 1. The Marcus Graham Project<br />MGP Brand bootcamp2009<br />
    2. 2. What is The Marcus Graham Project?<br />The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a leadership<br />network with the intent strategically focused on<br />building the next generation of ethnically diverse<br />leadership in the media, advertising, entertainment<br />and marketing industry. This is accomplished thru<br />mentorship, training & development. <br />
    3. 3. Who is Marcus Graham?<br />Marcus Graham is a fictitious<br />character in the movie<br />Boomerang.<br />He is likely the first mass-media<br />image broadcast to the urban<br />audience showing the possibilities<br />In the Media, Marketing, &<br />Advertising industry. <br />
    4. 4. Areas of Focus<br />Career Development<br />Resume & Portfolio Development *<br />Master Class<br />Brand Bootcamp*<br />Mentorship *<br />Job Placement & Search Assistance *<br />Industry/Consumer Research<br />White Paper Development<br />Research<br />Sounding Board - Campaign Feedback<br />Campaign Development<br />Partnership with corporations & social change initiatives<br />* Current activity<br />
    5. 5. Overview of The Bootcamp<br />The brand bootcamp’s primary purpose is to<br />provide diverse aspirants in the field of<br />advertising & marketing with the exposure<br />and experience necessary to solidify careers<br />within the industry. The camp takes a look at<br />a current social issue and creates a<br />grassroots media campaign around the topic.<br />
    6. 6. 2008 Project<br />Client: Rock The Vote<br />Market: Chicago<br />Program Elements:<br />Viral Videos<br />Radio Program<br />PSA<br />Event(s)<br />Community Service <br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. The 2009 Brand<br />Your client, Broccoli City, an organic lifestyle brand is interested in<br />expanding to new markets, starting with Dallas, TX. The client would like for you<br />to develop a concept for an campaign introducing their brand into the market. <br />The client is interested in developing a brand campaign inclusive of<br />the following: <br />pop up retail promotion<br />mini-magazine prototype<br />“green living” viral video campaign <br />pilot for a radio show <br />:30 PSA for the movement including production of original music and “celebrity appearances.” <br />Mobile Application <br />Web Campaign for Global Community Service Travel Partnership (Globe Aware)<br />
    9. 9. MISSIONSTATEMENT<br />The mission of BROCCOLI CITY is to promote<br />good positive thinking and living.<br />There is a critical lack of education in<br />the urban and Hip-Hop community about<br />the Green Movement. BROCCOLI CITY<br />breaks all barriers and is the educating<br />factor. We educate through blogging<br />and hosting “green events” to generations<br />that are eager to learn new trends,<br />new things to help the environment and<br />staying above that curve.<br />Broccoli City is not just another company,<br />“gone green”. We are trendsetters<br />that help the earth, on action, one<br />t-shirt at a time. We are by no means<br />‘tree huggers’ or radically preaching<br />about the environment but we are leading<br />by example. BBROCCOLI CITY is a<br />way of life…emphasizing staying fly everyday<br />but also being conscientious of<br />our earth.<br />
    10. 10. BROCCOLI CITY represents a diverse<br />group of young urbanites who are practitioners of innovative sustainable development.<br />BROCCOLI CITY celebrates<br />the lifestyle of creative and stylish urban<br />consumers across the world through initiatives in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York and the World Wide Web. Our online & video content, organic street wear, and events promote a fresh perspective on the Green Movement.<br />BROCCOLI CITY is not a fashion statement;<br />it is a way of life.<br />
    11. 11. First Assignment<br />Individual: Define Yourself (choose one image and three words) <br />Additionally conduct a SWOT analysis for yourself<br />Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, Threat <br />Team: Form your agency team<br />Brand Identity<br />Capabilities<br />Team<br />Portfolio<br />Additionally conduct a SWOT analysis for the team<br />Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, Threat <br />Due Date (1st Round 6/15 & Final Presentation 6/23)<br />Presentation Format: Power Point<br />Materials to review: <br />How To Be Black And Get A Job in The Advertising Business Anyway), <br />Why I Started A Small Ad Agency Article ( <br />Must seek prior approval to submit presentation in alternate format, request must be delivered in writing<br />
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Next Assignment<br />Research Project &gt;&gt; Empower Yourself<br />What color is green anyhow?<br />Team: Immersion Sessions with client, Green Dallas & EPA<br />Consumer: Study into the knowledge on what “going green” means to the target audience<br />Conducted via Twitter, Man-on-the-street videos & Focus Group(s)<br /><ul><li>Key Mentor(s): Culture Lab
    15. 15. Research Report Due: 6/29
    16. 16. Presentation Format: Power Point</li></ul>Must seek prior approval to submit presentation in alternate format, request must be delivered in writing<br />
    17. 17. Schedule<br />* Dates subject to change<br />June 15 (week of) – Client Download on Assignment<br />June 18 – Green Immersion Session (Green Dallas & Environmental Protection Agency Spokesperson)<br />June 22nd - August 1st – Campaign Development <br />June 22nd – WFAA Visit (Production & Media Sales) <br />June 23 – Imaginuity Visit (Digital Ad Agency & Social Media Landscape)<br />June 25 – 27 – Vision & Dreams Conference (Potter’s House)<br />June 30th - First Round of Concepts due (White Paper)<br />July 10th – Putney Swope Dinner & A Movie Night (New Flower Project/Love Fit Food)<br />July 11th – Save Hip Save The World<br />July 14th - Second Round of Concepts due (Revised with Pencils/Visuals)<br />July 21 – Final Round of Concepts due & approved (Layouts & Story Boards)<br />July 22 - Concept Development <br />August 3rd (week of) – Concept Presentation Development<br />August 11th - Final Presentation of concepts to client group<br />August 15th – Kick Off Party <br />Dates To Be Confirmed:<br /><ul><li>Moroch Visit
    18. 18. TL Visit
    19. 19. TPN Visit
    20. 20. Marketing Arm Visit
    21. 21. Agora Visit
    22. 22. Reach Media
    23. 23. Sanders/Wingo</li>