How to fit_your_plan_into_the_real_world


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How to fit_your_plan_into_the_real_world

  1. 1. How to fityour Plan into the REAL world? Peter Founder of Topology Travel
  2. 2. How to fityour Plan into the REAL world? Peter, Lin Founder of Topology Travel
  3. 3. PeterWen-Pan, Lin FB: Topology - Travel in Real Taiwan
  4. 4. Let me know more about you first! 4
  5. 5. Where are you from?
  6. 6. What is your plan about?People Animal Environment
  7. 7. Less is moreWhat is your Plan? Just one sentence! – Adj. + N. – Ex. • Challenge the maximum of sensation • The 1st choice of Photographer
  8. 8. Let’s see what you have now!
  10. 10. I want to let peopleTravel in Real Taiwan
  11. 11. Basically, we all have the same dream!Sooner or later, we will all reach the goal!
  12. 12. I just start earlier. &ONLY travel companyreported by CNN GO!
  13. 13. Today, we will talk about…How to listen to the world?How to let people support you?
  14. 14. And here is my story… 14
  15. 15. Do you know your target well enough?
  16. 16. Let’s try…
  17. 17. Your Plan Name What do youYour Resource want to change? Difficulty• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •Your Name Your Target Name
  18. 18. Travel in Real Taiwan What do youYour Resource want to change? Difficulty •Young •Let people visit more •4people •Money places •Quick Learner •Language •Shopping •1 Van •Info. •Know Taiwan •Peter- Topology Travel Traveler in Taiwan
  19. 19. Let’s see what you have now!
  20. 20. This is what we have, Half day tours
  21. 21. Travel In Real Taiwa WalkAbout TourZhishanyan芝山巖Wednesday 9AMMRT Shilin Station,Exit 2(士林站2號出口)HistoryNatureView Zhishanyan(芝山巖) is the location of Taiwan’s first Cultural and Free and welcome tips Ecological Park located in the north of Taipei, near the Shuangxi river. Zhishan Hill is considered one of the oldest archaeological sites in Taipei. The site is considered an ancient relic; the only Taiwanese location with seven cultural strata; the only place in the Taipei area with existing. The geology depicts the Daliao layer formed 20-22 million years ago. or search “Travel in Real Taiwan”
  22. 22. Travel In Real Taiwa Live As A LocalSweet PotatoMama5 hours experience A chance make your travel and others life different... What is “live” actually? Is a simple verb, but it never goes easily. We have a lot of choices to choose live in what way and how, but in fact, how many of us are able to make it different and meaningful? Life is a noun always use together with ‘live’. To make the life joyful and meaningful, we should do something different than others. To make my life more interesting and meaningful, we choose to start from travel. or search “Travel in Real Taiwan”
  23. 23. Travel In Real Taiwa One Day One Day Trip! Trip!Jiufen 九份Old Town Experience!$15008 hours tripSea food Lunch include Jiufen was an isolated village until 1893, when gold was discovered in the area. The resulting gold rush hastened the villages development, reaching its peak during the Japanese rule. Jiufen gained fame in 2001, when it’s delightful downtown setting, a labyrinth of steep and narrow streets, was used as a model in the anime movie Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し,神隱少女). At present, Jiufen is a renowned attraction representative of Taiwan. or search “Travel in Real Taiwan”
  24. 24. Work with us, Live In REAL TaiwanWorkingHolidayInTaiwanMake your life change from now! As you may suspect from reading our website, Topology was founded to serve real travelers in ‘Real Taiwan’. We organize a wide range of outdoor itineraries throughout Taiwan from walking, hiking and biking tours to volunteer projects. It is our goal to find meaningful and unforgettable trips for travelers in Taiwan. And now, you can join us… or search “Travel in Real Taiwan”
  25. 25. Money Burned 26
  26. 26. Today, we will talk about…How to listen to the world?How to let people support you?
  27. 27. Why would people want to support you? How can people support you? What do you need?
  28. 28. Choose 5 for your Plan Morals Friends Sales SkillStep Into Action Plan Self-Motivation Vision Belief Time Management Professionals Exercise Fears Money Connection Humor Fans Comfort zone family
  29. 29. Do you really need so much? Pick Two
  30. 30. Let’s see what you have now!
  31. 31. For me, what is the most important? Time and friends
  32. 32. The world will stand with you as long as you stand there.
  33. 33. Friends will fulfill your crazy ideas
  34. 34. Friends willfulfill your crazy ideas
  35. 35. Build up your connection now!PeterWen-Pan, Lin FB: Topology - Travel in Real Taiwan