The Evolution of Content Delivery


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Getting content from point A to point B is only half the problem. The other half is addressing the complexity of making sure that the right content is delivered to the right audience. Content delivery is evolving by converging the physical delivery with the workflow pieces required to create and manage the content that enables customers to capitalize on a heightened level of efficiency to their business. This presentation explores how content delivery is evolving into an “outsourced business process” that includes content workflows and how businesses can benefit from the value provided by the integration of content and delivery workflows.

The slide-by-slide walkthrough is posted on our blog:

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The Evolution of Content Delivery

  1. 1. The Evolution of Content Delivery
  2. 2. Content delivery isn’t just aboutbits down the wire anymore.
  3. 3. Content Effectiveness = getting theright content to the right audienceat the right time (on the right device).
  4. 4. Oh yeah, and lots of this stuff
  5. 5. Efficient and effective contentpublishing
  6. 6. It’s not. And I’m going to show youwhy (and more importantly, how).
  7. 7. 24/7/365That’s the digital world.
  8. 8. Content Publishing Tools:1. Web/Video management2. Ad integration/Monetization3. Security/Access Restrictions4. Social Engagement5. Analytics
  9. 9. But there are business benefits:1. No more software/hardware costs2. Redundancy of systems3. Global accessibility4. Access to cloud resources5. And…
  10. 10. The digital world is simply moving toofast to worry about the technologyAND the experience.
  11. 11. But even the cloud can be limiting.
  12. 12. SaaS Services + Global DeliveryNetwork (aka Infrastructure) = IaaP
  13. 13. The Evolution of Content Delivery isInfrastructure as a Platform
  14. 14. IaaP enables organizations tooutsource entire processes,combining software andinfrastructure, to the cloud. Forcontent that process is a workflow…
  15. 15. CreateContentDeliverContentMeasureContent
  16. 16. contentdeliveryIaaP
  17. 17. Personalized. Relevant. Automated. Available.
  18. 18. 1. Create content with SaaS tools2. Content is stored in CloudStorage3. Cloud Storage is integrated withdelivery network4. Delivery network has performanceand big data technologies5. Content success is assessedthrough integrated dashboards
  19. 19. What makes IaaP the idealarchitecture for the future of contentdelivery?
  20. 20. Personalization. Relevancy. Context.Mobile. Monetization.
  21. 21. A really smart network.
  22. 22. Anticipation. Automation. Analysis.
  23. 23. You = 24/7/365
  24. 24. Thanks.
  25. 25. This presentation brought toby the letters “Q” & “A”
  26. 26. Jason ThibeaultSr. Director, MarketingStrategy LimelightNetworksE: jt@llnw.comT: @_jasonthibeault602-850-4871