How to sell creative ideas with Social Media?


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A 5-step methodology to help you sell creative ideas to clients, investors or partners, from a wider context analysis with social journeys, to a dynamic customer journey. The deck also introduces some SEO tools which are relevant for online conversations monitoring and some case studies from brands like Perrier, Converse or Salesforce

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How to sell creative ideas with Social Media?

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  3. 3. Billions ofcreative ideasare launchedevery day… © Laurent Francois
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  5. 5. …and it‟s going even faster withSocial Media © Laurent Francois
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  7. 7. A technological change which follows & endeavours a cultural change 2008 2011 © Laurent Francois
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  9. 9. Demonstration 1: Ford “We are not looking at this to ask how we can get teens to buy a car versus an iPhone. Instead, the car has to become more than just a car. It has to become an experience.” Venkatesh Prasad, senior technical leader of open innovation at Ford. © Laurent Francois
  10. 10. Demonstration 2: Puerto Rico © Laurent Francois
  11. 11. A brief definition of what Social Media is about..Social Media: formerly define as « people talking to other peoplethrough a technology »But quickly a failure in this definition: – Some topics cannot be discussed through blog posts or tweets – Some consequences of conversations are not explicit for the citizens, but can influence their choices, thus – Development of Open Graph Social Media could now be « individuals X » interacting with « individuals Y », consciously or not – Weak links can now be figured out through affinities instead of « friends » – Best examples: when you « check-in » in a place: you don‟t know the people who were in the place, but their tips can influence you © Laurent Francois
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  13. 13. Our choices are more and more « socialized »: it‟s no longer« You » looking for information, it‟s « them » shaping to acertain extent your own pathRoughly, Social Media Marketing is becoming the marketing at all © Laurent Francois
  14. 14. There’s a very intensecompetition among ideas’s true in any businessor project: we all want acritical mass of users © Laurent Francois
  15. 15. © Laurent Francois
  16. 16. The Brief © Laurent Francois
  17. 17. GoalsA methodology to better analyze and sellyour creative ideasA long-term approach on how to reachcritical masses of users / consumers tomake your creative ideas live and grow © Laurent Francois
  18. 18. “Dash off your “the purpose of a work”You don‟t have time to (Natalie Rastoin, French business is to serve a customer who creates customers"reach perfection communication legend, Ogilvy) (Razorfish VP Shiv Singh)You need to find tipsand tricks to get therecos the other guyswon‟t achieve © Laurent Francois
  19. 19. A methodology to better analyze and sell your creative ideas © Laurent Francois
  20. 20. The basics“It can only begin to have value when it’s an idea +execution. Till then, it’s still just an idea. When youcombine an idea + great team + execution, it can startto have potential but the real value remains zero, untilit gets tested/evaluated by real customers. That’s whenyou can start to estimate the real potential of “thewhole package” again not the idea alone”Valto Loikkanen © Laurent Francois
  21. 21. The 5-step approach there‟s always a methodology thus) © Laurent Francois
  22. 22. Why a 5-step methodology?Because 5 is coolBecause there are standards in the industryyou‟re trying to enterBecause we‟re not yourself so we need tofigure out what you meanBecause it‟s a great way to clarify your ideasand your elevator pitch © Laurent Francois
  23. 23. Rational Context Analysis Convictions DirectionsIrrational Strategic approach Operations © Laurent Francois
  24. 24. Rational Context Analysis Convictions Directions Strategic approachIrrational Operations © Laurent Francois
  25. 25. Context Analysis 1 © Laurent Francois
  26. 26. Why spending so much time on contextanalysis is worth itBecause it‟s your only pure rational workBecause your audience can deny anopinion, but can‟t destroy a factBecause it‟s now more accessible to consulta wide diversity of conversations on aspecific topic or productBecause if you don‟t, your opponents do © Laurent Francois
  27. 27. « it‟s not anegociation, it‟s an argument » © Laurent Francois
  28. 28. A digital context which shapes new « moments of truth » © Laurent Francois
  29. 29. © Laurent Francois
  30. 30. Toolbox to use:the Social Journey methodology © Laurent Francois
  31. 31. So alright, there are classics which are good PESTEL…SWOT…benchmarks… You already know it (and it‟s always cool to start with tools that are used by any marketer, think about a cup of coffee before starting a meeting: it‟s NICE) © Laurent Francois
  32. 32. BUT © Laurent Francois
  33. 33. The socialcontext has changed © Laurent Francois
  34. 34. A bit of theoryBrands are now playing in a « reputational democracy » field“As Obama says, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for (…).In other words, we need fewer old leaders, and more love”David WeinbergerFor ages, leadership was based on managing scarcityNow, leadership is based on managing abundant clusters © Laurent Francois
  35. 35. Consequences for brand managementThe value of a brand is based on its reputationThe true shareholders of a brand are its consumersthemselvesBrands, to improve their value, need to allow theirconsumers to grow the whole reputationIt‟s all about aggregation! © Laurent Francois
  36. 36. Weve always wanted to build relationships with our drinkers. Itstarted with talking to people on our packaging, inviting them tocall the Bananaphone and meeting them at events we put on. Itnaturally extended into digital and social media as the channelsevolved.”Joe McEwan, communities manager, at Innocent, #1 SocialBrands 100, (Headstream) © Laurent Francois
  37. 37. How to find the relevant clusters © Laurent Francois
  38. 38. Finding unexpected habits and usages:understanding what feed cultures © Laurent Francois
  39. 39. Short pathsInsiders‟ feedbacks – “The value of an idea lies in the using of it” Thomas Edison – Call someone who should know (journalists?bloggers?): they have strong ties with specific interestsHistory! History! History! – Something you‟re trying to achieve may have already happened ages agoINTERNATIONAL – It‟s a failure not to analyze carefully what‟s rising at the worldwide level. iTunes is worldwide. © Laurent Francois
  40. 40. Social tools © Laurent Francois
  41. 41. Identify your allies © Laurent Francois
  42. 42. Tips & tricksSocial Media monitoring is a kindof loop: test, pull, test, pull,analyzeYou first need to get the diversegames rules people use when talkabout a specific topicOnce you have the very firstelements of culture, you can diveamong influential hubs and betterget the context in which you‟retrying to enter © Laurent Francois
  43. 43. Media plan tools Getting the profiles of people who read social spaces you think it‟s worthmonitoring and discovering complementary sources © Laurent Francois
  44. 44. SEO tools Understand the words people use when they talk about a specific topic,and how they mash them with other fields of interests © Laurent Francois
  45. 45. © Laurent Francois
  46. 46. © Laurent Francois
  47. 47. Social Media Visuals monitoring © Laurent Francois
  48. 48. © Laurent Francois
  49. 49. © Laurent Francois
  50. 50. Transforming insights into daily value Cultural First influential insights spaces Daily alerts Semantics equations for professional monitoring solutions © Laurent Francois
  51. 51. YEAH YOU‟VE MADE IT © Laurent Francois
  52. 52. Convictions 2 © Laurent Francois
  53. 53. They must be facts-based: no one caresabout your opinion (for the moment), a lot ofpeople care for your brained-content thusConvictions must be affirmative, notnegative © Laurent Francois
  54. 54. The Nail ArtCase Study © Laurent Francois
  55. 55. © Laurent Francois
  56. 56. Directions 3 © Laurent Francois
  57. 57. They must appear obvious after your contextanalysis and the establishment of your owndirectionsIt helps you get some « back-up »: youpromise to work on a specific ground, not onanother one. It helps you determine yourscope of work, and also to which extentyou‟re involved © Laurent Francois
  58. 58. Strategic approach 4 © Laurent Francois
  59. 59. One or two lines, and that‟s allIt sums up your value proposition and thepitch of the story you sellIt must be UNIQUE, and all the next slidesmust support it © Laurent Francois
  60. 60. Give an overall vision of the programmeBecause it‟s one of the only slide your clientwill keep on his/her deskBecause it demonstrates the wholecoherence of your recoIt‟s a way to shape the next slides, too! © Laurent Francois
  61. 61. Examples of Social Journeys © Laurent Francois
  62. 62. © Laurent Francois
  63. 63. © Laurent Francois
  64. 64. © Laurent Francois
  65. 65. © Laurent Francois
  66. 66. © Laurent Francois
  67. 67. © Laurent Francois
  68. 68. A long-term approach on how to reach critical masses of users / consumers to make your creative ideas live and grow 5Operations © Laurent Francois
  69. 69. "The fastest way to spread your product isby distributing it on a platform using APIs,not MBAs”Andrew Chen © Laurent Francois
  70. 70. HE’SDAMNRIGHT © Laurent Francois
  71. 71. Social feeding strategy creation-ubiquitous-distribution/ © Laurent Francois
  72. 72. But you first need to know who you are © Laurent Francois
  73. 73. © Laurent Francois
  74. 74. An agile organization © Laurent Francois
  75. 75. © Laurent Francois
  76. 76. …because you‟re not alone to grow your business or idea Remember the « shareholders of yourreputation »? Yes, they‟re now ACTIVE and you‟re in DEMAND! © Laurent Francois
  77. 77. Analogy with Wordpress © Laurent Francois
  78. 78. Social reputation sharing toolsHootsuite: messaging, following, analyzing © Laurent Francois
  79. 79. Support activity #1 Social Design“Social Design is a way of thinkingabout product design that puts socialexperiences at the core. Create thesesocial experiences with the featuresavailable on Facebook Platform” © Laurent Francois
  80. 80. © Laurent Francois
  81. 81. persuasive design by BJ FoggPleasure/pain,hope/fearsocial acceptance/rejection as new persuasive design (Fogg) Therefore a need for triggers © Laurent Francois
  82. 82. © Laurent Francois
  83. 83. It‟s not only digital thinking Danielle Pecora © Laurent Francois
  84. 84. © Laurent Francois
  85. 85. Support activity #2 narratives“Tetris does not have a story. Whicheverway you cook it. Neither does Angry Birds.Nor Pong. But all have narratives”Tim Whirledge © Laurent Francois
  86. 86. © Laurent Francois
  87. 87. “the narrative is often not written in the„story‟ that is presented on-screen. It is notdictated by the author/ screen writer/ directorlike it is in TV content. For example, „tension‟created by a game, is often created in theplayers head.” © Laurent Francois
  88. 88. © Laurent Francois
  89. 89. Value proposition“Instead of relentlessly demanding more consumer attention, treat theattention you do win as precious. Then ask yourself a simple questionof any new marketing efforts: is this campaign/email/microsite/printad/etc. going to reduce the cognitive overload consumers feel as theyshop my category? If the answer is "no" or "not sure," go back to thedrawing board. When it comes to interacting with your customers, moreisnt better.”Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird © Laurent Francois
  90. 90. Support activity #3 Metrics“Sometimes I find another world inside my mindWhen I realise the crazy things we doIt makes me feel ashamed to be aliveIt makes me wanna run away and hideIts all about the moneyIts all about the dum dum didudumdumI dont think its funnyto see us fade awayIts all about the moneyIts all about the dum dum didudumdumAnd I think we got it all wrong anyway”Meja © Laurent Francois
  91. 91. © Laurent Francois
  92. 92. Thank you! © Laurent Francois