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Learn about YG in linkedin. Thanks for visiting.

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Yogi goddess ii 2013 linkedin

  1. 1. Yogi GoddessStudent, Lindex Exchange Broker, Art Studio at Second Life and LDM Incldmrecordingstudio@inbox.comSummaryGENERAL INFO:The Audio and Text Book Classes, for Love and Divinity; has a Mega collection of Vocational, Professional,Undergraduate, and graduate level Mind-Body-Spirit; classes, spoken word, and educational lectures in ourStores and Teaching Profiles. The eclasses were recorded by LDM Recording Studio, of LDM UniversityHeadquarters; in Michigan. The available classes; are listed in our LuLu and Learn out Loud Store Networks.Please, Feel Free; to Contact us for additional website information, if you are brand new to LDM in general.Yogi Goddess (also YG, Lez, Leslie, Tigerlily, or Chinastar)About The Future...Here is the thing about the future. Every time you look at, it changes, because you looked at it, and that changeseverything else. Next Movie (2007)...Vocal/Singing, Experience Background...Artist Primary Vocal Range StyleAlto-BassArtist Secondary Vocal Range StyleSecond SopranoArtist Third Vocal Range StyleFirst SopranoVocal Experience/ShowsChildhood Glee Club and Musical Fall 2008Discography:2009: Purifications EP,Dance Instrumentals; Chinastars Thursday Groove and Yogi Meets Club7 Dance.2010: Working on The Goddess Returns LP Full Album (Coming Soon)2010: Available in Reverb Nation (RN) Storefront Mia Resort Music, Dance EP, The Goddess ReturnsPromo.SpecialtiesPodcasting, Spoken Word, Education Shows, Fitness, Vocals, Digital Studios, Music Beats, Instrumentals,Publishing, Writing, Page1
  2. 2. ExperienceStudent, Lindex Exchange Broker, Art Studio at Second Life and LDM IncJuly 2012 - Present (7 months)Model and Digital Artist at Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM) Digital Art & ModelingJanuary 2011 - Present (2 years 1 month) http://www.koinup.com/ygimvu/ http://ldmartandmodels.wordpress.com http://ldmandmia.daportfolio.com/ About Me Digital Artist: Experience of 4 years in Digital Artistry. It was pure serendipity over time. Whenever i used a web cam, i loved applying personalized edits; to glamourize my ordinary every day pictures. During the built of other departments in my self employment, my Photography editing were slowly fused into the backdrop for social and projects. During years 2010 to the present, i began expanding my Virtual business in the form of Simulation and 3D life. Now a Virtual World Engineer in training, I entered Digital Artist and Photography for myself in the depts. of illustrations, Virtual Landscapes, & Computer Generated Art. I also do Virtual Vixen Modeling. Favs. R Virtual World Art.Developer, Creator, Virtual World Engineer at Mia Jonita Virtual WorldJune 2010 - Present (2 years 8 months) Train in Cisco Tech and Virtual World Awareness, such as IMVU, SL, and Open Sims.Musician, Producer, Spoken Word; Host at LDM Recording StudiosJuly 2008 - Present (4 years 7 months) Musician Department Began: May 2009. Headquarters: Love and Divinity In Motion, LDM Inc. Division: LDM Recording Studio Division Employment: Webcasting/Podcasting from July 2008 to Present. 1 recommendation available upon requestProjectsMusic Producing SinglesMay 2009 to PresentMembers:Yogi GoddessVirtual World Engineer, Manager, Cisco TrainingJune 2010 to PresentMembers:Yogi Goddess Page2
  3. 3. LDM Official Vodcast TV SeriesMembers:Yogi Goddess, Dr Leslie Moore Ongoing and a source of news, updates, and rotated company projects. Vodcast consists of our 3D Virtual Vixen presenters, models, and also teachers per topic. We enjoy our series and serves as a Commercial Paid Project per video. Available in blip.tvDigital Artist and PhotographyNovember 2011 to PresentMembers:Yogi Goddess, Dr Leslie Moore Digital Rates coming soon. Please visit also: http://ldmandmia.daportfolio.comHistorian Indie Scholar Research (Private Data/Sector)November 2010 to PresentMembers:Yogi Goddess, Dr Leslie Moore Ongoing, Non Grant Funded Projects. From Resume, Education, and Hobby Reading. Historian Style=Office Type, Non Travelor. Resources: Web Articles, Web Blogs, History Channel, DiscernmentBMI Songwriting RegistrationMay 2012 to PresentMembers:Yogi Goddess work in motion.Tantra Art and Practitioner ExtensionNovember 2012 to PresentMembers:Yogi Goddess Tantra Art and Practitioner Extension (Yoga meets art) http://www.koinup.com/ygimvu/ and groups/group management http://ldmnudeart.blogspot.com/Skills & ExpertiseMusic ProductionMusic PublicationsVirtual EstatesVisual StudioVirtual WorldsVirtual Reality3D and Green ScreenDigital 3D PhotographyVirtual World Engineering Page3
  4. 4. Studio EngineeringVodcastPodcast ProductionModelingVirtual ModelingVirtual AssistanceEducationSecond Life Virtual World and Lindex ExchangeUndergrad BA, Specialized Sales, Merchandising and Marketing Operations, 2010 - 2014Grade: PassLDMs, SLE Enterprises Business & Virtual EstatesBusiness, Webcasting, Podcasting, Music Courses, Virtual Estates, 2008 - 2009Honors and AwardsStill building our Music Profiles and Rep. Awards are listed under, Co. Resume.Interestsmusic, beatz, producing, music licensing, podcasting, vodcasting, studio work, digital learning, digital media,online business, online musicians, online teaching, distance education, coaching, tutoring Page4
  5. 5. Yogi GoddessStudent, Lindex Exchange Broker, Art Studio at Second Life and LDM Incldmrecordingstudio@inbox.com1 person has recommended Yogi "a fast pace learner and hard worker, for a new music artist and producer. :)" — Dr Leslie Moore, Publisher, Podcaster, Merchant, Yoga Teacher, CEO, Love and Divinity In Motion Yoga University, managed Yogi at LDM Recording StudiosContact Yogi on LinkedIn Page5