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Invest in russia; payment gateway becomes the priority from globe bill


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Invest in russia; payment gateway becomes the priority from globe bill

  1. 1. Invest In Russia; Payment Gateway Becomes the Priority- From GlobeBill Russias central bank chief on Wednesday reported that the country saw $42 billion worth of net capital outflows in the first four months of the year, an indication of the scale of investor concern over the Russian economy. The figure reported by Sergei Ignatyev to the Russian Parliament means the country has already see half of the capital flight posted last year. All the data has shown that Russian economy is stillboosting. Russia still has economic advantages. Its economy grew by 4.3 percent lastyear and the country has 1.8 trillion rubles ($58 billion) in a reserve fund, createdfrom oil revenues that the government tucked away when prices were high.Its stable economy condition, friend policy and huge market have made Russia as theprofitable land for many investors around the world. However, not everything isperfect and without deficiency. Behind its prosperous super face lie some obstacleswhich draw investors back from starting their career and lay foundation on that fertileland. Any investors who want to take up the clothing market will have to make no lesseffort. Besides, how to seek profits in the strange foreign country is a big question andhow to solve the question of cash transaction is one of the priorities.By establishing a local payment gateway in Russia; GlobeBill ( effectively help the foreign investments solve the problems of operating difficulty.As a representative of GlobeBill, Lin said that the number of Chinese third-partyonline payment solution involving in Russian Foreign Trade receivables were verylimited which has caused a lot of obstacles when foreign power want to enter theRussian market. To solve this problem, GlobeBill will launch a payment solution inRussians largest local online payment Boleto in mid-May. The payment gateway willbe able to provide both Brazilian and Asia merchant a professional payment solutionin Russian local business.