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GlobeBill-Your Payment Gateway to Brazil                             As a kingdom of football and an engine of the world’s...
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Globe bill your payment gateway to brazil


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Globe bill your payment gateway to brazil

  1. 1. GlobeBill-Your Payment Gateway to Brazil As a kingdom of football and an engine of the world’s economic growth, Brazil should not be underestimated in its market potential and economic actual strength. It is largest country of Latin America with the fifth population and area of cohabitation in the world. Its gross domestic product (GDP) also ranked seventh in the world. In 2011, the countrys imports have amounted to $ 226.3 billion, an increase of 25 percent compared with 2010. The coming world cup andsummer Olympic will also inject fresh vitality to its economy development. Manymerchants has noticed the golden opportunity and waiting for a chance to invest in theBrazilian market.When given the choice, Brazilians use national payment methods for about 90% oftheir online purchases. Brazilian credit cards are often limited to national purchases inReal. Credit card payments with installments are an absolute must in Brazil and"Boleto Bancá rio" is the leading push payment method for businesses as well asconsumers.All these payment methods, plus cash deposits, national wire transfer and bankproprietary payment methods are subject to legal restrictions and are only madeavailable to Brazilian corporations.Recently, GlobeBill has officially confirmed its payment solution of the BrazilianForeign Trade receivable channel. The strategic relationship between Boleto andGlobeBill ( has surfaced."To introduce a foreign trade receivable channel which satisfied Brazilian residentsand foreign merchants is always in the developing plan of GlobeBill. Our successfulcooperation with Boleto has cleared the biggest obstacle ahead and the employee’sco-operation will also put the planning into reality “Wang Yi, Globe Bill’s generalmanager said proudly.Looking at the Brazilian local international payment channel, it provides customizedservices to different parts of the merchants in order to allow the tunnel to meet theneeds of different countries and different groups. Consumers can finish their easypayment through an international payment gateway which inhabited from thetraditional payment process and habitats. Money treasure through the launch of theservice will also be able to get to the reward. In this way, foreign trade merchants, theBrazilian people and the GlobeBill will finally reach a triangle of win-win result.