Globe bill provide merchants with convenience to entering russia market


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Globe bill provide merchants with convenience to entering russia market

  1. 1. GlobeBillProvide Merchants WithConvenience to Entering Russia MarketJust like other countries, Russia and many countries have many local online paymentcompanies. The enormous influence of these companies decreased the influence ofPayPal and other international credit card. During this process, the Russian consumerpayment habits finally developed and formed. Electricity suppliers in many countrieslike china have to face with the online payment obstacle when starting their career inRussia.Mr. Sit is the person in charge of a Russian foreign trade electricity supplier in theview of Russian foreign trade market; he has his own unique vision. "if not considerRussia has joined the WTO, Russia and Chinas increasingly close economic will beable to move more and more power are e-commerce market in China can be describedas life and death situation, a Red Sea, why not foray into the Russian piece of blueocean? Just hovering outside the Russian market because of the reasons of thereceivables is not my style; of course, I am also suffering from the adverse factors. "Russias previous e-commerce does not place great emphasis on e-commerce, whichleads to a unprosperous market in electronic commerce. But in recent years, theRussian government has begun to pay attention in the development of nationale-commerce market. Russia won the first name of the G20 countries is a best exampleto show this. Mr. Sit said: “the local electric provider in Russia is growing, theannexation often happens. I deeply appreciate the input also increased in order tomaintain the market stability.” The situation is that Foreign merchants often haveinexpensive but high quality products and language problems is not a big question ,but in the aspects of payment, they often felt at loss.However, all these frustrations have become a thing of the past. To solve this problem,GlobeBill ( launching a payment solution with Russias largestlocal online payment Webmoney. The payment gateway will be able to provide bothRussia and Asia merchant a professional payment solution in Russian local business.