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Globe bill has opened payment gateway for standard chartered bank


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Globe bill has opened payment gateway for standard chartered bank

  1. 1. GlobeBill Has Opened Payment Gateway for Standard Chartered Bank After establishing a complete system which supports visa, MasterCard and other international credit card and debit card, GlobeBill has recently opened payment gateway for standard chartered bank. As an international bank which operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets standard chartered bank combine global capabilities with deep local knowledge to provide innovativeproducts and services to meet the needs of our customers and clients. It also has thecapability and network to help tackle environmental, social and economic challengesfaced by our communities. We provides Personal Banking, Preferred Banking,Priority & International Banking and SME BankingAs the rising leader in secure online payment solutions GlobeBill ( launched facilitate safe instant payments between individuals and onlinebusinesses. Over years of shared experience in the Internet payment and Mail Orderor Telephone Order business have given it the unique ability to understand each andevery merchant’s distinctive needs and to quickly implement the correct strategy inorder to guarantee continued success and long term profits. We offer our merchants asecure payment service for the millions of transactions with the safest card processingservice that is both compliant to the highest level of the PCI DSS and is also 3-DSecure™ enabled.A relationship with GlobeBill will not only improve your satisfaction and ease oftransaction processing today, but it will also ensure a superior value proposition forthe future. With Globe Bill’s network of business partners throughout the world,whatever your requirement, whatever your business and whatever your market, wehave the ability to deliver.The cooperation between GlobeBill and standard chartered bank will surely make itmuch more convenience for card owners to expand their business abroad for the highrisk security control and low cost rate provided by GlobeBill and the stability andendurance of standard chartered bank.