Cooperate with webmoney; globe bill officially entered the russia market


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Cooperate with webmoney; globe bill officially entered the russia market

  1. 1. Cooperate With Webmoney GlobeBill Officially Entered the Russia Market GlobeBill has announced recently that its Russia payment gateway is officially open. The same with the Russia domestic market, china has ample goods which need cast market and this provides a prosperous insight for businessman from two countries. The cooperation between the two giant powers becomes an inevitable trend. GlobeBill, based in Hong Kong, is the rising leader in secure onlinepayment solutions that was founded to facilitate safe instant payments betweenindividuals and online businesses and has years of payment experience. As the biggestpayment gateway provider Web Money’s service covers the countries where purseloading by bank transfers was unavailable before. If a payment is made in a currencydifferent from USD and EUR then the exchange is made by the receiving bank. Awire transfer takes approximately 1 to 3 banking days. A purse is loaded automaticallyafter assets are received and a service commission of 1.5% or $100 USD/EUR will bededucted whichever is greater.By using the services provided by Webmoney, Merchants can enjoy business online.However, as for the foreign trade business man, the fund transaction has been anobstacle when they are stating their business in Russia for there are many barriers likelanguage, charge fee and other inconvenience.After analyzing the payment condition in Russia and catering to customer’s interests,GlobeBill ( worked in partnership with the Webmoney and hasofficially launched a Russian local payment gateway. By establishing a local paymentgateway in Russia; GlobeBill can effectively help the foreign investments solve theproblems of operating difficulty. As a representative of GlobeBill, Lin said that thenumber of Chinese third-party payment companies involving in Russian ForeignTrade receivables were very limited which has caused a lot of obstacles when foreignpower want to enter the Russian market. The payment gateway will be able to provideboth Russian and Chinese merchants a professional payment solution in Russian localbusiness.