China association of payment and clearing review and its members


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China association of payment and clearing review and its members

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China association of payment and clearing review and its members

  1. 1. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill China Association Of Payment And Clearing Review And Its Members1. What is China association of payment and clearing?China Association of Payment and Clearing was founded on May 23, 2011. It isfounded under the permission of China’s state council and ministry of civil affairs andis a non-profit corporate social group registered in ministry of civil affairs. Theassociation aims at promoting the members to realize common interests andsupervising the payment and clearing industry, maintaining the competitive order ofthe payment and clearing market, protecting the legal rights of the members,preventing payment and clearing risks and promoting the healthy development ofpayment and clearing industry. The governing institution of it is People’s bank ofChina.The founding of China payment and clearing association symbolizes China has madeprogress in the payment and clearing industry with its own self-disciplinedorganization and made its way in the mode of self-control, self-restraint andself-management, which is quite significant to build a fair, just and open paymentand clearing market, create healthy and ordered competitive environment andmaintain the legal rights of the participants of the payment and clearing market. Andat the same time, the founding of the association will largely promote the marketeddevelopment of China’s financial industry.2. How to become the member of China Association of payment and clearing?All the bank financial institutions and financial companies with an independentcorporate capacity founded under the permission of China Banking RegulatoryCommission and the payment and clearing institutions was founded under thepermission of the relevant supervising departments such as the People’s Bank ofChina and the organizations which get the Payment Permission License and othercorporation institutions that fits the conditions of the association will be permittedto enter China Association of Payment and Clearing as a member of it. And right nowthe membership fees of the entering the association varies with the director of 600thousand Yuan, supervisor of 400 thousand Yuan and common members 100thousand Yuan. The companies applied to enter the association need to fill in a form.After the examination of China association of payment and clearing, the associationwill issue a membership certificate of China association of payment and clearing.Now the association has 25 leaders include chairman, deputy chairman and GlobeBill—
  2. 2. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBillexecutive director, and they come from the central banks and 11 banks and 8payment enterprises delegates. The influential third-party payment enterprises onthe list of the executive director organizations in China include companies like Alipay,Tenpay, Yeepay, All in Pay and Property and Credit.3. What are the members of China Association of payment and clearing?Up to March, 2012, the total number of the members of China Association ofpayment and clearing is 214, an increase of 50 compared with the number 164 inJune, 2011. Most of these members are banks, and others are settlement companies,financial companies and third-party e-payment companies. Below is a list of the members of China Association of payment and clearing: AliPay TenPay GlobeBill YeePay LycheePay SHFFT(Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) LAKALA 99bill Beijing Business Service Internet Technology Co.,Ltd Open Union ShenPay ChinaPnR EasiPay Bank of China Limited Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, ICBC Agricultural bank of China Ltd China Construction Bank China Merchants Bank Co.,Ltd Bank of Communications Co., Ltd China Everbright bank Co., Ltd China Minsheng bank Co., Ltd Bank OF Beijing Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Export-Import Bank of China Agricultural Development Bank of China HUAXIA Bank Co., Ltd Chinas Postal Savings Bank Limited Liability Company Guangdong Development Bank Co., Ltd GlobeBill—
  3. 3. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill Industrial Bank Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd China Bohai Bank Co., Ltd Evergrowing Bank Co.,Ltd Bank OF Shanghai Bank OF Tianjing Shengjing Bank Co.,Ltd Beijing Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Citi bank (China) Co., Ltd HSBC bank (China) Co., Ltd China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Nanjing Co., Ltd Bank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd Hui Merchants Bank Co., Ltd Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Hangzhou Co., Ltd Bank of Nanchang Co., Ltd Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd Zhuhai China Resources Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Chengdu Co., Ltd Bank of Fudian Co., Ltd Zhanjiang City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Xiamen Co., Ltd Bank of Taizhou Co., Ltd Jin Merchants Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Quanzhou Co., Ltd Bank of Hebei Co., Ltd Bank of Guangzhou Co., Ltd Qi Merchants Bank Co., Ltd North of Guangxi Bay Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Calabash Island Co., Ltd Bank of Liuzhou Co., Ltd Bank of Qilu Co., Ltd Bank of Chongqing Co., Ltd Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Yantai Co., Ltd Bank of Changsha Co., Ltd Bank of Hankou Co., Ltd GlobeBill—
  4. 4. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill Bank of LangFang Co., Ltd Bank of Changzhou Co., Ltd Urumqi Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Handan Co., Ltd Bank of KaiFeng Co., Ltd Bank of zhengzhou Co., Ltd Bank of Haerbin Co., Ltd Bank of Jinzhou Co., Ltd Bank of Jiujiang Co., Ltd Bank of Dongguan Co., Ltd Bao Merchants Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Jilin Co., Ltd Weihai Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Bank of Guiyang Co., Ltd Bank of Changan Co., Ltd Bank of Xian Co., Ltd Bank of Ningxia Co., Ltd Bank of Linshang Co., Ltd Bank of Huzhou Co., Ltd Nanyang Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd Deutsche Bank (China) Co., Ltd Shandong Province City Commercial Bank Alliance Co., Ltd Hebei Province Rural Credit Cooperatives Association The State Development Bank Co., Ltd China Petrochemical Finance Co., Ltd Haier Group Finance Co., Ltd Shanghai Automotive Group Finance Co., Ltd Minmetals Group Finance Co., Ltd China Huadian Corporation Financial Limited Company Cnooc Financial Limited Liability Company Weapon Equipment Limited Company OF Financial Group Baosteel Group Finance Co., Ltd Chinese Financial Industry Limited Liability Company Shanghai electric (group) limited company of Financial More nuclear Finance Co., Ltd Faw Financial Co., Ltd International trust &investment Financial Co., Ltd Can group Financial Co., Ltd China huaneng Financial Co., Ltd China power Financial Co., Ltd Sinochem corp Finance Co., Ltd GlobeBill—
  5. 5. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill China datang Financial Co., Ltd Chinas securities registration and settlement Co., Ltd Rural Credit Baning Fund Clearing Center The central Treasury registration and settlement Co., Ltd City commercial bank Fund settlement center Inter-bank market Clearing Corporation China National Clearing Center Guangdong silver knot Electronic Payment and Settlement Co., Ltd. China UnionPay Co., Ltd. All in Pay Network Service Co., Ltd. China UnionPay Commerce Co., Ltd. Xun Fu Information Technology Co., Ltd. Sand Bankcard-Link information & Service Co.,Ltd Easy Pay information & Service Co.,Ltd Beijing Digital Wangfujing Technology Co., Ltd. Yu Fu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Internet Banking Online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Liandong advantages e-commerce Co., Ltd. Hainan newborn IT Co., Ltd. Shenzhen YinSheng electronic payment technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen EKA Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd. Smartpay jieyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. Dongying City Commercial firms Co., Ltd. Tianyi e-commerce Co., Ltd. Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Yikatong Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Yipiaolian Co., Ltd. Anfubao Business Co., Ltd. Shanghai Rongxing Network Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou UnionPay online payment Ltd. Beijing UnionPay Commerce Co., Ltd. Shandong Lu Shang Yikatong payment Ltd. Shanghai Days pass Corporate Services Limited Chengdu Mobo360 Network Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing citizen card Co., Ltd. Jiefuruitong Co., Ltd. Shanghai UnionPay electronic payment services Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yintong Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Chang Go Corporate Services Limited Sichuan Shangtong Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhongfutong Information Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fuyou Financial Network Technology Co., Ltd. GlobeBill—
  6. 6. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill Zhenglianrongtong Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Convenience e-commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mass Transportation Business Co., Ltd. Shanghai Deyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Silver IT Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fufeitong Corporate Services Limited Shanghai Rich Friends payment Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huashi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai NewStar Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sandpay Network Service development Co., Ltd. Shanghai City Tour Card business Co., Ltd. Shanghai shen tong business Co., Ltd Shanghai Card Investment Management Limited The Dongfang pay IT Co., Ltd. Jinjiang International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Communications Business Services Ltd. Baofoo Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tianjin City Card Co., Ltd. The Jiangsu Ruixiang business Co., Ltd. Wuhan Jinyuanxin Enterprise Services Information System Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yimin tourism and leisure services Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Easylink Business Services Limited Modern Financial Holdings (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Anyilianrong e-commerce Co., Ltd. Beijing love the rural inn Technology Services Ltd. Beijing Haike facility IT Co., Ltd. Beijing Jinke Xin An Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing first mining joint e-commerce Co., Ltd. Beijing Yaku space-time exchange of information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhongxin Yinbao Business Services Co., Ltd. Beijing Zihexin Communications Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Guofubao Information & Technology Co., Ltd. China Jianyin Investment Technology Co., Ltd. Unicom Woyifu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Yi Chih-Fu Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Chongqing Easypay Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Yikatong Electronic Payment Services Co., Ltd. Shanxi OneCard Business Co., Ltd. Harbin Reincarnation Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang ShangMeng Enterprise Business Services Ltd. GlobeBill—
  7. 7. Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing -GlobeBill Zhengjiang Yishi Enterprise Management Services Ltd. Anhui Huaxiatong payment Co., Ltd. Zhongyi e-commerce Co., Ltd. Guizhou Huiliantong e-commerce Services Limited Dalian Zhong Ding Information Co., Ltd. Ningbo Unionpay Commerce Co., Ltd. Xiamen E-Tong Card operation Co., Ltd Zhonglianxin(Fujian) payment services Co., Ltd. Shenzhen UnionPay EPS Financial Services Limited. Shenzhen Taihai Network Technology Services Ltd. Shenzhen online shopping Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen UnionPay Financial Network Limited Beijing Baifubao Technology Co., Ltd. Han Xin Commerce Co., Ltd. Meiyinbao IT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Han silver IT Co., Ltd. Zhongyintong payment business Co., Ltd. Beijing Huaruifuda Technology Co., Ltd. GlobeBill—