3 russia overviews of the e commerce development from the foreign trade market


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3 russia overviews of the e commerce development from the foreign trade market

  1. 1. Russia: Overviews of the e-commerce development from the foreign trade marketThere is a market, there is demand. The rapid development of foreign trademarket in Russia has sent a breeze for local e-commerce market. With thepopularity of local network citizens, the convenience of Internet and therecognition of online shopping, e-commerce market in Russia will becomea payment systemtreasure place for foreign trade merchants to developrapidly. As a third-party payment service provider, Shenzhen Qian BaoTechnology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Qian Bao) willprovide the most quality payment of receivables solutions for Chinasforeign trade power to seize this treasure.Russian foreign trade market in recent years has made long-term progress, even in the face of araging economic crisis, its foreign trade market and development is still gratifying. From theDepartment of Russian customs statistics, in 2011 Russias total foreign trade is $ 821.3 billion, anincrease of 31.2%, of Which the imports amounted to $ 305.3 billion, an increase of 33.4 percent,slightly higher than its exports growth. Data in January 2012 showed Russias foreign tradeamounted to $ 59.7 billion, an increase of 27.9 percent growth rate ranked the list of all countries.The better of its foreign trade market is expected to come from Russias accession to the WTO.Among the five countries in the BRIC, Russia became the last countrys accession to the WTO.Thefive countries will strengthen cooperation in the future and make efforts to upgrade their statusin the WTO. A few days ago, the join hands of the leaders of five countries is a very goodillustrates in this point. With the addition of Russias, large-scale reduction of tariffs will release afriendly signal for the prosperity of its foreign trade market. In the following time, Russia willincrease import and export trade and go on the internal reform to provide a Russian market witha perfect economic system and fair and transparent competitive environment. As a customsunion, Russia will join Belarus and Kazakhstan to bring a 165 million population market foreveryone. The huge market has attracted more and more foreign traders to join in. With thee-commerce in the global epidemic, foreign trade merchants will be full of curiosity and interestin entering Russias foreign trade through electronic commerce market. The active foreign trademarket is in Russia will greatly promote the prosperity of their e-commerce.The authoritative data predicted, in 2012, electricity suppliers will share total e-commercetransaction volume more than 15 billion U.S. dollars in Russia. And this figure will double in 2015.At that time, the proportion of Internet users in Russia will exceed 67%, which will provide therapid development of the Russian e-commerce market with huge traffic. The enormous profitmargins of Russian e-commerce market stimulate the entry of Chinas foreign trade merchants.As an important partner of Russia, China is the one most effected by rapiddevelopment and e-commerce and prosperity of the Russian payment methodsforeign trade. Chinas foreign trade should closely follow the trend ofthe times and choose the e-commerce to enter into the Russias foreign
  2. 2. trade market, and move faster to seize the market. But during this processwe must firstly solve the problem of the receivables. The Russian nativewebmoney, QIWI Payment occupied the dominance of the online paymentindustry in Russia, which makes the international popular paypal andcredit card payment of these two in Russia not being accepted by foreigntrade electricity providers through both payment will not be able toaccess to the most widely used Russian potential consumers. It is notconvenient for domestic merchant to use the Payment collection methodsin Russian directly. Nowadays, Qian Bao cooperate with webmoney and QIWIto launch Russias foreign trade receivables solutions. This program hasresulted in foreign trade merchants no longer bothered by receivablestrouble, transfer trouble and the teller trouble. What’s more, it willbecome a receivables method favored by Russian consumers.