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  1. 1. To Seize the Brazil Clothing Market, Merchants Need to Set Foot In Advance-from GlobeBill Brazil was signalized in the Canton Fair held days ago. Especially its constructors came to China with the orders counted for 3 billion dollars, which has become a widespread topic. Many US and European merchants are not doing business in such a large one like they ever did. Nowadays, more and more Asian enterprises turn their attention to Brazil, a good place for earning money.According to The data from the Brazil Ministry of Commerce and Industry showedthat, from the Jan and Feb, the total money of its imported clothing was as high as$ 51.73 million which increased 71.61% over the same period. The figure has alsobroken the highest record of the last two months and has reached 42.21%, surpassedby 13.33 percentage points over the same period of last year.Smart Chinese merchants have already played attention to this fast rising market.Chinese clothing market with its unique advantage in price and labor has made a firmfoundation for entering into the broad Brazil market. However how to seek profits inthe strange foreign country is a big question and how to solve the question of cashtransaction is one of the priorities.As the e-commerce has become the main stream, the conception of time and space hasbeen largely vague. However, any investors who want to take up the clothing marketwill have to make no less effort.Among the obstacles lay ahead, the payment gateway solution in one of the biggestones. By establishing a local payment gateway in Brazil; GlobeBill( can effectively help the foreign investments solve the problemsof operating difficulty. As a representative of GlobeBill, Lin said that the number ofChinese third-party payment gateway involving in Brazilian Foreign Tradereceivables were very limited which has caused a lot of obstacles when foreign powerwant to enter the Brazilian market. To solve this problem, GlobeBill will launch apayment solution in Brazils largest local online payment Boleto in mid-May. Thepayment gateway will be able to provide both Brazilian and Asia merchant aprofessional payment solution in Brazilian local business.