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Teacher talk and student talk


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TTT should be equal to STT.

Published in: Education
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Teacher talk and student talk

  1. 1. TEACHER TALK AND STUDENT TALK There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both Teacher Talking Time (TTT) and Student Talking Time (STT). The teacher, for example, is obviously an important source of language for the class as a model, to give instructions, to explain something, to correct mistakes, to make the occasional joke. However, in practice, many English teachers have found that through a high level of Student Talking, their classes are more interesting, motivating and fun. Also, students seem to learn more and do it quickly. When they are actively practicing English, seems that they are establishing their long-term memory.
  2. 2. TEACHER TALKING TIME O ADVANTAGES: O -The teacher can explain things to the whole class at once. O -Students can learn useful things, from the language used by the teacher. -The teacher is who model the pronunciation. -The teacher can give clear instructions for activities.
  3. 3. TEACHER TALKING TIME O DISADVANTAGES: O -Overuse of TTT is inappropriate, because you will give less chance to speak students. O -If the teacher talks and talks, the students will have less time for other things, such us, reading and writing. O - If a teacher talks to a classroom of students, it doesn't mean the students are actually learning anything. O -The students are who need the practice, not the teacher. O -Teacher talking time can make boring the class.
  4. 4. STUDENT TALKING TIME. O ADVANTAGES: O -Students learn through language that is, talking. -Talking together is a great way to share ideas and learn from each other it is also fun and – motivating. -If the teacher listens to students, you may notice if students can use the language or not. O -They can develop their skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  5. 5. STUDENT TALKING TIME. O DISADVANTAGES: O -The classroom can get noisy. O - It is difficult for a teacher to hear what everyone is saying. O -A teacher is a better model of language than another student.
  6. 6. O So because of their advantages and disadvantages talk time should be equal for both teacher and student. In this way the students can develop their skills and the teacher is who should help their do it. Good teachers use their common sense and experience to get the balance rigth.