Annotations process for film poster


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In detail to help with my poster creation for trailer.

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Annotations process for film poster

  1. 1. By Lily Taitia
  2. 2. How it links to Uses and ColourGratifications The colour of the poster is aThis poster links to the uses and sunset gold which shows thatgratifications of the audience by there is a lot of exquisite,showing that this film is about luxurious scenes, knowledge, andviolence hence supported by the or riches that are involved. Thisguns being held by both the will also then raise questionscharacters. This will appeal to the about the film and make theaudience that are interested in audience more captivated by theaction, drama films and will suit film which is represented astheir needs as they will associate violent but has mystery andthe mise en scene with these contains such a colour of infinitetypes of genre. luxuries for example gold.Font LayoutThe font used on the poster is The layout shows the femalestraight and flawless like a bullet actress at the front which showswould be, its not too that she seems to hold more ofcomplicating. The audience will an importance than the malebe able to read without having to actor at the back, this is thenstrain themselves. Though the different from the stereotypesfont of the poster is simple it always being shown/portrayed.derives the action packed thriller The name of the film is slightlythat the movie itself entails, being covered by the gun thewhich then inserts a mystery and female actress if holding, thisa lot of questions that will drive raises a suspicion that she isthe audience to watch the movie. wanted for the violent acts sheThe font is consistent and does has committed which signifiesnot falter throughout the film that she is a dangerous woman.poster showing professionalconsistency.
  3. 3. The guns are signifying power, danger and are connected to criminal acts.How it appeals to the targetaudience The date showing when the filmThis poster appeals to the will be in the cinemas is essentialaudience as it shows on many to the audience.levels by mise en scene the manylevels in which they will be ableto identified by the ideologies setand followed.For those audiences that enjoysome action packed thrillers willbe able to tell by the mise enscene set by the actors and The city they are above showsactresses as well as the location. that they seem to know the cityColour and font. really well as well as have power and control over what happens inside too. This may also represent that the city is a very dangerous place filled with violence and disorder.
  4. 4. How it links to Uses and FontGratifications The font used on the poster isThis poster links to the uses and bold and precise, the font of thegratifications of the audience that whole poster lingers in style butis used by the poster to attract still has the simple, precise andthe audience shows that they are bold elements that make this filmfollowing the ideologies that is have its edge and suit the usesset when airing an action filled and gratifications being shown.adventure, they attract those some of the font fades to showaudiences that like fantasy as the character which shows theyou see the actor is holding mystery that they have and hold,swords that are not common and it shows that they keep tois also wearing clothes that are themselves which in itself holdsnot ordinary which give the mystery as their character.audience a clue that it is a film offantasy, mystery and drama, Colourthus drawing in audiences that The colour of the sash that theare interested in these genres. character is holding Is more colourful and outstanding than the rest which shows he isLayout dangerous and has shed a lot ofThe layout of the poster shows blood in battle, which isthe character which is slightly supported by the weapons he isslanted which shows that he may holding. The rest of the coloursbe unbalanced, and unreliable. are grey and dull which showsThe layout is simple as it holds a that the place/movie is set inmysterious quote at the top of someplace unfriendly and hostile,the poster giving the audience a that it is a place of battle filledtease as to what the film will with darkness and sadness.entail.
  5. 5. Here is a teaser that will draw the audience in with curiosity.How it appeals to the targetaudienceThis poster appeals to the The date showing when the filmaudience as a film that has a lot of will be in the cinemas is essentialaction within it, the mise en scene to the audience.of his location also shows that heis seen as being above everyoneelse which gives us an idea thathe is in fact the „“Prince” ofPersia‟, him dressed the way he isnot a stereotype of the way thatroyalty is portrayed which willthen draw in the audience as it is The company that has createddifferent. the film is also very important and is shown here right above the name of the film.
  6. 6. How it links to Uses and LayoutGratifications The layout of the poster showsThis poster links to the uses and that the characters at the top ategratifications of the audience by the main characters which will bethe names of the actors are featured in the film, as theiractresses to gather the audience names are important in attractingas they would usually be audiences they have also beenattracted by the names of those placed above their heads. Theinvolved with the film. They have gruesome location in which theyalso shown the mise en scene will be has been placed to showthat will be included in the film to the audience what type ofshow the mysteries that will be in adventures, mysteries the filmthe films as well as not revealing holds. The name of the filmtoo much to the audience. follows as it is vital but not as vital as they are using the actorsColour and actresses to gain theThe colour used within the poster audience through the star theory.shows a misty moss green that isseen on the bottom of the seas Fontwhen something has been there The font used on the posterway too long, this shows that shows that this film is that of awhat happens will be set pirates ship as there is a skullsomewhere from ancient times and the font style used is old,and on the wide open sea. The ancient and that of a treasurered of the bandana shows map, this is then supported bydanger, and the character the old scroll paper in thewearing this is then represented background. The font usedas a dangerous man, which is attracts those who like watchingalso supported by the gun he is films about ancient times,holding. adventure, pirates etc.
  7. 7. Mise en scene The location of the film whish is shown in the poster seems to be dreaded, fantasy, filled with pirates and creatures you can only dream off. The way that the location is set will real in theHow it appeals to the target audience as it is different andaudience exciting showing that it is anThis poster appeals to the action packed thriller.audience as it is showing themwhat the film will entail and the The skull appears to be wearingpeople/organisations that were the same red bandana that theinvolved in creating the film. character at the top front is wearing which shows that this may be about him and that the scenes that follow will relate to him or will be caused by him, whichever it may be he will be involved. The date showing when the film will be in the cinemas is essential to the audience.