Factoring E-A-T Into Your 2020 SEO Strategy | Lily Ray

Lily Ray
Sep. 15, 2020

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Factoring E-A-T Into Your 2020 SEO Strategy | Lily Ray

  1. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Factoring E-A-T into Your SEO Strategy Lily Ray | Path Interactive
  2. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW About Lily Ray SEO Director | Path Interactive
  3. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW LILY RAY About Lily: @lilyraynyc#C3NY Lily Ray is the SEO Director at Path Interactive, where she provides strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client programs. Lily has worked across a variety of verticals with a focus on retail, e-commerce, b2b and CPG sites. She loves diving into algorithm updates, assessing quality issues and solving technical SEO mysteries.
  4. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Today, we’ll be discussing E-A-T.
  5. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY A refresher…
  6. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW What’s E-A-T? @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  7. is mentioned 135 times in Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines
  8. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Your Money Your Life
  9. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Google employs 10,000+ search quality raters each year to measure the quality of its search results.
  11. The raters use the Search Quality Rater Guidelines to determine what Google considers high vs. low-quality content. (PS: you should read them).
  12. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Search quality evaluators measure & assess website quality & E-A-T in live user tests Feedback is benchmarked and used to inform future algorithm updates Algorithms identify signals that correlate with E-A-T (i.e. PageRank & links)
  13. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Does that mean human raters directly rank pages in Google’s search results?
  14. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY NO
  16. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY While we’re on that topic, let’s clarify a few things…
  17. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  18. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY There is no score.
  19. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY There is no algorithm.
  20. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY There is no algorithm update.
  21. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY is not a direct ranking factor.
  22. So, how does Google use ?
  23. Let’s paraphrase the E-A-T section of Google’s Search Quality Guidelines...
  24. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW High E-A-T news articles should be written with journalistic professionalism, factually accurate content, published editorial policies and robust review processes.
  25. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW High E-A-T medical advice should be written by people with appropriate medical expertise or accreditation, in a professional style and reviewed regularly.
  26. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW High E-A-T pages on “home remodeling” or “parenting” also require expertise, given they are Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) topics.
  27. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, etc. should come from trustworthy sources and be updated regularly.
  28. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Ok, enough theoretical stuff. How is Google actively using ?
  29. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Perhaps you’ve experienced the SEO roller coaster ride of the past 2 years…
  30. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  31. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW E-A-T seems to play a disproportionate role in recent core algorithm updates. #C3NY @lilyraynyc
  32. For each core update since August of 2019, Google has shared this same article.
  33. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Signals that align with
  34. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW - Munich Security Conference, 2019
  35. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW We have an important responsibility to our users and to the societies in which we operate to curb the efforts of those who aim to propagate false information on our platforms. - How Google Fights Disinformation
  36. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Ranking algorithms are an important tool in our fight against disinformation. - How Google Fights Disinformation
  37. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Across the world, search engines & social media companies are facing government scrutiny.
  38. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW Perhaps that’s one reason why organic visibility looks like this for many sites?* @lilyraynyc#C3NY *speculation
  39. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY As you can probably tell, I talk about a lot.
  40. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW In fact, I was even ready to embark on a 2020 E-A-T world tour…
  42. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY …and then 2020 happened.
  43. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY The E-A-T World Tour was cancelled.
  44. VIRTUAL ROADSHOWVIRTUAL ROADSHOW …Due to a sudden global pandemic that rocked the entire world, lead to nearly 1 million deaths, caused economic turmoil, impacted elections, and spawned rampant misinformation campaigns. @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  45. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Wait a minute…
  46. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY …isn’t this exactly why Google created ?
  47. - How Google Fights Disinformation, 2019
  48. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY COVID MISINFORMATION
  49. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY CORONAVIRUS PUT TO THE ULTIMATE TEST.
  50. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Timeline of Google updates related to COVID-19: Date Article 3/4/2020 Google I/O Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns 3/9/2020 Google Asking Businesses To Update Business Hours & Details For COVID-19 3/10/2020 Google Search Relations Team Grounded During Coronavirus 3/13/2020 Googlers Taking Work Stations Home During Coronavirus 3/13/2020 Google My Business Asking Is The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Affecting Your Business? 3/16/2020 Should Google Halt Search Algorithm Updates During COVID-19 Outbreak 3/17/2020 60% Of SEOs Would Like To Pause Google Algorithm Updates During COVID-19 Outbreak 3/23/2020 Google Stops Accepting Local Reviews & Q&A During Coronavirus Outbreak 3/25/2020 Google Advice On E-Commerce Sites Closing Due To COVID-19 3/25/2020 Google My Business Not Functioning Properly During Coronavirus Outbreak 3/26/2020 Most SEOs Claiming Organic Search Traffic Declines Due To COVID-19 3/26/2020 Google Ads Offers Advertising Advice During COVID-19 4/1/2020 Google Ads New Policy Prevents Profiting Off Sensitive Events, Like COVID-19 4/1/2020 Google COVID-19 Announcements Beta Structured Data 4/2/2020 Google Posts With COVID-19 Updates 4/2/2020 April 2020 Google Webmaster Report: COVID-19, Algorithm Updates, Mobile First Indexing & More 4/3/2020 Google Search Console COVID-19 Announcement Feature 4/3/2020 Google Doodle - Stay Home. Save Lives. Leads To Coronavirus Tips Results 4/3/2020 Google Says They Are Not Filtering Out Sites For Coronavirus Searches 4/6/2020 Google Logo Says Thank You Coronavirus Helpers 4/7/2020 Google Summarizes Its Search Changes For COVID-19 In Tweets 4/7/2020 Google Search COVID Announcements Feature To Be Live Soon 4/14/2020 Google Throttling Crawling Of Sites During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 4/17/2020 Google Now Supports Government Benefits Schema For COVID-19 Announcements 4/21/2020 Google Local Services Ads Enables COVID-19 Highlights 4/22/2020 Google Testing Questions Box In Search Results In US For COVID-19 Queries 4/23/2020 Google Offers Free COVID-19 Posters For Your Business 5/1/2020 Google Question Hub - What Is Your Question Is Wider Than COVID-19 Searches 5/4/2020 Google Has Not Slowed Crawling Your Site Because Of COVID-19 5/5/2020 Nooglers First Day As A Google Employee During COVID-19 5/5/2020 AMP Not Required For COVID-19 Related News In Google Top Stories Carousel 5/7/2020 Google My Business Adds COVID-19 Responder Policy For Hotels 5/7/2020 May 2020 Google Webmaster Report: Core Update, Google Shopping, LinkedIn & COVID-19 5/7/2020 Google Adds COVID Testing Center Details To Local Panel 5/12/2020 Google Posts Prioritizing COVID-19 Posts Over Other Google Posts 5/18/2020 Google AdSense Unable To Review Some Sites Due To COVID-19 5/26/2020 Google Asks SEOs How COVID-19 Changed SEO Work 6/19/2020 Google Ads Begins Issuing COVID-19 Credits 6/22/2020 Google Internship During COVID-10 Pandemic 7/20/2020 Google Ads To Ban Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dangerous Ads 7/24/2020 Google Search Showing Flight & Hotel COVID-19 Impact
  51. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  52. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Biggest winners in health & science during COVID-19. Jan 1 – June 1, Sistrix U.S. Visibility Index
  53. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW *my unofficial name for it The June 22 “Wear a Mask” Update*
  54. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  55. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW CDC and FDA outrank the controversial Henry Ford article, which supports hydroxychloroquine for COVID
  56. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW FDA articles containing safety information replaced transactional results.
  57. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY What about COVID-19 conspiracies?
  58. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW • Analyzed SEO visibility of 150 of the top COVID conspiracy and pseudoscience sites • Sistrix U.S. visibility index • Date range: January 1 – June 1, 2020 COVID Conspiracy & Pseudoscience Sites: Methodology @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  59. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW FINDINGS @lilyraynyc#C3NY • Average SEO visibility* score for the 150 conspiracy & pseudoscience sites: Site Visibility Score (June 2020) 150 conspiracy sites .03 (avg) 286 220 156 141 *Sistrix U.S. Visibility Score .03 (avg)
  60. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY In other words, conspiracy sites are virtually invisible in Google’s organic search results.
  61. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW Visibility Changes During Recent Core Updates 6 Major Conspiracy / Pseudoscience Websites @lilyraync#C3NY COVID-19
  62. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY What does all of this mean for SEO? How can you optimize for ?
  63. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW This creates a ripple effect throughout the organic search ecosystem. Google’s search results changed drastically during COVID-19. @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  64. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW and the focus on high- quality health content have only become increasingly important in 2020. @lilyraynyc#C3NY
  65. Connect. Collaborate. Commit. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY The rise in misinformation related to coronavirus, plus the 2020 election, have only elevated the importance of E-A-T.
  66. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW E-A-T TIP #1: EXPERTISE @lilyraynyc#C3NY Name your authors, editors, and expert reviewers. Provide context about them and their credentials. Include links to their social profiles, online mentions, and/or personal websites.
  67. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Invest in the individual experts at your company and expand their online presence. Earn personal and organizational placement in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Use structured data. Obtain backlinks from trusted sites within your category. Link to authoritative sources. E-A-T TIP #2: AUTHORITATIVENESS
  68. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Disclose information about your business, such as: The company mission, its editorial and advertising policies, its founders and leadership team. Be transparent about how it makes money (including affiliate disclosures). E-A-T TIP #3: TRUSTWORTHINESS
  69. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Give your users reasons to believe your information and advice can be trusted.
  70. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Ensure content is updated and accurate, especially given the unique circumstances of 2020.
  71. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW @lilyraynyc#C3NY Remove low- quality, underperforming, or questionable content.
  72. VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Perhaps I’ll see you at the 2021 World Tour?
  73. VVIRTUAL ROADSHOW THANK YOU About Lily Ray: Click to Edit Footer#C3NY@lilyraynyc lilyraynyc