Calcium Powder


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Whether you are elderly, pregnant, man or woman, it is important to get a sufficient amount of calcium in your diet.

Learn why the Calcium Powder from NutraCenter is an ideal calcium supplement.

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Calcium Powder

  1. 1. NutraCenter’s Featured Product | February 2012
  2. 2. Calcium Powder 14 oz | 90 scoops Price: $20.00  Supports bone, muscle, teeth & gum health  Can reduce the risk of osteoporosis  Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  3. 3. Or reduce the risk ofsurgery such as thisknee replacement…
  4. 4. Calcium is important for bonehealthBut the body can only absorb Calcium under certain conditions. NutraCenter’s Calcium Formula has been carefully formulated to provide easily absorbable Calcium to your body in its natural state. It is also combined with other key ingredients, such as Vitamin D and Magnesium that aid in the efficient absorption and use of Calcium.
  5. 5. It’s important to understand exactly why our bodies needCalcium. Did you know…
  6. 6. Bone Growth & Strength “Strong as an ox.” Your body is constantly removing old bone & replacing it with new, healthy bone. Calcium encourages bone health. It also supports the activity of many of your body’s enzymes.
  7. 7. Elderly Women(post-menopausal)  Elderly women need higher levels of quality Calcium supplementation.  Due to changes in hormone levels, their bones become increasingly brittle.  They are at a higher risk for osteoporosis & broken bones.
  8. 8. ChildrenChildren need Calcium because their bones are in the critical early stages of development and foundational growth.
  9. 9. Pregnant Women  Pregnant and lactating women (and their infants) can benefit from Calcium.  It aids in the growth of new cells.  Calcium provides the necessary nutrition for breastmilk.
  10. 10. Young women Younger women need additional Calcium to build the strength of their bones over time. It’s best to fight osteoporosis starting early. Calcium reduces irritability, cramping & bloating associated with PMS.
  11. 11. Men  Men loose bone density as they age.  It is important for men to begin supplementing with Calcium to maintain strong, healthy bones.
  12. 12. Cardio Health Those with cardio health issues need to supplement with Calcium. Calcium has been shown to support heart health.
  13. 13. Calcium Powder Try our Calcium Powder today! http://www.nutrac l-health/calcium- powder-p-7.html These statements have not been evaluated by theTo your health, Food and Drug Administration.NutraCenter Team This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.