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Question 1


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My magazine Professional Magazine
  3. 3. The main image overlaps onto theThe tagline masthead, a little bit but not as much as you My masthead goes all the way across thedoesnt give can still read what the full title is. top of my magazine, a large, bold andanything about the unique font that is not used anywherestory which will else in the magazine. This is following theintrigue readers codes and conventions of musicand make them magazineswant to buy themagazine so they The issue date and number isfind out what the underneath the masthead andstory is about. out the way. There is always one main image on the front of the magazine andThe coverline is in a larger the subject in the image is givingmore bolder font than direct address to the audience tothe tag line. This is done draw them in. The shot used forto bring the attention to my front cover is a mid shot.the band names on thecoverline This is the main story of my magazine and is the largest coverline on my magazine. It is in a unique font like the masthead is and this font is only used on this coverline. The font is used to draw The background of the the reader in front of the magazine should be plain and not The barcode is usually in the complicated like mine is. bottom right hand corner, like on The colour scheme i professional front covers. The have used is simple and price of the magazine and the effective and consisting website of the magazine is also of only 4 colours. surrounding the barcode A competition has been used to draw the readers in, and to make it look like yourBuzz words such as: plus make the reader The list of bands here will entice getting more for what you paid for. Thefeel like they are getting more for their people to buy my magazine incase competition will also entice people whomoney or they are getting something that they like the bands and it also wouldnt normally buy the magazine to buyno-one else has. shows good value for money it
  4. 4. Contents Page
  5. 5. My contents page. Professional contents page
  6. 6. The issue date and issue number is also The title of the contents underneath the page is also known as the masthead, this has been masthead, the text extends put here so it is out the half the way across the way, yet easy to find for contents page and stand out a regular reader to the reader. The stories are broken up into regulars and This is the main image on features. This makes it the contents page and is a easier for the reader larger feature story so has to browse through the larger picture. The articles inside this Subsidiary images are used and magazine are grouped the page numbers are on the according to what they image so people know where to contain and are stuck under find the story. headings. The heading are in The images are also used to a different colour to the break up all the text that is on stories and are in a larger the contents page and make it font and stand out more, This look more appealing to the has been done so the reader reader can find what they are looking for easier and by breaking it down, it is easier on the eye This magazine contents page usually has subscription details on the bottom of the page. This is to encourage theThe contents page has carried on the reader to buy it again, and tellbranding with the colour them about savings they canscheme, and this reinforces the The page numbers are in bold and in a make. This makes the readerbranding of my magazine larger font than the coverlines. This is so more interested. This is aIt is also a simple and effective they stand out to the readers and make for feature of professionalcolour scheme that catches peoples easy browsing. This is also a feature of magazines.eyes and draws the reader in professional magazines.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread
  8. 8. Professional double page spread My double page spread
  9. 9. The title should be The font of the title Drop quotes are used toshort and takes up the width highlight short and There is usually between 2snappy,this is what of the double page snappy sentences from and 4 columns for the main The text for the article is in 9mine is and most spread and is unique the interview. They are in article, my double page point and drop quotes from theprofessional and only used on bold and standout to the spread has 3 columns article which may be exciting ormagazines have this double page reader. They are also in a however. funny will be in a larger fontthis. spread. different colour to the and/or in bold, some rest of the text. professional magazines have point size 11 for the text however mine wouldnt fit on. The drop cap is In most magazines the used at the start main image for the of the article double page spread is and stands out on the left page to the reader. It however mine is on the takes up four right because it didnt lines and is in a look right on the left. bolder font than the rest of the This is what the band article. are promoting by doing the interview. In this case it is the new album they are releasing and the tour Credits are always that they are doing. given to the writer of the article and to the photographer who All the page numbers are took the images in the bottom right hand for the double corner. This is common of page spread. These The main image should dominate The article magazines and it just are situated here the double page spread and the should have an The stanfirst is used to start off makes the number out of so they are out the main image should give direct informal mode the article and it is short and the way and not attention way address to the reader however of address supposed to intrigue the reader grabbing. It is however suited to the into reading the rest of the story. this image doesnt have direct larger than the text of the target My stanfirst is a question which address as it is taken at a gig and article and this is for audience. should make the readers want to direct address was hard to people flicking through the know more and so to read it. achieve. magazine.