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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How does your mediaproduct represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. The main social groups in our film opening are age, gender andethnicity. Our opening features black male and female teenagers,young people are stereotypically trouble makers and hang aroundin hoodies etc. Young men and women have different negativestereotypes, young men can be seen as lazy and controlling andyoung women can be seen as flirty, showing themselves off andlike playing around.In our opening we have kept to these stereotypes, the gang in ouropening are seen hanging around the main street and in hoodies.We chose to dress the characters this way to stick to thestereotype and help the audience understand the charactersbackground and the theme of the film.
  3. 3. The female in our opening is first represented as a loving girlfriend but then theaudience soon realises that is not the case, she is then represented negativelythrough her actions. She is shown to be unfaithful to Ray, giving the audiencenegative feelings towards Chaz.The males in our opening are shown as ‘hoodies’ hanging around in the streetscausing a disturbance for others wanting to use the town cashpoint as they arelent up against it, potentially being intimidating for some passers-by. Thisrepresents them in a bad way, sticking to the stereotype of the age groupteens.When the audience first meet Ray he seems the dominating character in hisrelationship, he appears to be leading the conversation between the two andhas is arm around her.
  4. 4. When we later see what Chaz is doing, she is living up to thenegative stereotype of teenage girls as she is going behind herboyfriend’s back and is meeting someone else, one of Ray’sfriends. This makes the audience warm towards Ray and have abad feeling about Chaz and Lakeem.When Lakeem arrives in the scene a thud in the music gives a feelof unease and make the audience sense that he might be up tosomething, the same then happens when he looks over hisshoulder to check Ray and his friends had gone.This music represents him badly and the clothes he is wearing alsohelps this, he wears a big black jacket, easy to hide behind.
  5. 5. The social group ethnicity plays apart in our opening, all ourcharacters are black. The negative stereotypes for people of blackorigin is that they are thieves, troublemakers, drug dealers,fighters, involved in gangs etc. in our film opening you don’t seethe characters doing any of these things but you get the feel thatthey are involved in a gang.Most of the time in our opening our characters are representedbadly, we did this because our film is all about unfaithfulness, andflaws within a tight knit group of people.