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Social justice


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Social Justice class presentation with general information about agencies and organization.

Published in: Education
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Social justice

  1. 1. Social JusticeAgencies andOrganizations
  2. 2. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsOutline2is the purpose?do they function?receives service?I got involved?can I find more information?will you volunteer?
  3. 3. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsTo provide dedicated service to one or moreindividuals in the form ofeducation, advocacy, empowerment and/orpositive social change at home, in the workplace, in society, in the community and/oraboard.To achieve social justice we will have to break down a lot of huge barriersthat exist on a scale far above the individual, but even the biggest scalechange is nothing more than the sum of a whole lot of individual.Sam Killerman3Purpose
  4. 4. Social Justice Agencies and Organizations Children Advocacy Civil Rights Community Organizing Criminal Justice Disability Rights Elder Advocacy Family Advocacy Family Planning Feminist / Women’s Liberation Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Liberation Groups Challenging Capital Punishment Immigration Rights Legal DefenseService4
  5. 5. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsVolunteer5Consider sharing your time and talent as a volunteer.
  6. 6. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsAdvantages• Non-profit – not solely for profit• Tax exempt – 501c• Reduced postal rates• Donors can make tax-deductiblecontributions.• Can apply for grant funds directlyDisadvantages• Incorporation is complex withresponsibilities, andregulations.• Annual Tax Refund• Grant Cycles• Fees for filing and advising• Community perception• Cannot support politicalcandidates 6Function
  7. 7. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsInvolved7To unleash the power of literacy to improvelives, therefore transforming families, andpromoting economic development.To eliminate personal and institutionalviolence through supportive andcooperative practices in all aspects of ourindividual programs and collective efforts.To provide a safe, supportive environment thatencourages respect, creativity, compassionand community involvement for Clinton Countyteens.(activities based on creative and visual arts )Project Coffeehouse
  8. 8. Social Justice Agencies and OrganizationsOrganization - Center for ConcernThe Education for Justice Project was created to helpbring greater awareness to social justice issues.Through materials available on the web site, we seek tohelp develop solidarity with all those in the globalcommunity who are suffering and oppressed.8Information
  9. 9. 9Information
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  11. 11. Social Justice Agencies and Organizations11Do you have any experiencewith an Agency orOrganization?• Volunteer• Recipient of service• Service to someone• Honorable mentionQuestions?