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April 2016 Newsletter Final-Ready for Printing


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April 2016 Newsletter Final-Ready for Printing

  1. 1. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Newsletter Multimedia University of Kenya Newsletter Multimedia University of Kenya April 2016 Vol. 2 Issue 1 Leader in Innovative Technology 12 Eight MMU students land post graduate scholarships to Russia E ight students in the Faculty of Engineering and Tech- nology were awarded post graduate scholarships by Rus- sia’s National University of Sci- ence and Technology (MISIS) in a ceremony held at MMU’s Main Campus on 7th April 2016. The students who are fourth years are pursing undergradu- ate degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering and will be joining the Russian universi- ty in October, this year, for Mas- ters programmes in their fields. They underwent an intense in- terview process, dubbed The Olympiad - which included presentations on academic pro- jects and written examinations - which was held at the Campus late last year. The scholaships are a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MMU and three Russian Universities, including MISIS, which was signed late last year. Speaking during the award ceremony held on 7th April 2016, MMU Vice Chancellor Amb. Prof. Festus Kaberia lauded the move saying it is geared towards Kenya’s Vision 2030 and will help nurture more scientists. “This is a great move for Kenya as the country needs qualified engineers to help achieve its Vision 2030 goals. I urge the stu- dents to work hard and come back home to give back to the nation. MMU will be glad to have you join the Faculty as staff members and pass on the acquired knowledge,” said the VC. On his part, Deputy Vice Chancel- lor Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation Prof. Paul Mbatia encouraged the students to work hard and be good ambassadors who set the pace for others to follow. “As a result of the MoU, you will be the first group to benefit from this scholarship program. Ensure that you fly our flag high and set the pace for those who will follow you,” stated Prof. Mbatia. The event also saw five students receive undergraduate scholar- ships courtesy of The Olympiad. MMU now forwards thirteen out of forty students, from across the country, who will receive sponsorship. The scholarships were awarded by MISIS Representatives Dr. Masam- bah Kah and Dr. Polina Ermakovd. Also in attendance was Dean, Fac- ulty of Engineering and Tech- nology Prof. Abel Mayaka and Deputy Registrar, Research and Innovation, Mr. Cornelius Mutan- gili. MMU Management and staff pose with MISIS Representatives and Olympiad Scholarship Awardees following the award of thirteen scholarships on 7th April 2016. PS in the Ministry of ICT Eng.Victor Kyalo (center right) with conference facilitator and MMU Lecturer John Walubengo (center left) pose with conference partici- pants after the ICT in Governance Workshop. Varsity hosts ICT in Governance Workshop U niversity students from over ten local universities assem- bled at Multimedia Univer- sity of Kenya on 30th March 2016 for the first ICT in Governance Workshop. The workshop was held with an aim of encouraging students and graduates to take up the ICT for development agenda with a focus on quality service delivery in the country. Themed, ‘Creating the next generation of ICT in govern- ance champions,’ the event was presided over by Permanent Sec- retary ICT and Innovation Dr. Victor Kyalo and facilitated by ICT and Governance con- sultant and MMU Lecturer John Walubengo. Speaking at the function, Eng. Kyalo challenged the students to be at the frontline in exploring the role of ICTs in public service and to create innovative systems that will enhance service delivery. “We need to find creative and in- novative ways of pushing the ICT in governance agenda across the country and university graduates must play a key role in driving this initiative if we are to realize the type of development we are yearning for,” said Eng. Kyalo. In his remarks, Mr. Walubengo called upon the government to fast track the enactment of the Access to Information Act and Data Protection Act to provide necessary safeguards to the citizens. “There is a need for a data pro- tection act that will safeguard the customers by regulating and preventing the government and operators from sharing citizen’s data and sensitive information with the world,” stated Waluben- go. The workshop comes at a time when the country is secur- ing its status as an IT hub and grappling with numerous gov- ernance issues in regards to ICT. The workshop therefore gave both graduates and students a platform to pitch and drive the ICT usage in social accountabil- ity, service delivery, citizen en- gagement, gender and political participation. MMU is ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  2. 2. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Editorial Board Ms. Esther Ing’aa Prof. Murej Mak’Ochieng Dr. Isaac Mutwiri Dr. Nancy A. Booker Ms. Gladys Kemunto Editorial Team Christine Nyawira (Managing Editor) Lillian Wanja (Editor) Telford Aduda, Robert Mutuku & Nicanor Ndiege (Design & Layout) Multimedia University of Kenya Main Campus Along Magadi Road, off Langata Road Tel: 020 2071391/2; Fax: 020 2071247 Nairobi CBD Campus Uniafric House - Loita Street 4th Floor Tel: 0728 040808; 0731 794349 P.O. Box 15653 - 00503 Nairobi, Kenya Email: Website: 112 Lillian Wanja Editorial A story is told of two little mice who lived in a mace with the ultimate goal of seeking cheese… an allegory of success and happiness. In the same mace are small humans named Hem and Haw who also lived with the same goal and when they find the elusive cheese, they settle in “Cheese Station C” and plan their lives around their cheese intake. When it runs out, Hem and Haw are astounded, angry and very hesitant to search for more. Meanwhile, the two little mice have also happened on Station C and when they find no cheese, they are not surprised as they noticed the cheese supply dwindling. Be- cause they are mentally prepared, they quickly go back on the hunt and eventually happen upon “Cheese Station N”. Back at Station C, Hem and Haw keep complaining about someone moving their cheese and refuse to move on. Eventually, Haw separates from Hem when he realises that lack of acceptance and change could lead to their demise. As he goes along, he lives little clues on walls, in the form of quotes, and when he happens on Station N, he hopes that Haw will eventually follow suit. This is one of the most powerful stories about change and it brings to mind the Theory of Adaptation which teaches us that it is not the most intelligent or strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable to change. In the story, the tiny maze mice outdid Hem and Haw in spite of the human intelligence attributed to the later human pair. Looking at the history of MMU, it is clear that the institu- tion has undergone a lot of change. The student population and demography changed drastically when we became a uni- versity and the change has made us realize that we have to anticipate the needs of the new and increased population. The entire institution, has had to embrace progressive development and that is what this issue is about. The changes we have had to go through are immense. The change in leadership of the various groups in campus, the partnerships we have cultivated and their benefits as well as the student clubs are an indication of the development process we are going through. I urge you to turn the pages and read about our progress. And while you are at it, learn to embrace change. Enjoy! Needless to say, the students achieved their goal and much more. They managed to remind us of the joys of childhood while teaching us of the responsibili- ties of adulthood. MMU Newsletter certainly wishes them the best in not only their final examinations but in their future. May they score straight As, especially in the Event Organising Examination Supa 9 sports extravaganza <<<from pg 10
  3. 3. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter 310 Supa 9 sports extravaganza; a reminder of childhood innocence F riday, 1st April 2016 went by in a haze of sporting activi- ties involving Football, Bano, Sack Race, Kubebana, Bucket-In, Chess, Skipping Rope, Dancing Chairs and Tag of War. On paper, the event promised to be exciting and in the light of the day Supa 9 delivered more than excitement, it was a joyous celebration of childhood innocence and the vitality of youth. Named for the nine games on the menu, it was hatched by the Fourth Year Ap- plied Commu- nication Class of Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) in partial fulfill- ment of their Bachelor’s De- gree but it evolved into much more than course work. As students flexed their muscles participating in the Sack Race contest, Bano and Bucket-In competitions, it was clear that the activities were a reminder of days past when childhood represent- ed a freedom to play and bond, unencumbered by the dawn of responsibility brought on by adulthood. But the day was not just fun and games, it was an exercise in partner- ship and team work, respect of rules and appreciation for sports. “In every game, there are rules to be followed. For a child, this helps nurture the growth of skills and values as they learn to respect the rules. Games nurture team work and those like Chess nurture at- tention to details,” explained Event Coordinator Benedict Mwangi. The skills learnt are useful in almost every aspect of adult life, including employment, which is the next step for the Fourth Year students once they graduate and enter the labour market. Supa 9 sports extravaganza organizers at the pitch during the inaugurattion of the exercise on 1st April 2016 M ultimedia University of Kenya has introduced two new degree programmes in the Faculty of Science and Technology. The programmes, Bachelor of Science in Applied Optics and Lasers and Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy were intro- duced following a needs analy- sis conducted by the Faculty’s Programme Development Team which revealed a necessity for more professionals in both fields “The objective of these courses is to produce graduates equipped with progressive knowledge for planning, management, applica- tion, teaching and research in lasers, fiber optics, optical and electro-optic systems used in communication, industrial and manufacturing environments,” said Course Coordinator Prof. Geoffrey Kihara. The programmes are in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 strategy which is specifically tailored to focus on reforms and development in Science, Technol- ogy, and Innovation (STI) among other areas.“This will provide the country, and the region with high- level manpower in Applied Optics and Lasers to drive the country’s industrialization agenda,” added Kihara. Applied Optics and Lasers is a discipline that involves the ap- plication of Optics in Laser based set-ups and also covers imag- ing, polarization, interferom- etry, optical design, non-linear optics and optical instrumenta- tion among others. On the other hand, the demand for renewable energy is ever increasing owing to its non-envi- ronmental pollution quality and the diminishing non-renewable energy sources. This therefore informs the need for expertise in the harnessing and application of renewable energy within the country. Multimedia University of Kenya now becomes the first universi- ty in Kenya to provide a degree programme in renewable energy. MMU launches two degree programmes Students playing ‘Bano’ during the Supa 9 event. Faculty of Science and Technology students in a practical session in the physics labaratory. Bachelor of Science in Economics Dean, Faculty of Business and Law Dr. Mary Mugo consults with Dr. Martin Odhiambo from UoN dur- ing a Stakeholders’ Forum for the Bachelor of Economics. The forum was attended by various players in the industry to review the pro- posed content of the new course. The Faculty aspires to launch the course in September this year.Continue pg 11>>>
  4. 4. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter4 9Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter4 Mr & Miss MMU root for talent development among students F aculty of Engineering and Technology students have launched a club that will boost their linkages with indus- try players and expose them to the demands of the current engi- neering job market. The club dubbed Multimedia University of Kenya Engineering Students’ Association (MUKESA) will act as a platform for the students to acquire practical ex- posure on emerging trends and practices in the sector. Speaking during the launch, Director, Davis & Shirtliff Mr. Philip Holi said that the club will allow for direct interaction and networking between the industry and academia in terms of attach- ments, internships and mentor- ship programme opportunities for the students. He also urged students to use the club as a vehicle to engage with their counterparts in other academic institutions. “Network with other engineering institutions to exchange ideas on innovation and research op- portunities with a view of finding solutions to the country’s problems,” said Holi. In the same breath, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Research and Innovation Prof. Paul Mbatia urged the students to use the platform to provide exposure to young engineers for greater industrial visibility. “Promote the visibility of the club by publishing a periodic Engineering club to boost students’ industrial exposure magazine to not only document achievements and activities of the association, but to also to give you recognition beyond the university,” urged Prof. Mbatia. Speaking at the same function, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology Prof. Abel Mayaka welcomed the move saying it will add value to the students in terms of beyond the classroom exposure. The event was held on 11th March, 2016 at the institution’s Main Conference Hall. I n the spirit of upholding culture and promoting extra curricula activities amongst students, Multimedia Univer- sity of Kenya held its annual Mr and Miss MMU pageant in March this year at Park Place Resort to crown the fairest of the students. Manuel Atera, a second year Bachelor of Business Information Technology and Esther Wanjiru, a second year Media and Commu- nication Student bagged Mr and Miss MMU titles respectively in an intimate and glamorous affair featuring a hosts of performances from various local artists. Atera and Esther, both making their first stab at the competi- tion were elated after emerging victorious and promised to use their tittles to nurture talents and promote community work among the students. “I humbly thank the univer- sity administration as well the student body for giving me an opportunity to serve in the capacity of Mr. MMU 2016. I promise to use this opportunity to encourage talent development among my colleagues, “said Atera. The soft spoken 21 year old At- era posits that events such as Mr and Miss MMU should be held more than once a year adding that there should be programmes that encourages continuous talent development within the university. On her part, Esther said that her main priority is to inspire the students to develop a culture of environmental protection that will not only benefit the univer- sity, but also the surrounding community. “Through tree planting, garbage collection and charity events, we want to create an environmen- tally sensitive culture among the students and also carry out char- ity events within our neighboring community,” she said. Multimedia University of Kenya congratulates the 2016/2017 Mr and Miss MMU and wishes them all the best in their services. The newly crowned Mr. and Miss MMU. The two say they will support talent development among students. Director Davis and Shirtliff Mr. Philip Holi (second left) and Deputy Vice Chancellor AA, R& I, Prof. Paul Mbatia (third left) hold the MUKESA Constitution during its launch. With them are Dean Faculty of Engineering Prof. Abel Mayaka (third right) and MUKESA officials. MUKESA officials, guests and MMU staff in a group photo after the launch of the club
  5. 5. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU NewsletterLeader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter MMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter8 5 A s dust settles on the hotly contested and unpredict- able union elections held by MMU’s non-teaching staff on 15th March 2016, the new Kenya University Student Union (KUSU) – MMU Branch leadership spots only three new members with majority of the incumbent retain- ing their seats. Patrick Koech, Daniel Imbehe and Benson Kidiavai are the new fac- es holding the positions of Vice Chairperson, Deputy Secretary and Trustee respectively. The eight member union also consist of Bernard Chemogom, who is the Chairperson; Nelson Riitho, Secretary General (SG); Lydia Munguti, Treasurer; Marton Cheluget, Deputy Treasurer; and Rose Kitisya, Organizing Secre- tary. Speaking to MMU Newsletter, Ri- itho promised unbiased repre- sentation of members saying his team will focus on improving the working conditions of its mem- bers and ensuring proper proce- dure is followed in all activities. “We promise non-partisan representation of all staff irrespective of tribe, religion, sta- tus in society or political affiliation. We promise to fight for the rights of our members,” stated the branch Secretary. Riitho further reveals that top on his team’s agenda is the place- ment of staff in the right job grades and promotion of non- teaching staff, a process which was initiated by the previous team. The team is also keen on sign- ing a new CBA with the manage- ment, ensuring fare recruitment for all non- teaching staff, imple- mentation of staff allowances; addressing pension and third party remittances, staff training policy and fees rebate for children of staff members. While acknowledging the Man- agement’s effort and support thus far, the SG hopes to continue the healthy relationship between the Management and the Union and calls upon all members for support, prayers and cooperation. On the other hand, their sister union, the University Academic Staff Union (UASU), experienced a complete overhaul in leader- ship with Team Change securing victory over the incumbents’ Peo- ple’s Line Up in what was seen as a closely contested election. UASU, MMU Branch, members took to the polls on 15th March 2016 at the university’s Adminis- tration Hall where Team Change was announced the winner after the four hour exercise. Its new officials are Mr. Omondi Osano as Chairman; Isaac Ka- riuki as Vice Chairman; Ones- mus Mutio as Secretary General; Jeniffer Nzomo Assistant Secre- tary General; Dr. Dickson Andala as Treasurer; Silvia Machini as Assistant Treasurer and Sarah Njuguna as Organizing Secretary. Committee Members are Oliewo Peter, Ndithi Henry and Walter Ndegwa with Abraham Njeru as the delegate. Team Change campaigned on a platform of financial accountabil- ity; transparency and integrity; independent, irreproachable and uncompromisable leadership and inclusive and servant leadership. “We want members to take own- ership of UASU so we (officials) are just a mouth piece. We want them to feel proud of UASU.” These were the words of the Branch Secretary General (SG) Mr. Onesmus Mutio when speak- ing to MMU Newsletter shortly after the inaugural meeting with MMU’s Management on 23rd March 2016. The SG confirmed his team’s be- lief in their mandate of servant leadership saying that their main motivator for vying was the need Promise of quality service as new KUSU, UASU officials take office Continue pg 8>>> Mr. Collins Oluoch of estates department remains optimistic the new union officials will improve the staff welfare. Promise of quality service as new KUSU, UASU officials take office UASU leaders pose for a photo shortly after their meeting with University Management. for better leadership that addresses the needs of the people. “Team Change was born in prayer. We asked God to bring change and it was delivered. We look forward to working with the Management and other stake- holders for the betterment of our members,” he said. He observed the need for moti- vation of UASU members and an annual internal advertisement that leads to staff promotion as some of the key issues the union hopes to address in the course of their term. M ultimedia University of Kenya joined other higher institutions of learning to showcase and share its academic programmes, research and inno- vations with the rest of the coun- try at this year’s Commission for University Education (CUE) exhi- bition held in Mombasa County from 17th to 19th March 2016. CUE Expo: MMU showcases its innovations in Mombasa The university displayed tech- nological innovations that have been designed with an aim of offering home-grown solutions to the country. The innovations included CCTV cameras with remote monitor- ing features and Electracka, a system whose main objective is to achieve significant reduction or elimination of electronic property crime. MMU has embraced practical based training which has inculcat- ed the spirit of research and in- novation among its students and staff. <<<From pg 5 KUSU officials pose for a photo shortly after being elected
  6. 6. Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU NewsletterLeader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter Leader in Innovative TechnologyMMU Newsletter6 7 SGC promises to improve students’ welfare T he new Student Governing Council (SGC) has vowed to embrace a develop- ment based leadership that will improve students’ welfare within the university. Speaking to MMU Newsletter, the SGC President Omwoyo Maranga and his Deputy Tum Nelson, said the union is keen to improve the welfare of the students by putting in place a variety of measures aimed at addressing both financial and security issues within the campus. “We have bright but financial- ly disadvantaged students in our midst. This is why we are putting in place a Social Welfare Kitty to support them.” stated the President. The union has put in place a raft of measures to actualize this goal and one of the strategy is to host a fund raiser with a col- lection target of KShs. 1 million. Other complimentary activities include acquisition of a Pay Bill Number for donations, weekly car wash and a monthly contri- bution of KShs. 1,000 from busi- ness operators at the Students’ Business Centre. On the security front, the union is advocating for introduction of solar powered street lights with- in the campus. This, they say will not only address issues of power outage, but will also help to significantly reduce the cost of the electricity bill. “We are also engaging with the management to increase the li- brary operation time by two hours. This will see the facil- ity function from 8:15 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to give students more study time,” said Tum. For effective communication with the students, the Council is also working towards launching a website and a mobile applica- tion (App) linked to it, for accu- rate and timely dissemination of information on the union’s pro- jects and activities. Members of SGC with the University Management following their Swearing-In Ceremony on *** Executive Members Female Halls Representative Faculty Representative, Computing & Information Technology Faculty Representative, Science & Technology Faculty Representative, Engineering & Technology Faculty Representative, Business & Law Faculty Representative, Media & Communication Congress Members Secretary, Internal Affairs, Clubs & Societies Secretary, Catering and Accomodation Secretary, Sports and Games Secretary, Entertainment & Talent Development Secretary, Gender Health & Environment Secretary, Special Needs & Social Welfare. Secretary, Academic Affairs President Omwoyo Maranga Deputy President Nelson Tum Secretary General Talo Harrison Martini Martin Wachiye Ernest Onyango Mokaya A. Joshua Anthony Njuguna Harrison Kamwana Ursulla Ajiambo Christine Kabebe Mercy Ouma Non-Resident Representative DKevin Macharia CBD Campus Male Representative Vincent Ngeno CBD Campus Female Representative Vera Alberta Okidi Male Halls Representative Alex Onkoba Polycarp Wafula Frankline Martine George O Okoth. Derrick Oduk Finance Secretary . Brown Peter “We have bright but financially disadvantaged students in our midst. This is why we are putting in place a Social Welfare Kitty to support them,” Executive Members Waweru Mwaura