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FundingBox webinar: Public and Private Funding Opportunities for Startups and SMEs


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Are you a Startup or SME that's looking for financial support? This record of a FundingBox webinar might be useful for you! It provides an overview of European public funding opportunities and other private initiatives available for startups and SMEs.

Discover Open Calls of the different projects we are leading or participating in at FundingBox, and a few more as well.

The available funding and resources are delivered throughout specific industry initiatives that include acceleration programmes for startups or pilots for adopting and testing new technologies.

These projects include access to public equity-free or private funding and services like mentoring, training, participation in public and private events, internationalization or access to technologies.

About FundingBox
FundingBox provides access to funding opportunities, knowledge and connections through specialised communities that are related to specific tech initiatives: Smart Mobility, Robotics, Decentralised Technologies, Circular Economy, Next Generation Internet, Industry 4.0, etc.

Communities are accessible within an open-culture platform thanks to which stakeholders from startups, SMEs, Research & Technology Centres and a variety of other organisations meet, interact and collaborate.

In this way, these 25,000 makers, entrepreneurs, innovators and experts can build meaningful connections and access public equity-free and private funding that can together boost their growth.

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FundingBox webinar: Public and Private Funding Opportunities for Startups and SMEs

  1. 1. Introduction David Seoane Programme Manager at FundingBox with over 11 years of experience on Fundraising in EU programmes, including proposal preparation and evaluation, partner search and networking in INNOVATION funding programmes: H2020, INTERREG, ERASMUS+, and LIFE Experience, among others. Managing several EU funded projects under different initiatives: Next Generation Internet (NGI4ALL, eSSIF-Lab, NGI POINTER), Smart connectivity, Smart manufacturing and Smart grids (INTERCONNECT, DIMOFAC, INTEGRADDE).
  2. 2. Agenda 0 1 2 3
  3. 3. FundingBox: mission and purpose
  4. 4. FundingBox: mission and purpose
  5. 5. We are growth catalysts FundingBox is the constant guide for every entrepreneur in the quest for growth. We provide access to public and private funding opportunities, knowledge and connections. Mission-driven innovation, collaboration, less bureaucracy and smarter funding.
  6. 6. Team and location and Czech Republic Czech Republic
  7. 7. Proof of work Community building & growth hacking 25,200 innovators Acceleration services ● Leveraging Private Funding (10x more funding received compared to initial public funding) ● Corporate engagement (33% in average) ● Survival rate (64%) Main references: ● I4MS Community ● FIWARE Community ● Impact Connected Car Community *(Ref. Jan 12, 2020) IMPACT GROWTH Accelerator, Top 10 global Accelerators Gust’s Global Accelerator Report 2016 Open calls management & communication ● 175,4 M EUR of public funds attracted (Total Grants; 68 M FSTP) ● 24 EU Projects, 9 as coordinator ● 27 full life-cycle Open Calls
  8. 8. Cascade Funding A new mechanism to distribute grants: Provides millions of euros of “bulk funding” to platforms and accelerators, which in turn distribute smaller tickets of funding to those scale ups aligned with the European Commission’s innovation strategy. Pilots and experiments & Accelerators
  9. 9. Beneficiary 2 Beneficiary 1 Beneficiary n 3rd Party 1 3rd Party 3 3rd Party 2 European Commission European Commission Projects Third parties: SME’s startups, etc How does cascade funding work?
  10. 10. Funding Opportunities by Robotics RIMA Automatica Manufacturing WeldGalaxy ADMA L4MS Integradde DIMOFAC BOWI SHOP4CF Tetramax NGI NGI LEDGER ESSIF-Lab NGI Pointer Token Energy InterConnect Artificial Intelligence AI4EU Circular Economy C-VoUCHER Digital Innovation Hubs DIHNET.EU Startups Acceleration Impact Poland Ed Tech IMPACT Ed Tech Construction Tech Match
  11. 11. Ongoing and forthcoming by Open Call running from 16th March to 29th May Bilateral Open Call will run from 31st January to 30th April Adopter SME 2nd Open Call to be open in August 2020 Open Call to be open soon Call for startups is open until 24th April 2020 Open Call will run from April 2020 with cut-off dates: next June 2020 1st Open Call will be running from March 2020 Open Call for startups is open until 15th April Open call to be launched in April Tech Match Open Call closes 14th April 1st Open Call will be running from March 2020
  12. 12. Funding opportunities at FundingBox
  13. 13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. 14. About the AI4EU Open Calls Involving 82 partners, covering 21 countries, the €20m project kicked off in January 2019 will run for three years. Open Call for Challenges is addressed to European which would like to address an AI Challenge, especially: ● SMEs ● Corporates ● EU Projects ● Non-profit organizations ● AI4EU Partners Challenge proposers have to propose the AI challenges in one of pre-defined areas to be addressed under the Calls for Solutions. The selected Challenges will be addressed for free by beneficiaries under the AI4EU Support Program. Open Call for Challenges will be launched in February 2020 Open Call for Solutions will be launched in 2Q 2020 (in pre-defined areas) AI4EU The Open Call process will include:
  15. 15. Circular Economy
  16. 16. C-Voucher About the C-Voucher Open Calls • 2nd open call for Adopters is planned for summer 2020, where 24 SMEs will be selected for the Circularity Value Replication Programme • 3 months programme aims at Adopter SMEs willing to incorporate or get inspired by the Circularity Solutions developed. • It offers designers-in-residence professional services to define their own road map and incorporate those solutions in their processes It will support 66 SMEs in their transition from linear value chains (cradle to waste) towards circular models (cradle to cradle) with a total value of €4.2 million.
  17. 17. Construction
  18. 18. About the Tech Match Open Call Digital transformation of the Construction Industry 1st OPEN CALL • Open from the 28 February 2020 ending 14th April 2020 (18h CET) • Get to work with an established player in the Danish construction industry on a “real world need based” Technology Challenge • Eligibility: Must be FSTP beneficiary from current or future program • Will provide funding of €100K for each of the 15 projects - €50K for pm compensation for Danish SME and €50K for procurement of materials, technology, SW etc. • Milestone based LABS with industry experts and business mentors, Mentor check-in (if needed), industry networking, and access to experts Tech Match (Realdania)
  19. 19. Educational Technology
  20. 20. IMPACT EdTech up to € 195.300 First Open Call to be launched in April 2020
  21. 21. Next Generation Internet
  22. 22. eSSIF- Lab aims to advance the broad uptake of SSI as a next generation, open and trusted digital identity solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet, as well as in real life. 1. Infrastructure-oriented open call targeting (20) technical enhancements and extensions of the SSI framework (up to 155K€) 2. Business-oriented open calls targeting (42) SSI business and social innovations and applications (up to 106K€) Available 5.6 M€ funding 62 solutions 2 types of open calls (Business and Tech) eSSIF - Lab Just launched!
  23. 23. NGI POINTER ● One continuous Open Call, with at least 2 main cut-off dates ● Open from April 2020 with cut-off dates starting from June Who can apply? NGI-Architects: European-based SMEs, including startups , researchers, developers, hackers, internet activists, that have expertise on defining internet protocols and architectures: 8 target application areas: Privacy-by-design; Internet of Things; Network optimization; Virtualization and isolation; Limitations in the TCP/IP protocol suite; eCommerce security; Autonomous Network operations and control; Energy Efficiency General info about the Open Call: Available 5,6 M€ funding 1 open call with 2 cut-off dates Apply (soon) at  Up to 200K€ per project
  24. 24. Startups
  25. 25. Impact Poland Open Calls: The current OC runs from February 24th until April 15th 2020; Calling Startups/SMEs that: • Create innovative Smart City, AI, AR, IoT and other solutions in energy, chemistry, automotive, construction, medical or IT industries; • Have at least working prototype (or are able to deploy the solution within a few months); • Start their business activity - ie. they operate for a maximum of 5 years from the date of registration; • Not listed on the stock exchange. Selected startups will get: up to 6 months of the Acceleration program, 200k zł equity-free, opportunity to cooperate with large industry-leading companies, 4000 hours of mentoring, post-acceleration Apply:
  26. 26. OPEN CALL for Startups: the second cut-off date FundingBox will find and select at least 30 startups who will be an exhibitor on Startup Arena and 10 Startups to participate in the Pitch Competition Call for startups is open until 24th of April 2020 (17:00 CET) We are looking for startups with technologies & solutions "ready to market" and working in any of the following sectors: ● robotics and automation for manufacturing; ● IoT, AR, Al, Big Data, blockchain and software for automation solutions; ● solutions for the digital transformation in manufacturing, optimized with Big Data; ● safety technology and robots, ● service robotics. Exhibitor fee for startup is € 1.452,40 plus VAT for the whole event (4 days) Pitch Competition: startups can participate in the Pitch Competition and take the stage to get the special attention of investors, media, potential partners and talent (apply by the 24th of April 2020 following this link). APPLY here: Startup Arena@automatica
  27. 27. Manufacturing Industry 4.0
  28. 28. TETRAMAX Technology Transfer Experiments that connect SMEs with international academics, resulting in low-risk adoption of novel computing technologies 4th open call for Bilateral Technology Transfer Experiments Technology provider (academics) Technology receiver (industry) Specialized market CLE C Apply at before 30/04/20, at 23:59 CET Financial support between €20K - €50K per TTX (around €38K per TTX is preferred)
  29. 29. 3rd open call on Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer Experiments Aims at mobilising, challenging and training small teams of potential entrepreneurs in the Customised Low Energy Computing (CLEC) space Financial support between €20K and €30K per experiment (around €22.5 preferred). Financial support will be granted to the applicant’s organization only. The call will be launched on 30th of April , 2020 Principal researcher (CTO) “Door opener” for business contacts. Entrepreneurial lead (CEO) Research commercial interest of technical innovation Mentor. Business-oriented. Experienced in “tech-to-market” Additional team member (if needed) Map the business model CANVA Hypothesis testing process Investor-ready business plan Refine hypothesis TETRAMAX
  30. 30. WeldGalaxy About WeldGalaxy Open Calls • OC will run from 16th March until 29th May • Calling any innovators in welding • 2.5M€ available with 100K€ / project The platform will enable: • Transparency of product features, capabilities, resource use, associated add-on services and price • Customer feedback, real-time use feedback (anonymised as needed) and associated options • Scalability with respect to technological development and manufacturing application domains • Information about standards and regulatory compliance (e.g. the facilitation of re- and de-manufacturing) as well as security requirements
  31. 31. SMART4ALL About SMART4ALL Open Calls PAE Type 2020 2021 2022 Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE) Mar 2020 Mar 21 Mar 22 Focused Technology Transfer Experiments(FTTE) Jun 20 Jun 21 Jun 22 Cross Domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE) Dec 20 Sept 21 Sept 22 • • •
  32. 32. Other funding opportunities
  33. 33. Agrofood DIVA S3FOOD SmartAgriHubs DEMETER ATLAS Robotics DIH2 RIMA DIH-Hero Eurobench AgROBOfood Manufacturing eFactory ZDMP MARKET 4.0 Data Market Services QU4LITY SmartX DIGIFED Smart Homes InterConnect GATEKEEPER Healthy ageing PHArA-ON SMART BEAR Circular Economy BioVoice NGI NGI Zero NGI Explorers NGI DAPSI DLT /Blockchain Block.IS Blockchers Blockpool Biosensing DIGI-B-CUBE ArtTech Re-FREAM DesignScapes Upcoming casdade funding
  34. 34. BioVoice Open Innovation Challenges programme • BioVoice accelerates the transition to a sustainable economy • The PNO Group, a multinational innovation and grant consultant, is BioVoice’s official advisor in scouting solution providers • 9 circular and bio-based innovation challenges NOW OPEN • Reward: Pilot project + €10.000 vouchers • Customized support, access to test facilities and networks in the Southwest Netherlands region • Vouchers of € 10,000 to be spent in the regional ecosystem # Owner Challenge 1 DOW How can we ecologically prevent the macro-pollution (mussels and oysters) in our seawater cooling system? 2 DOW How can we reduce chromium levels in salt/brine? 3 Cargill Which industrial applications are there for wheat protein? 4 Cargill Phosphate recovery from a semi-dry wheat product stream 5 CAPI Europe Who has a biobased alternative for the raw material of our design flower pots? 6 SABIC A sustainable application for hydrogen that will ultimately yield more than burning it as an alternative to natural gas. 7 Cargill How can we clean and reuse 100% of our wastewater? 8 Cosun How can we make the most of the pectine in sugar beet pulp? 9 Lamb Weston How can we counteract the grey discolouration of our potato products in a more environmentally friendly way? Contact PNO Group for info & tips!
  35. 35. Horizon 2020 - EIC Accelerator
  36. 36. EIC Fast Track to Innovation
  37. 37. Where to find the funding? ● ●
  38. 38. FundingBox Services for Growth
  39. 39. We are experts in public funding 1991
  40. 40. How can we help? 40% 25+ Projects 100+
  41. 41. Our services GRANT SCAN
  42. 42. Our services APPLICATION WRITING
  43. 43. Our services COMPLIANCE
  45. 45. Thank you!