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"Street fashion" by fashion marketing lecturer Lilit Tshughuryan


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Street fashion mini lecture and presentation. Lecturer Lilit Tshughuryan.

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"Street fashion" by fashion marketing lecturer Lilit Tshughuryan

  1. 1. Street fashion Fashion lecture Lecturer: Lilit Tshughuryan Year: 2015 Yerevan, Armenia
  2. 2. Mini lecture Presentation Year: 2015 Yerevan, Armenia
  3. 3. • Founder and director of Akademix Team consulting and training company • Business consultant, trainer and lecturer of marketing, commerce, merchandising • FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR AMBASSADOR • Lecturer
  4. 4. Content 1. Introduction 2. Definitions 3. Street fashion mix 4. High-street fashion 5. High-end fashion 6. Streetwear 7. Street fashion and marketing
  5. 5. Street fashion is a fashion style created by general public as an alternative to professional fashion designers
  6. 6. The term “Street fashion” is frequently used by bloggers with photos taken in city spot of random people wearing cool and inspirational clothing
  7. 7. Street fashion mix Street fashion is a mix between streetwear, high- street and high-end clothing. Street fashion is a combination of more than a few clothing brands and styles, showcasing the individuality.
  8. 8. Streetwear High-street clothing High-end clothing Street fashion
  9. 9. High-street Fashion High-street fashion is a term of popular and conventional, typical clothing Very fashionable and popular local trend Standard cost -everyone can buy it
  10. 10. High-end Fashion Expensive, trendy and more strict, formal clothing Recognized reputation for high quality and luxury option.
  11. 11. Streetwear Resulting originally from the surf and skateboard culture Inspired by the hip hop culture, the music industry Characterized by print and lot of graphics
  12. 12. Street fashion marketing Street fashion marketing tasks  analyze "People", "Things", and "The Streets" from a cultural, artistic point of view  observe transformations and changes in the mood and values of the times
  13. 13. Thanks for viewing my mini lecture Lecturer Lilit Tshughuryan Year: 2015