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  1. 1. Is Algebraic expression
  2. 2. -That has only one term is called monomial - The one having two terms is called binomial- The one having three terms is called trinomial A Special name can also given to a polynomial having more than three terms.
  3. 3. Polynomials ExamplesMonomial a.2x b.5c c.10Binomial a.5h + 2f b.8c + 6 c.3n – 7mTrinomial a.2w + 5x – 4y b.5 l – 3m + 2nMore than
  4. 4.  A polynomial that having like terms can be simplified by adding or substracting the like terms. For example : 5a +3b+4c -2a-9c +7bCan be simplified as : (5a-2a) +(3b+ 7b) +(4c-9c) = 3a + 10b +(-5c) =3a +10b -5c The simplest expression
  5. 5.  a. 2s+ 3c+ 4f+ 2s +h +c-s  b. n+x+3m +4n-5x+2m   grouping the terms : grouping he terms : (3s+2s-s) +(3c+c)+ 4f +h  (n +4n)+(x-5x) + The simplest expression : (3m+2m) 4s+4c+4f+h =4(s+c+f) +h  = 5n+(-4x)+5m  = 5n-4x+5m
  6. 6.  Terms of polynomials can be a number, a variable or a product of a number and variable. The coefficient of a variable is a number that is a multiplier of a variable Like terms are terms which have the same variables of the same power A constant term is a term that consist of a number only
  7. 7.  Inch by inch math is cinch Yard by yard math is so very hard Matematika bukan berarti “Mati-matian” Atau MAkinTEkun Makin TIdak Karuan
  8. 8.  Ketekunan Ketelitian Kesabaran Disiplin Tanggung-jawabSelain itu juga mengasah :- Kecerdasan- Rasa keadilan dan kebersamaan