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Executive Candidate Value Proposition


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Career innovation through maturity models

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Executive Candidate Value Proposition

  1. 1. Executive Candidate Value Proposition: Maturity Models
  2. 2. Dont be another job hunter. Be astrategic problem-solver
  3. 3. Start and build strongrelationships on anongoing basis
  4. 4. Social media wont save you at all. However, it could be a great facilitator when correctly usedAsk WHY first. Onlythen, go for the righttools
  5. 5. Face-to-face conversations still matterthe most Dont overdigitalize your actions
  6. 6. Each company has its own profile Listen!Use a strategic visionand winning framework
  7. 7. You dont only apply for jobsYou provide specific proposalsYou act as a potential businesspartner
  8. 8. This is why you need tocreate a maturity model tohave a sustainable impactThat ones part of your valueproposition. But how?
  9. 9. Start from your values, professional goals and key assetsDefine the main problem youwant to help companies to solve Transforming. Not revolutionizing Its about innovating and leading
  10. 10. Describe the ideal situation, with4 to 8 critical variables/factors Identify 3 to 5 gradual stages to reach out to the ideal point, and the key people to deal with for each Define the right performance indicators (micro and macro) to track the progressKeep on testing & learning Update the model Be flexible!