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Software Engineering - chp8- deployment

Software Deployment phase

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Software Engineering - chp8- deployment

  1. 1. MedTech Chapter 8 – Deployment Deployment Process, Best Pratices, DevOps Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 1 MedTech – Mediterranean Institute of Technology CS321-Software Engineering MedTech
  2. 2. MedTech INTRODUCTION TO DEPLOYMENT Deployment Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 2
  3. 3. MedTech Deployment Phase • One of the biggest application lifecycle management challenges • Deployment • All the activities that make a software system available for use • Activity responsible for movement of approved releases to test and production environment • Release • A collection of hardware, software, documentation, processes or other components required to implement one or more approved changes to IT services • The contents of each release are managed, tested and deployed as a single entity • Release and Deployment Management • Process responsible for planning, scheduling and controlling the movement of releases to test and production environments Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 3 Deployment
  4. 4. MedTech Objectives • Efficiently build, install, test and deploy releases to a target environment successfully and on schedule • Clear and comprehensive release and deployment plans • Controlled deployment of a new or changed service into production • Minimal unpredicted impact on the production services, operations and support organization Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 4 Deployment
  5. 5. MedTech Workflow • Deployments should be treated as part of a development workflow, not as an afterthought • The workflow will usually include at least three environments: • Development • Staging • Production • Proposed Workflow: • Developers work on bugs and features in separate branches • Once features are implemented, they are merged into the staging branch and deployed to the Staging environment for quality assurance and testing • After testing is complete, feature branches are merged into the development branch • On the release date, the development branch is merged into production and deployed to the Production environment Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 5 Deployment
  6. 6. MedTech Version Control: Branching Workflow by Git Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 6 Deployment See a detailed example in:
  7. 7. MedTech Development Environment • Environment in which changes to software are developed • Differs from the ultimate target environment: • The target may not be a desktop computer (smartphone, embedded system,…) • The developer’s environment will include development tools (compiler, IDE, libraries…) which are not necessarely present in the user’s environment • Every developer should have his local setup • Automatic deployment on every commit wastes a lot of time, and correcting mistakes is tedious • Testing on a local computer before deployment removes this difficulty • Only stable versions are pushed to a Staging environment Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 7 Deployment
  8. 8. MedTech Staging Environment • Mirror copy of the production server • Purpose: test the completed application on the copy of production to ensure that it won’t break the existant production applications • No actual code development should take place on a staging server • Once the features are implemented and considered fairly stable, they get merged into the staging branch • It is recommanded to have a branch called staging to represent the staging environment • It allows developers to deploy multiple branches to the same server simultaneously, simply by merging everything that needs to be deployed to the staging branch. • At every commit or push in the staging branch, it is recommanded that the code is deployed to the Staging environment • Testers go to staging servers and verify that the code works as intended Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 8 Deployment
  9. 9. MedTech Production Environment • Once the feature is implemented and tested, it can be deployed to production • If the feature was implemented in a separate branch, it should be merged into a stable development branch first • Merge the development branch into production • Deploy the production branch to your Production environment by hand or automatically • Always deploy major releases to production at a scheduled time, of which the whole team is aware Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 9 Deployment
  10. 10. MedTech DEVOPS Deployment Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 10
  11. 11. MedTech DevOps: Definition • Software for large-scale web sites has been traditionally written by one group of people (Devs), then released and operated by a different group (Ops) • These two groups have very different levels of visibility on how the software works Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 11 DevOps
  12. 12. MedTech DevOps: Definition • It leads to every role blaming the other when a problem occurs Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 12 DevOps
  13. 13. MedTech DevOps: Definition • A cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners • Practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support • Based on 5 principles: CALMS • Culture: Own the change to drive collaboration and communication • Automation: Take manual steps out of your value chain • Lean: Use lean principles to enable higher cycle frequency • Measurement: Measure everything and use data to refine cycles • Sharing: Share experiences, successful or not, to enable others to learn Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 13 DevOps
  14. 14. MedTech Lean? • Systematic method for the elimination of waste ("Muda") within a manufacturing system • 7 wastes: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, over- production, defects • Centered on making obvious what adds value by reducing everything else. Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 14 DevOps
  15. 15. MedTech DevOps vs. Agile Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 15 DevOps
  16. 16. MedTech DevOps vs. Agile Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 16 DevOps
  17. 17. MedTech Why to Continuous … • Continuous is one of the most popular words in the DevOps lexicon • Almost everything in DevOps is continuous: be it continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous delivery, continuous testing and so on. • Like many technological concepts, continuous something is not clearly defined by the DevOps teams • Most of the times, « continuous » is something of an exaggeration • Implies that software changes roll down the pipeline in a totally constant, never-stopping fashion, which is wrong Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 17 Continuous something..
  18. 18. MedTech Continuous Integration • Changes to code automatically deployed to mainline branch • After passing unit tests • Bugs are detected quickly • « if you have to fail, fail quickly » • Helps automate deployments • Use of a continuous integration server (Jenkins, Bamboo..) • Automatically tests code written by individual developers to make sure it can be merged into the main code base • Helps developers to write and test small chunks of code on an ongoing basis, which minimizes the risk that a code change could cause serious problems and force developers to revert their application to an earlier state. Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 18 Continuous something..
  19. 19. MedTech Continuous Delivery • The process of delivering software updates to users on a nearly constant basis • Made possible by continuous integration and other optimizations at earlier stages of the development process • In Continuous Delivery, you aim to have the full software delivery life cycle automated up until the last environment before production, so that you are ready at any time to deploy automatically to production. Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 19 Continuous something..
  20. 20. MedTech Continuous Deployment • « Process by which our team deploys software changes to production services over 30 times per day » • (only theoretically) • Deployment or release of code to Production as soon as it is ready. • Mainly the same as Continuous Delivery, but adding an automatic trigger to deploy to production. Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 20 Continuous something..
  21. 21. MedTech Continuous Something in DevOps Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 21 DevOps
  22. 22. MedTech DevOps Best Practices • Automate everything you can • The more you automate, the more you avoid mistakes that can be done at deployment • If you have difficulty automating all the process, automate what you can, and leave the hard steps to be done manually ( just start!) • Production should not be such a big deal! • Keep your staging and production environments consistant • Staging and Production should be mirror copies, but it is not enough: the deployment mechanism should be the same too! • DevOps doesn’t mean « deploying your application to production 30 times a day » • It’s not about the number of deployments a day, it’s about being able to deploy really quickly and easily when the business requires you to • The faster you get the feedback from production, the quicker developers can fix it Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 22 DevOps
  23. 23. MedTech DevOps Best Practices • Any change that was not put into production, as far as the final user is concerned, doesn’t exist • If a member of the team is hit by a bus… • Always think of a rollback strategy • Even for your database, think of a way to maintain old versions for some time, in case of a mistake • Even though you have a very strict governance policy (25 people need to sign in order for deployment to production to take place), you can still automate the process • Focus on automated testing, even in production! Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 23 DevOps
  24. 24. MedTech References Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 24 • Intro to DevOps, Udacity, • Damian Brady (Solution Architect at Octopus Deploy), DevOps Best Practices, DevOps--Deployment-Automation-Best-Practices • Deployments Best Practices, Beanstalk Guides,

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Software Deployment phase


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