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FRSA Flash 16May


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FRSA Flash 16May

  1. 1. 16 May 2012 Task Force Knighthawk FRSA Flash Knighthawk Government Organization Fort Drum has been selected to participate in The Army Youth Net- work Survey. Only 5 Army Garri- sons have been selected to par- ticipate in this survey. The pur- pose of the survey is to learn about how Army youth 11-18 years of age feel about themselves, their families, and their friends, and what kind of programs and so- cial supports are helpful to them. To be successful Army is request- ing 350 youth, from Fort Drum, to participate in the survey. Youth eligible to participate in Child Youth and School Services are eli- gible to participate in the sur- vey. CYSS Membership is not re- quired. The survey will be con- ducted Monday, 21 May through Fri- day, 25 May at the School Age Cen- ter, Youth Center and the McEwen Library. Please talk to your peers, friends and neighbors and encourage participation.(See flyer on left) Both consent and assent forms must be turned in prior to taking the survey. Please visit the web site below for additional information. Thank you, Kristie Smith We need your help to reach our Youth Center Assistant Director goal. DFMWR Fort Drum, New York 13602 315-772-9897
  2. 2. Schedule of FRG Events P a g e 2 FRG meeting with CPT Gage, Tuesday 22 May from 5-6 pm (1700-1800). More informa- tion on location to follow Ladies Weekend in Niagara Falls, (see flyer on page 5) Wednesday, May 16, Firehawks FRG Meeting, TF classroom, 6-8pm (see flyer on page 5) Monday, May 29th FRG Meeting and Pay your Grade, 2pm at the motor pool Snapshot fundraiser, (see flyer on page 5)May 2012SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 1213 14 15 16 17 18 1920 21 22 23 24 25 2627 28 29 30 31
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  6. 6. P a g e 6 Moving Your Kids during PCS SeasonMoving to a new area can be hard on you, but it can be especially hard on a child. Below are some help-ful tips to help make your child’s transition from one school to another easier;If you are moving out of a current location: (at the end of the school year) Communicate with your child’s school is critical. Out-process with school at least 2 weeks prior Students will receive grades up to last day If PCS’ing obtain SLS (School Liaison Services) information on new duty stationDeparture prior to school year completion: Report card is not issues Schools provide a report showing grade status and may suggest if student should be repeat grade over Grade promotion is determined by receiving schoolHand carry the following information for your child: School report card IEP Birth Certificate Social Security Card Custody agreement Achievements and certificates Volunteering record Any information that is above and beyond normal school activities (i.e. clubs, sports, extracurricular events) Immunization record School Liaison Officers: Michele Carlton, 772-3214 Terri Spencer, 772-1311
  7. 7. P a g e 7 Top Ten PCS Don’ts Tis the season to be moving. Yes, summer is approaching, and military families allover the world are preparing to pack their bags and PCS. Are you one of those families?Here it goes …1. Don’t forget to take pictures before, during, and after the PCS. For practical purposes, you need to takepictures of your valuable items before the movers pack them up. But don’t pack up that camera just becausethe movers arrive. Snap fun photos of your house and your family throughout the process of packing.2. When traveling with children, don’t forget to have at the ready baby wipes, antibacterial gel, a change ofclothes for everyone in the family, reading material, food, drinks, toys and gadgets, a cell phone charger, asense of humor, a whole lot of patience, and possibly a set of earplugs.3. Don’t wait until you reach your final destination to research the area you will soon be calling home. . Bythe time you reach your new duty station you should already knows the ins and outs of the entire city — in-cluding the best schools, hotels, parks, neighborhoods, routes to work and things to do on the weekends. Yourinstallation’s Relocation Center at ACS can help you obtain all this information. Call them at 315-772-6553/6902 for help, and knowledge truly does make life a little easier.4. Don’t decline offers to help. Whether friends offer their babysitting services, a hot lunch, a place to crash,an air mattress or a stiff drink, take it! This is no time to prove how skilled you are at multitasking.5. Don’t hold your breath that your shipments will arrive on the estimated arrival date you were given. Theymay not, so be prepared for long hotel stays, picnics on the floor, and elevator music while you sit on hold withthe personal property office.6. Don’t leave things lying around your house that you don’t want packed. The movers can’t read yourmind. If you don’t want your underwear packed, hide it in your suitcase. If you don’t want the diapers packed,put them in your car. If you don’t want to find a trash can filled with trash on the other end, make sure all gar-bage is at the curb. Designate one room in the house for the items you don’t want packed and place a “Do NotEnter” sign on the door. If you can’t find a place to hide stuff use “Post-It” notes with big X’s. Even movers inforeign countries know that that means hands-off.7. Don’t let friends see you off on departure day. It’s just too hard. Say “goodbye” and shed your tears the daybefore. Then make a clean getaway on departure day. You can’t make a fresh start with mascara dripping downyour face.8. Don’t expect your husband to be there to help. Whether he misses the pack-out or the pack-in or the travelin between, you should prepare yourself to deal with any and all portions of the PCS by yourself. But that’s noproblem. After all, you’re a Military Spouse. You’re used to doing things on your own by now, right?9. Don’t be too hard on yourself. PCS’ing is stressful, and exhausting, and frustrating and makes you want topoke your eyes out with a fork. You’ll forget to pack something that should have been packed. You’ll get lostthe second you pull away from the airport. You’ll mortify the Japanese moving men by nursing your newbornbecause no one told you that in Japan public breastfeeding isn’t as acceptable as it is in the States. But it hap-pens. Life goes on. And you’ll have a funny story to break the ice with the new people you meet at your nextduty station.And, most importantly …10. Don’t panic! I promise you’ll reach your destination in one piece, even if your grandmother’s china doesn’t.
  8. 8. P a g e 8 TF KNIGHTHAWK/RENEGADE STRONG BONDS MARRIAGE RETREAT SYRACUSE, NY 1-3 JUNE 2012 “ACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS” CHILDCARE, LODGING, MEALS ARE ALL PROVIDED PLEASE CONTACT COMPANY 1SG POC 2-10 AVN: SGT YOUNG-347-243-8614/315-774-1529 POC HHC BDE: CH JOHNSON-315-405-6810/315-774-2940 NOTE: IF WE ARE TIGHT ON SLOTS PRIORITY GOES TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT RECENTLY ATTENDED A STRONG BONDS EVENT. UPCOMING ALZHEIMERS ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESSat. 5/26 - Thousand Islands Winery Grape Blossom Festival - Volunteers will assist withmany aspects of the event (wine pouring, parking, check-in, security, etc). T-shirts will beprovided.LOCATION: Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay. Shifts 1130-1600: or 1530-2000.Sat. 7/24 - Thousand Islands Winery Birthday Bash - Help celebrate the 9th Birthday ofthe Thousand Islands Winery. Volunteers will assist with the same tasks as noted above.LOCATION: TI Winery in A-Bay from 1630-2100.Sat. 8/18 - Greater Watertown Walk to End Alzheimers - Sacketss HarborThis is the largest fundraising events in the area and need many hands to make it a suc-cess. Individuals and Group Volunteers are welcome! Volunteers assist with the day inmany ways; registration, walk guides, serve refreshments, assist with incentives and more!LOCATION: Sacketss Harbor Central School from 0700-1200.
  9. 9. P a g e 9 Safety Awareness Day Safety Day Walk/RunWhen: 24 May 2012Where: See map below for Safety Awareness Day Run Route. The civilianwalking group will form at the corner of Euphrates River Valley Road and S.Riva Ridge. The distance from this point to the reviewing stand at HaysHall is 6/10 (.6) of a mile. Mile markers will be along the route markingthe entire 4 mile route.Why: To show support for Safety Day, to promote health and wellness andjust to have fun.Parking: In coordination with the DES Traffic Section, the closestavailable parking lot to the formation point is the USO Club/HeritageCenter, Bldg 10502 on S. Riva Ridge. Please be parked by 0645. Vehicleaccess to this lot will be closed for the installation run from 0700-0800.10th Mountain Division Drive will be closed from the north to traffic butopen from the south.Dress: Comfortably for walking. PT reflective belt or vest required.Who: All Fort Drum civilian employees are invited.Note: Any civilians who would prefer to run the four miles is invited to doso by assembling/forming up behind HHC, USAG. (See run/walk route)Questions: Contact the Command Safety Office at DNS: 772-5352.1. Installation Run. Civilians are encouraged to participate in the 4-milerun as runners or walkers. Both runners and walkers must be in formationNLT 0645 for the 0700 start. The run should complete by 0800-0815. However,the civilian walk-group walk will not begin until the conclusion of the run.Therefore, the walk actually begins at 0800-0815 to walk all or any portionof the four miles. The GC has established participation in the run/walk asa place of duty and a report for duty time at the organization to be NLT1000. A report time short of 1000 can be established for those are notcompleting the full course.
  10. 10. P a g e 1 0 The 17th Annual Safety Day 2012 Fair Magrath Gym on 24 May from 0900 through 1500. See attached flyer for a list of topics/ demonstrations that will be available through- out the day.Safety Day Mountain ThunderRide 24 May 2012This is open to All Active Duty Military(Who have completed the Motorcycle SafetyFoundation Course), Family Members, DA Ci-vilians, and Contractors who possess a DoDIdentification Card. **This is not an eventfor novice riders due to tight bike forma-tions**
  11. 11. P a g e 1 1 Free Park Passes for Military FamiliesThe Obama administration is stepping up its court-ship of active-duty military personnel and theirfamilies by offering them a free pass to any na-tional park, officials announced Tuesday.The annual passes will be made available to members of the military free of charge beginning Sat-urday, Armed Forces Day, officials said. The pass, which usually costs $80, allows entrance tomore than 2,000 national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands.The plan was announced Tuesday during a ceremony at Colonial National Historical Park in York-town, Va., where Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, director of the National Park Service Jona-than B. Jarvis and assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) Jo-Ellen Darcy distributed the firstpasses to one member from each of the militarys five branches."Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to our servicemen and women who make great sacrifices andput their lives on the line to protect our country and preserve our freedom," Salazar said. "In recog-nition of their contributions and service, we are putting out a welcome mat for these brave men andwomen and their families at Americas most beautiful and storied sites."The National Park Service estimated that giving away the annual passes to service members andtheir families will cost between $2 million and $6 million in lost revenue a year. The governmentusually collects about $150 million in annual park fees nationwide.The free pass will be made available for activated members of the National Guard and Reserves,but not for military veterans or retirees.
  12. 12. P a g e 1 2AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - THE NATIONAL PARKS & FEDERAL RECREA-TIONAL LANDS PASS PROGRAM**IMPORTANT! FEDERAL RECREATION AREAS WHERE INTERAGENCY PASSES ARE ISSUED ~This list is not comprehensive and may include errors; some Federal recreation sites are only open part-time or maychange what passes are issued or be out of passes. Most Sites that sell the Annual Pass will also havethe Military Pass available. Please contact the site(s) prior to traveling to obtain themost current information on availability of all passes.NEW YORK PARKS(KEY: NWR = National Wildlife Refuge; BLM = Bureau of Land Management; NF = National Forest;NRA = National Recreation Area; NHS = National Historic Site)Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Hyde PartFinger Lakes NF - Hector Station , HectorFire Island National Seashore , PatchogueFort Stanwix National Monument , RomeGateway National Recreation Area (also NJ) , Staten IslandHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt NHS , Hyde ParkIroquois NWR ,BasomLong Island NWR Complex, ShirleyMartin Van Buren National Historic Site , Kinderhook*FOR THE COMPLETE LIST CONTACT YOUR UNIT FRSA
  13. 13. P a g e 1 3 The y Als who Mi o Se wai lita r t ry S ves! pou se
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  15. 15. P a g e 1 5 For more job announcements and job searching tips, we post 5- 10 jobs daily on our face book page! fortdrumemployment Ft. Drum Employment Readiness Program upcoming Events and Workshops All classes will be located at the ACS building. Please RSVP**Finding a Job Using Social Networking - 16 May- 9:30-11:30**Federal Employment Workshop - 24 May - 9:30-11:30**Computer Basics for Job Seekers - Intro to PowerPoint - 30 May - 9:30-11:30 Basic Excel - 4 June - 1:00-3:00**Employment 101 - 30 May - 1:00-3:00**Employment 101 - 7 June - 9:30-11:30**Build Your Own Business - 13 June - 9:30-11:20**Resume Writing Computer Lab - 11 June - 9:30-10:30 - ACS Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material presented does not represent the views or endorsement of TF Knighthawk or the United States Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restric- tions and guidelines.