16 April AUSA Family Programs


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AUSA's Family Programs Directorate is dedicated to providing Army families with information and resources to help them manage the challenges of military life and to address Army family concerns through AUSA's legislative efforts and by being active on a number of Department of the Army councils and working groups.

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16 April AUSA Family Programs

  1. 1. Family Programs Update V O L U M E I , I S S U E 1 4 A P R I L 1 6 , 2 0 1 2 Family Programs Patty’s Corner:Your Family Readiness Resource It’s time to celebrate our military children! Since 1986 when Casper Wein- berger the Secretary of Defense at the time acknowledged April as the Month of the Military Child we have all paused to show children of military families that their personal sacrifices are recognized with respect and gratitude. I think back to my own three children, all of which were raised in a military household. For the two oldest, four elementary schools, two middle schools and three high schools were the challenges they faced. For my youngest, not as many moves but certainly just as many goodbyes as friends came and went in the Fort Belvoir housing area we called home. Military children have always lived a life of transition, and for the last 10 years, a life without war. But through it all, they’re shared experiences, their solid community of military youth, and yes, their resilient nature seems to win the day. We at AUSA Family programs salute you! Patty Director AUSA Family Programs THIS ISSUE:  The Month of the Military Child  New Wounded Warriors App  Senior Leaders Honor Military Children of  TRICARE Introduces New Benefits the Year  Suicide Prevention Resources for Military Fam-  Carlisle Barracks Student Named Army Mili- ilies tary Child of Year for 2012  VA Launches ‘Project REACH’ Contest to Help  Mrs. Obama: Nation Must ‘Step up Forever’ Homeless for Military Families  What Does Military Friendly Mean?  Family Matters Blog: New Job Push to Bene-  Featured Employer: Chevron Hiring Vets fit Military Spouses  Beware of Scam Letter  Is MilSpouse Government Hiring Preference  Play Military Trivia, Win an iPod Coming Soon  Rideshares Sought in Northern Virginia  Fort Benning Prepares for Female Trainees  GI Benefit Watchdog Bill Introduced
  2. 2. PAGE 2 The Month of the Military Child April is the Month of the Mili- 10 years. Many child devel- parent(s) and families. For tary Child. This years theme, opment and mental health more information and re- developed by the Army Teen experts believe military chil- sources, visit the Army Panel, is "Military Kids: He- dren need support. During OneSource Month of the roes for the Future." More April, Army garrisons Military Child webpage at: than 1.7 million children have around the world are devel- http://1.usa.gov/bRWpEU at least one parent serving in oping events and celebra- the military. An estimated tions designed to recognize 900,000 children have had the sacrifices military chil- one or both parents deployed dren make and the support multiple times over the last they provide to their Soldier- “I have said time and again that military personnel are not a faceless group, and they are not Senior Leaders Honor Military Children of the Year civilians – they are the one Operation Homefront, a non- character and leadership. family members. Joining the percent of this nation’s profit organization that pro- The military’s top brass chairman was his wife, Deanie, vides emergency assistance heaped praise on five of the- top military leaders from each population that are willing to to military families, annually se children – one from each service, and special guest carry our colors into battle and to gives the award to a child service plus the Coast Guard speaker, Medal of Honor recip- from each service to honor for their resilience, strength of ient Army Sgt. 1st Class Sam- offer up their life in the process. military kids’ service and character and leadership. my L. Davis. To learn more When they retire from the front sacrifice. The military’s top These children are the “best about the Military Child of the brass heaped praise to five of the best,” Chairman of the Year, please go to: http:// line, they should be given the children one from each ser- Joint Chiefs of Staff Army www.defense.gov/news/ respect and dignity of a reliable vice plus the Coast Guard for Gen. Martin E. Dempsey told newsarticle.aspx?id=67849 their resilience, strength of an audience of military and benefits package.” Carlisle Barracks Student Named Army Military GEN Gordon R. Sullivan Child of Year for 2012 USA Retired Amelia McConnell of Car- The honorees were chosen please go to: http:// lisle Barracks, Pa., was because they epitomize par- www.army.mil/article/77462/ named Army Military Child triotism to country, devotion Car- of the Year for 2012, earn- and selflessness to family lisle_Barracks_student_nam ing her a $5,000 tribute and outstanding leadership ed_Army_Military_Child_of_ from Operation Homefront. within their communities. Year_for_2012/ Operation Homefront Children of servicemembers awarded tributes to five from the Army, Navy, Marine young military family mem- Corps, Air Force, and Coast bers during a ceremony, Guard were honored. To April 5, in Washington, D.C. read this article in full,FAMILY PROGRAMS
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 14 PAGE 3 Mrs. Obama: Nation Must ‘Step up Forever’ for Military Families As First Lady Michelle Obama by the outpouring of support by to protect everyone else, and and Dr. Jill Biden mark the first American civilians. More than 100 President Obama emphasizes anniversary of their “Joining companies have committed to how the need to continue this Forces” campaign recently, the participate in the administration’s military family support is needed. two say they will continue to goal of the private sector hiring of To read more about this subject, solidify its successes so a struc- 100,000 spouses and veterans. please go to: http:// tured effort to help military fami- They also expressed how im- www.defense.gov/news/ lies is a permanent part of pressed they are with the resilien- newsarticle.aspx?id=67877 American culture. Additionally, cy of military families. The first Obama and Biden, wife of vice lady noted that 1 percent of Ameri- president Joe Biden, said cans serve in the all-volunteerFamily Matters Blog: New Job Push to Benefit Military Spouses First Lady Michelle Obama un- that these jobs can be accom- Alpine Access, Dial America, veiled a new hiring effort that plished from home. Other jobs Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., will deliver thousands of porta- will be in contact centers located Etech Global Services, Hilton ble, flexible job opportunities to near military installations, and Hotels, Agility Marketing, military spouses. Eleven com- offer family-friendly scheduling, QCSS Inc., among several panies have pledged more than growth opportunities and the abil- others. To learn more about 15,000 jobs for military spouses ity to transfer seamlessly from this job push, please go to: and veterans. A major ad- one center to another. Compa- http://bit.ly/IngQ3w vantage for these spouses is nies key commitments include: Is MilSpouse Government Hiring Preference Coming Soon?They said right now there are widows and spouses of 100 per- voice to be heard by the White Housetwo hiring initiatives within the cent disabled vets for noncompeti- and the people who plan these pro-federal government. The first is tive appointment. This does not grams. To read this article in full,DoD specific. It gives military mean they have preference for please go to: http://spousebuzz.com/spouses who recently complet- those jobs – it simply means they blog/2012/04/is-military-spous-ed a PCS preference when ap- have a foot in the job door under government-hiring-preference-coming-plying for a DoD job at their new some circumstances. In short: soon.html?base. That means they may be hiring preference for all military comp=1198882887570&rank=3given head-of-line consideration spouses within the federal govern-for certain positions. The se- ment does not exist. One of thecond rule lets agencies hire re- great things about this blog is thatcently PCSed spouses, military it gives you the chance for your
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Fort Benning Prepares for Female Trainees Soldiers now must participate reservists demobilizing after oversee the process. To in transition services before six months or more on ac- read this article in full, they leave active duty. An tive duty. The order, which please go to: http:// execution order requiring them implements a directive is- www.armytimes.com/ to make use of the services is sued last year by Army Sec- news/2012/04/army- in force throughout the Army. retary John McHugh further transition-services-now- The order applies to all Sol- requires that transition pro- mandatory-040312w/ diers who are leaving active cessing begin at least 12 duty, whether they are Regu- months before a Soldier lar Army members who are leaves active duty and that separating or retiring or the Soldier’s commander GI Benefit Watchdog Bill Introduced Officials at the 194th Ar- the battlefield traditionally brigade level. An exception mored Brigade said they reserved for men. In Febru- has now been granted allow- could begin training female ary, it announced plans to ing them to serve in some Soldiers right now, if neces- open six military occupational positions at the battalion tier. sary. It’s just a matter of specialties, or MOSs, and To read this article in full, when the Army decides to more than 13,000 positions to please go to: http:// send them there. After a female Soldiers. The 1994 www.army.mil/article/77565/ Defense Department (DoD) DoD policy known as the Di- Fort_Benning_prepares_for_f review of women’s roles in rect Ground Combat Defini- emale_trainees/ the military, the Army is ex- tion and Assignment Rule had panding access to some prohibited women from serv- combat-arms positions on ing in combat units below the New Wounded Warriors App U.S. Senator Patty Murray, benefits access to infor- Chairman of the Senate Veter- mation that would help ans Affairs Committee, recent- them make informed deci- ly joined with Senators Daniel sions about the schools Akaka (D-HI), Mark Begich (D- they attend so they get the AK) to introduce in the U.S. most out of the benefit. For Senate the GI Bill Consumer highlights of the bill and to Awareness Act of 2012. The understand this further, bill will give Servicemembers please go to: http://bit.ly/ and veterans using the GI Bill HVoI82 and other VA educationFAMILY PROGRAMS
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 14 PAGE 5 TRICARE Introduces New Benefits TRICARE introduced several new or psychological conditions. For programs in 2009. The TRICARE more information on TRICARE’s Assistance Program (TRIAP) pro- new dental program and pharmacy vides short-term professional coun- benefits, visit the TRICARE Active seling assistance. For information Duty Dental Program website at: about TRIAP and other behavioral www.addp-ucci.com and the TRI- health resources, visit the TRICARE CARE Pharmacy Program webpage Mental Health Resources Center. at www.TRICARE .mil/pharmacy. TRICARE’s new Extended Care For further information, please go to: Health Option (ECHO) benefits for http://www.military.com/military- eligible family members whoa re di- report-tricare-introduces-new- agnosed with extraordinary physical benefits. Suicide Prevention Resources for Military Families No warrior or military family is also use the information below to alone. If you are concerned that a educate yourself about how to service member or veteran in your tell if a loved one may be experi- family is considering harming or encing thoughts of suicide, and killing him/herself, free resources what you can do to help him or are immediately available to aid her find the strength to reach out your family in its time of crisis. To for help. http:// get help for someone immediately, www.realwarriors.net/family/ call the Veterans Crisis Line at 800 support/preventsuicide.php -273-TALK and press 1. You can VA Launches ‘Project REACH’ Contest to Help HomelessThe Department of Veterans collaboration with the Depart- services and shelters to up-Affairs (VA) launched a new con- ments of Housing and Urban date availability of key servicestest recently to help the people Development, Health and Hu- automatically on the Internet.who help the homeless. It chal- man Services, and the Jon The winning app will collect,lenges the developer community Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, a map, and electronically distrib-to create easy, mobile access to non-profit organization dedicat- ute that information for commu-resources that the homeless ed to helping the lives of peo- nities across the nation. Forneed, when they need it and ple facing economic challeng- more information on this con-where they can get it. Project es. The ultimate goal of the test, please go to: http://REACH (Real-time Electronic contest is to create a national www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/Access for Caregivers and the platform that enables health pressrelease.cfm?id=2278Homeless) was announced in clinics, food kitchens, housing
  6. 6. PAGE 6 What Does Military Friendly Mean? A recent Associated Press arti- welcome and the school has cle by Justin Pope addressed programs which have been ap- this issue of military friendliness proved by the VA for using the and the proposed legislation GI Bill (and by the DoD for tui- which would force schools that tion assistance). The fact is, for wish to participate in the GI Bill a school to be truly “Military to follow much tighter veteran Friendly” they need to do a lot friendly policies. Unfortunately, more than that. To learn more, most veterans have no way of please go to: http:// knowing exactly what the www.military.com/military- phrase really means. But, in report/what-does-military- the loosest .interpretation it friendly-mean means that veterans are "We understand the Featured Employer: Chevron Hiring Vets unique challenges that you Chevron is hiring veterans and now we’re hiring Facility Engi- face, and we are going to transitioning servicemembers. neers, Petroleum Engineers, do everything that we can Visit the Chevron Veteran Tal- Drilling and Completion Engi- ent Portal to apply for jobs, neers, Pipeline Operator/ to make sure that you can translate your military skills Maintenance, Production Op- pursue your careers and and network with other veter- erations and more. Please ans. The Chevron tam has visit the Chevron Talent Portal provide for your families." the technology to take on big at: http:// challenges, the integrity to do jobsforveter- it responsibly and the drive to ans.military.com/654/veteran- First Lady keep moving forward. Right talent-portal-chevron/ Michelle Obama Beware of Scam Letter A letter is making the circuit your personal information purporting to be from the De- and in this case, money. fense Finance Accounting Ser- DFAS will never send unso- vice (DFAS) asking military licited e-mail messages with member’s fiancées to register attachments. For more infor- in the system entitling them to mation on scams or financial benefits in the event of the issues, please visit: member’s death. All for only a www.military.com. For more $350 fee. This is not a genu- on this article, please go to: ine DFAS letter – it is a scam. http://www.military.com/ The letter is a typical scam military-report/beware-of- phishers use to try and obtain scam-letterFAMILY PROGRAMS
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 14 PAGE 7 Play Military Trivia, Win an iPod Think you know military history the tickets and pull out one to and trivia? Test your knowledge determine the winner. Play with the Military.com Trivia as little or as much as youd Challenge. Heres how you win: like during the month, but the For each question you answer more questions you answer correctly youll receive one correctly, the greater your point, and for each point youll chances of winning. To play earn an electronic raffle ticket. now, please click: http:// At the end of the month well www.military.com/Trivia/ have a random drawing of all Home?ESRC=mrvr.nl Rideshares Sought in Northern VirginiaThe Northern Virginia Regional pays defense workers to car- would begin in May or June.Commission (NVRC) has be- pool. Commuters can use a Contact Peggy Tadej at 703-gun “Real-time Ridesharing,” a smart phone app to arrange a 642-4635 for more infor-six-month pilot program se- specific time to meet a driver mation. To read this article insigned to match Depart of De- traveling in the same direction. full, please go to: http://fense (DoD) personnel travel- The NVRC is recruiting at least www.military.com/military-ing along the interstate 95/395 1,000 riders and 500 drivers to report/rideshares-sought-in-and U.S. Route 1 corridors with participate in the pilot. Sign- northern-virginia.fellow employees taking similar ups for the program will begin paths to work. The program in March, and ride sharing
  8. 8. AUSA Family Programs efforts to combat the turmoil many families are facing include acting as a resource and: Providing outreach and information to families via an e-mail weekly newsletter (Update), resources, publications and sponsorship. Addressing Army family concerns through AUSA’s legislative efforts and interaction with Senior Army and program leaders. Acting as a voice for Army families through representation on a number of Department of Defense and Department of AUSA Family Programs the Army working groups and councils and other organiza- tions for education, benefits, healthcare, and readiness. 2425 Wilson Blvd. Hosting events for Army families at the AUSA Annual Arlington, VA 22201 Meeting and the Family Programs Military Family Forums. Encouraging and supporting AUSA Chapter efforts toPhone: 703.841.4300 or 800.336.4570 support Army families. Extensions 150 or 151 Traveling to provide presentations and information sessions www.ausa.org/familyYour Family Readiness Resource