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Sustaining Productivity


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Using Evernote, I've revolutionized my paper use habits. Notes no longer clutter my desk waiting to be lost, I can digitize them and recycle them right away. Evernote isn't the only solution to do this, but it just happens to be my preference.

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Sustaining Productivity

  1. 1. Sustaining Productivity Using Evernote to embrace digital notetaking… Alma Rhoden | | x56395
  2. 2. Paper Don’t feel like you need to abandon your Molskeins to be digital or sustainable!
  3. 3. Digital Don’t discount your device if you have a stray noteworthy thought.
  4. 4. We all know what can go wrong Digital and Paper both have their downsides
  5. 5. What can go right? Advanced searchability Online omnipresence In-line documents, photos Reminders and alarms Annotation Web-clipping Tagged notes Notebooks (and stacks) Apps with drawing support. Your own combination of paper and digital notes, your own organization…optimized.
  6. 6. Evernote and Paper Text recognition, metadata, automation and annotation
  7. 7. Evernote and Digital Simplification, context, multimedia, sync and share
  8. 8. Names of things… Evernote (free*) Android IOS Blackberry Windows Mac OS X Penultimate (free) IOS Web Clipper (free) Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari I told you I’d get it in a list for you Premium membership ($5 monthly) allows offline access, priority OCR processing.
  9. 9. Even more things that I didn’t talk about today! Skitch Freehand or stamp-based annotation for documents and photos Evernote Food GeoTag restaurants and food trucks, save food pictures, store recipes Evernote Hello Connect contacts, social networks, scan business cards, maintain meeting history Evernote Clearly Strip webpages of “distractions” and save them for reading Evernote Peek Flashcards, optimized by iPad Smart Covers. If This Then That Automate behaviors across services. Even if you don’t install Evernote, you should check this out.