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How to Create World Class Quizzes and Get Them in Front of Your Perfect Prospects


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Qzzr and Likeable Local team up to give you the details on building amazing quizzes and finding your perfect audience for them.

Published in: Marketing
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How to Create World Class Quizzes and Get Them in Front of Your Perfect Prospects

  1. 1. "How To Create World Class Quizzes and Get Them In Front Of Your Perfect Prospects” Presented by Owen Fuller, Chief Qwizard at Qzzr and Nicole Kroese Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Likeable Local #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  2. 2. How to Make One of Those Insanely Viral Quizzes That You’re Seeing Everywhere Presented by: Owen Fuller, Chief Qwizard Qzzr | @owenfuller |
  3. 3. A recording of this webinar will be sent to all registrants
  4. 4. Fit Marketing Case Study
  5. 5. Who are these guys?
  6. 6. Tens of thousands of quizzes being taken millions of times World’s best publishers, brands and agencies
  7. 7. My goals 1. Expose a hot content medium (quizzes) 2. Show how to drive social traffic and generate leads with quizzes 3. Share success stories and techniques 4. Get you started with some quiz concepts you can create today
  8. 8. There is a renaissance happening Hieroglyphics Paper Billboards Mail Email Blogs TV Digital images Video Surveys/polls Infographics Lists Quizzes
  9. 9. And it’s something we hated while we were in school Type to enter text
  10. 10. Wait, what about surveys? Under the hood of a quiz is a survey… that people actually want to take… and share with hundreds of their friends.
  11. 11. Why are quizzes so irresistable? Engaging, Nourishing, and… All about ME!!!
  12. 12. “Stop telling me interesting and useful things about myself” - Said no one, ever.
  13. 13. 81% completion rate 2:27 average time 5% lead conversion rate
  14. 14. Pop Quiz: The average quiz gets shared how many times? 1,900 Some do a little better….
  15. 15. I see a quiz in my newsfeed. Hmm. What am I likely to do? Pass. Not interested: 18% Sure. Let me hit that: 82%
  16. 16. The road is being paved by mega-publishers Number one article on NY Times in 2013 was a quiz Eight of the top ten most shared articles on the web in the last eight months were quizzes (BuzzSumo, April 2014) Nine of the top ten most shared stories on Facebook in January, 2015 were quizzes
  17. 17. Faster, cheaper and more effective than other content types. Quizzes are the secret weapon…
  18. 18. The worlds’ simplest quiz tool
  19. 19. Two main jobs that social media mavens hire a quiz to do: 1. Drive social traffic 2. Drive conversions
  20. 20. You don’t need a big channel • 0 likes, 6 comments • Taken 70,000+ times • Over 750x Social Lift
  21. 21. You don’t need a hot topic • Wildest dream was that 1,000 people would take the quiz • 70,000+ have taken it today
  22. 22. Case studies Kettlebell Fever 490 impressions | 90 leads | 18.4% conversion rate
  23. 23. Case studies Kissmetrics quiz
  24. 24. What businesses are most excited about Turning this Into this
  25. 25. Roadmap to a viral quizzes Research topics Choose quiz title and type Do your research and gather media Create and embed Share and promote Measure, learn, and improve
  26. 26. Proceed with caution
  27. 27. It’s ok to break these rules if you’re doing it on purpose
  28. 28. Do some research: topics Which quizzes are shared on your topic? Use BuzzSumo to check Search ‘quiz’ + keywords/domain e.g. ‘’ quiz
  29. 29. Do some research: titles What titles work? Search competitors -- or playbuzz, buzzfeed, disney domains Hardest, ultimate, ever….
  30. 30. What titles/topics would work for me? What content resonates with your audience? What are the most shared topics? What topics get the most questions? What topics are most controversial? Are there decisions that people struggle to make? Are there topics that are misunderstood?
  31. 31. Recycle your content If you have knowledge and answers in your evergreen content, you can turn it into a quiz. Look at your List posts Infographics Debate posts ….all raw quiz material
  32. 32. Right answers No right answers
  33. 33. Tips for graded quizzes Choose a compelling title • Are you a ____ expert? • Can you pass the ___ test? • The world’s hardest ___ quiz • Are you a true ____? Keep your quizzes fair and clear • Limit the number of answers to each question • Remove any friction from the process Show feedback • Give more information about the right answer Make people feel good about their results • 45% of shares on graded quizzes come from 100% scores • Assign outcomes. “You got 90%. You’re a genius!”
  34. 34. Tips for outcome quizzes Choose a compelling title • Which ___ are you? • What ___ do you actually belong in? • What kind of ___ are you? Create shareworthy outcomes • invoke awe, laughter or amusement (BuzzSumo) • help people define themselves, nourish relationships & get the word out about causes they love (NY Times) • make it a “feel-good, look-good” mechanism • Help people share what “they want their friends to think they like” (Buzzfeed) Build a process • Identify outcomes • Map differentiating factors • Be creative with your questions and answers
  35. 35. Pro tip: work backwards from outcome Write these first. Make sure people would be proud to share Make sure your CTA relates to outcome. Hey 3PO - You’re research driven, so why not download this guide…
  36. 36. “Are you a candidate for Lasik Surgery?” “Should you be wearing glasses to drive?” “Do you know the seven common mistakes new contact wearers must avoid?” “Which frames match your style?” “Give yourself an eye exam.” “Do you need special lenses?” The wild world of… optometry
  37. 37. Research and gather media See: images and qzzr
  38. 38. Create and embed your quiz
  39. 39. 2 cups Context Share and promote your quiz
  40. 40. 2 cups ContextBasic promotion channels • Facebook • Website or blog • Email or newsletter • Twitter • LinkedIn • Forums • Communities
  41. 41. Measure, learn and improve
  42. 42. Virality takes a pinch of luck You can control consistency
  43. 43. You win when you understand the motivations of your audience
  44. 44. 10. Show me something cool
  45. 45. 10. Show me something cool
  46. 46. 9. Ask me interesting questions
  47. 47. 8. Be fair
  48. 48. 7. Reel me in with your title
  49. 49. 6. Help me feel sufficiently assessed
  50. 50. 5. Feed me
  51. 51. 4. Stay on topic
  52. 52. 3. Make me laugh “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”- Victor Borge
  53. 53. 2. Give me something to brag about
  54. 54. 1. Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  55. 55. Bottom line: Just go make something remarkable! Get started at
  56. 56. How To Get Your Content In Front Of Your PERFECT Prospects #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  57. 57. Why Content Marketing Gets • Provide Value • Establish Trust • “Sell Without Selling” • Shareable by nature #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  58. 58. It used to be like… If you build it, they will come! #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  59. 59. But Then… • The internet became a little cluttered • Things like “Facebook Reachageddon” made us Pay-to-Play #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  60. 60. So Now You Must… •Create really truly high-quality content •AND put it in front of a strategic audience #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  61. 61. It’s OK! Relevant and properly promoted content WILL yield you a big business return. Here’s How… #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  62. 62. First, Figure Out Where Your Prospects Are Hanging Out Psst: I bet they are on social media… #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  63. 63. You Guessed It, They’re on Social Businesses that use Facebook have increased sales by 75% Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing American social media users spend on average 2.7 hours per day on social media 56% of the population goes to Facebook more than once a day, 29% for Twitter, 14% for LinkedIn #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  64. 64. Use These Two Ways To Get Your Content In Front Of The Right Prospects: 1. Run Awesome Paid Social Ads 2. Create & Expand Your “Fan Club” #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  65. 65. 1. Run Awesome Paid Social Ads #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  66. 66. 3 Pillars Of Succeeding With Ads Set Goals Reach The Right People Scale Smarter #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  67. 67. A) Set Goals "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." -Earl Nightingale S.M.A.R.T. -Specific -Measureable -Attainable -Relevant -Time Bound #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  68. 68. Choose Your Ads Objective: #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  69. 69. Objectives On Twitter #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  70. 70. B) Reach The Right People “You know what’s cooler than reaching a billion people? Reaching the right 1,000—or 100 or 10– to best grow your business.” -Dave Kerpen #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  71. 71. Create Smart Audiences Reach your perfect new customer • Custom Audiences • Lookalike Audiences • Target Groups #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwnFuller
  72. 72. Custom Targeting Specify everything from gender, to income, to job title, to interests, to location! #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  73. 73. #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  74. 74. #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  75. 75. Custom & Lookalike Audiences  Get more business and referrals from current customers  Attract people similar to your current customers  Get already-interested prospects closer to buying #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  76. 76. C) Scale Smarter  Double down on what is working  You may be sick of your Ad, your prospects aren’t!  Adapt to current trends #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  77. 77. 2. Expand Your Fan Club (And Show Them Some Love) #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  78. 78. Choose A Strategic Partner • Thought Leaders In Your Industry • Other complimentary companies A good partner = doubled promotion and visibility! #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  79. 79. Make Sharing Easy & Fun • All content should have a CTA to share! • Pre-create the sharing text to make it easy and fun #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  80. 80. Listen and Respond • Track keywords, hashags, and mentions • Respond to everyone #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  81. 81. Social Media = The New Word Of Mouth How has your business grown from Word Of Mouth? 90% of peopletrust business recommendations from someone they know.* People are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend* *Neilson Study, 2014 #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  82. 82. Social= The New Word Of Mouth Social Ads, shared posts, and popular content have BUILT IN endorsements from friends. #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  83. 83. About Likeable Local #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  84. 84. The Likeable Solution #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  85. 85. Content Scheduled And Managed For You #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  86. 86. Hypertargeted Advertising and TurboPost ™ Boost lead generating content #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  87. 87. Referral Program and Likeable Hub Site #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  88. 88. • Save $100 on getting started with Likeable Local • to learn more or call 212-359-4347 • Valid though 5/31 • Start creating quizzes today at Special Offers! #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller
  89. 89. Thank You! CONTACT: Nicole Kroese Owen Fuller TWITTER @nicolekroese @owenfuller EMAIL PHONE 212-359-4347 Questions? Redeem special offers! #LikeableQzzr @NicoleKroese @OwenFuller