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TOP 10 New Year's Eve Party Ideas


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As we say good bye to 2016, here are TOP 10 New Year's Eve Party Ideas with which you can welcome 2017

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TOP 10 New Year's Eve Party Ideas

  1. 1. TOP 10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION As we say good bye to 2016, here are some great ideas with which you can welcome 2017
  4. 4. 10 BEST IDEAS FOR PARTY 70’s DISCO PARTY This year, spice things up with a retro-glam 70’s party. As for decorations, invest in lava lamps, confetti, velvet table cloths, and of course a disco ball. NEON PARTY If your idea of a party looks a lot like dancing and not at all like dinner, then a neon party is the theme for you. All you need to do is switch out your regular light bulbs for black-light bulbs.
  5. 5. BLACK AND WHITE BALL PARTY By creating a Black and White Ball theme, your New Year’s party can be a stylish and classy affair that’ll give guests the best reason to buy a new outfit. Deck your house in chic black, white, silver and gold pieces, such as candles, balloons, and bunting. FOOD When hosting a New Year’s Eve party, it’s essential to plan what food you’ll provide. Choose between a sit-down meal and canapés depending on your intended party ambiance.
  6. 6. STUFFED MUSHROOMS Despite being very easy to make, they look fancy and will impress your guests with both their appearance and taste and are easy to pick up and eat without creating messy fingers or unending dishes. SALAD This healthy feast is sure to impress your guests without causing any dramas in the kitchen. Simple to make and delicious to eat, this dish will have everyone happy, including you.
  7. 7. TIRAMISU Treat your guests this New Year’s Eve to a stylish, Champagne Glass Tiramisu. This decadent dessert can also be prepared ahead of time, so there’s no need for you to miss out on any valuable party time to make them. DRINKS While champagne is the natural beverage choice for New Year’s Eve, it can be great to mix things up with other options. Giving your guests cocktails will make the night seem even more special and fun.
  8. 8. CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS Making up cocktails with champagne will wow your guests and doubles the fun you are having on the New Year Eve. NEW YEAR GAMES Part of New Year’s Eve is setting resolutions for the New Year. Turn this tradition into a fun game this year with this entertaining activity.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION All you need is some great ideas and company and you will soon be kicking off the New Year in style. Presented By: LIJO DECOR