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Presentation launch edited

  1. 1. You’re About To Discover How To…“Launch Your Own $100,000 Business In The Next 21 DaysDoing What You Already Know And Love!” with Caitlin Cogan Doemner Ideation Expert and Wealth Coach
  2. 2. BONUSFor those who stay to the end,I’m going to throw in a special $1000 Bonus Value!!
  3. 3. Welcome
  4. 4. Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Feel Like To… Make $100,000 a year, doing what you love? Build a million-dollar business, working from Starbucks? Travel around the world and have more money in your bank account when you return than when you left?
  5. 5. How Many Of You Would Like Me To Share With You…  How to make money doing what you currently pay to do  How to own your income stream and make cash whenever you want it  How to lay a foundation for long-term wealth creation
  6. 6. You’re About To Discover… The #1 reason businesses fail and what you need to know to thrive in a Recession! Cutting-edge strategies to develop innovative value to dominate your market The ONLY GUARANTEED WAY to “get rich” (and it’s easier than you think!)
  7. 7. What is a Lifestyle Business? A Lifestyle Business allows you to Make Money Any Time, Any Place Doing What You Already Know and Love
  8. 8. Top 7 Reasons For Starting Your Own Lifestyle Business1. Financial Freedom and Security2. Live Your Passion3. Build Something You’re Proud Of4. Spend More Time with Family5. Enjoy Life – Travel!6. Work from Home7. Collect Big Checks
  9. 9. The Opportunity is NOW Entrepreneurship is on the rise – 2,300 people per day! Statistics show that most people only have 2.5 years in their jobs before lay offs It’s easier to start a business than to find a job  There were more millionaires created in the Great Depression than any other time in history  The greatest wealth vehicle is owning a business  Create a sellable asset If not now, then when?
  10. 10. CAITLIN COGAN DOEMNER  Master’s in Business Administration seven years and $175,000  President and CEO of Lifestyle Livelihood, LLC  Serial Entrepreneur Now I can save YOU thousands of dollars and years of your life showing you What Does Work…
  11. 11. Success is No Respecter of Age
  12. 12. “Incredible Sense for the Extraordinary” “Caitlin has an incredible sense for the extraordinary. Critical thinking and connecting ideas in a collaborative environment is her ideal position… Caitlin helped me with a startup... Caitlin provided great insight to Sam Pulice my crazy idea and helped toOwner of Mojave Copy & Printing deliver in a timely manner. ”
  13. 13. Myths About Starting a Businessˣ Need moneyˣ Need a college degreeˣ Need an officeˣ Need technical skillsˣ Need to be a good sales person
  14. 14. Challenges Others Face…  Not generating enough leads  Not converting sales  Lack of systems and processes  Not enough time  Not enough money  Confused  Don’t know where to start  Don’t have a coach or mentor
  15. 15. Other “Gurus” and Pyramid Schemesˣ Sell you THEIR systemˣ Teach you THEIR methodˣ Can you imitate THEIR success? YOU are not Them!
  16. 16. The Lifestyle LAUNCH SystemEasy – 21 Step Action GuideUnique – 100% Personalized Business ModelWin-Win – Improve Others’ LivesFast – First Sale 3 Weeks from TodaySustainable – Get Paid to Do What You Do Already!
  17. 17. “That Beer Guy”Colby’s Passion: Drinking BeerLESS THAN AN HOUR:Sustainable Business ModelLeveraging His Unique StrengthsDoing What He Loves $100,000
  18. 18. Who Is This Good For?  Stay at Home Moms  Students  Current Business Owners  Someone who Lacks Self-Confidence  Anyone with a Passion or Hobby who would like to start Living The Dream!
  19. 19. What’s Different About The Lifestyle Launch Program? Learn as You Go – “MBA-in-a-Box” Perfect Lifestyle-Market Match Fill-in-the-Blank Financials Practical, Money-Saving Tips “Fool-Proof” Marketing Plan HOURS of One-on-One Coaching Foundation for Long-Term Wealth Creation
  20. 20. Stuck on the Income Ladder? Freedom? Time-Driven Performance-Driven
  21. 21. Flip the Income Ladder Unlimited Potential Time-Trap! Employers Benefit!!
  22. 22. Means of Production YOUGentry Bankers 90% of the United States’ Workforce qualifies for SERFDOM
  23. 23. “You Do Not Own Your TimeUntil You Control Your Income!”
  24. 24. Welcome to the Wealth Ladder Turn Your Time into an ASSET, not a Commodity Decide Your Worth Build Lasting Financial Freedom
  25. 25. 3-Tiered Wealth Building Program LAUNCH LEVERAGE LEGACY Generate Invest Scale Cash Flow Single Active Business to IMMDIATELY Income into Create with Multiple Residual Minimal Cash- Income and Start Up Flowing Achieve Capital Assets for a Exponential Lifetime of Growth Passive Income 858-444-5152
  26. 26. Imagine YOUR Ultimate Lifestyle
  27. 27. How It Works Liberation Consultation FINANCIAL EVALUATION • Acumination ConsultationLIFESTYLE MATCH Profitability MARKET ANALYSIS Consultation Discovery Consultation •
  28. 28. How It Works BULL PENESSENTIAL FOUNDATION MARKETING FIRST Acceleration Consultation PREPARATION SALE! Momentum Consultation
  29. 29. 7 Principles for a Successful Business1. Lifestyle Business2. Use the Right Model3. Position Yourself4. Attract Qualified Leads5. Accelerate Conversion6. Build Your Team7. Always Celebrate!
  30. 30. #1 Build Your Lifestyle Business  How much money do you want to make each month?  How soon do you want to achieve that income?  How badly do you want that income?  What do you currently pay to do that you would love to get paid to do?
  31. 31. #2 Use the Right Model  Don’t try to fit into someone else’s shoes  Maximize your current strengths and outsource your weaknesses  Leverage your time and capital most efficiently to start generating cash immediately!  Make sure you’re climbing the right ladder!
  32. 32. #3 Position YourselfShortest path to the biggest profits winsOWN your niche – Be The ExpertTransform your ideas into valuable recommendationsControl the contextThe Art of Framing
  33. 33. #4 Attract Qualified Leads Know your target customer Identify key benefits Educate to Dominate Develop trust Develop affiliate support
  34. 34. #5 Accelerate Your Conversion RateSTOP selling – start SOLVINGWhat is your Unfair Advantage?Eliminate competitors ethicallyDeliver more value
  35. 35. #6 Build Your TeamDo what you love to do – outsource the rest!Olympic AthletesHonest attorney, “cowboy” CPA, and a coach who will inspire you to greatness
  36. 36. “You Need Caitlin On Your Team” “Caitlin has been helping people realize their potential and accomplish their dreams for years… Usually her big picture is bigger than anyone else imagined and she knows the right steps to help you get you to that point. Honestly, if youre starting a business or are trying to take it to the next level, theres no one else youd want on your team. She will challenge you to dream bigger and work harder, and ultimately – you will attain those sky-high goals AmandaMusician, San Diego that were always just out of reach.”
  37. 37. #7 Always Celebrate“Know Your Why”Publicize your goalsReward yourself • Spend more time with loved ones • Travel • Give back • Live life on YOUR terms
  38. 38. Who Is This For? If you are an expert who wants to convert your advice into massive profits If you are not an expert, but you are passionate about something and would love to start making money doing what you’re already doing If you have been looking for a way to be your own boss, but didn’t know how If you want to achieve financial freedom by climbing the Wealth Ladder
  39. 39. Who Is This NOT For?ˣ If you need to do everything the hard wayˣ If you think success must be difficultˣ If you need to do everything yourself and are not willing to outsource tasks that are not the best use of your timeˣ If your only goal is to “get rich quick,” instead of building sustainable long-term wealth by improving others’ livesˣ If you’d rather buy the next “one-click wonder” instead of implementing what I tell you to doˣ If you refuse to take action
  40. 40. Your Lifestyle Launch ProgramEasy, Step-By-Step, Concept to Launch withHOURS of One-On-One Coaching – Discover the business model that perfectly matches your lifestyle and personality – Identify your unique value offering ideally suited to your target market – Ensure profitability before investing your hard-earned money – Close your first sale 21 days from today! Retail Value $4,999
  41. 41. Your Lifestyle Launch Program  More Time  More Money  Works In Any Niche  Works In Any Area  Financial Freedom  Gain Influence  Give Back  A Competitive Advantage  Done For You
  42. 42. Your Options Today:1. Get Your Own MBA.2. Bootstrap Your Business.3. Do Nothing.4. Invest in Yourself.Build Your Million-Dollar Business doing what you already know and love!
  43. 43. You Are Worth It!Lifestyle Launch Program: $4,999Federal Tax Rebate: - $1,499Affiliate Rewards: - $1,000Money-Saving Tips: - $2,000 You’re really paying: $500 And I’m sure we can save you $500 by simply deducting your current lifestyle expenses!
  44. 44. My Personal 100% Iron-Clad Money Back GuaranteeTake action now and try the complete system for 21 days. If you aren’toverwhelmed at how easy it is use this system, simply send it back. But I know once you try it, you’ll see powerful results!
  45. 45. Share the Wealth For a limited time only, invite a friend or family member currentlyattending high school orcollege to join you in our program – for FREE! TWO Launch Memberships for the price of ONE!
  46. 46. BONUS for First 10 People to Sign Up TODAY! Exclusive Access to ourToday Leverage ProgramOnly – Master Mind CallsLimited Retail ValueSpace! FREE $5,000
  47. 47. If you call in the next 10 minutes I will schedule your… FREE LIBERATION SESSION RIGHT NOW 858-444-5152