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LIFECOIN business plan


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LIFECOIN is a new digital currency

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LIFECOIN business plan

  1. 1. CryptoCurrencies
  2. 2. A cryptocurrency is a modern medium of  exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and  to control the creation of additional units of the currency.  Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies, or  specifically of digital currencies. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in  2009. Since then, numerous cryptocurrencies have been  created.  What is CryptoCurrency
  3. 3. Difference between Real Currency and CryptoCurrency REAL CURRENCY CRYPTOCURRENCY  Money (System of Money)  Cash Payments  Store Values  Traded between nations in exchange Markets, which determine the relative value of different currencies  Issues by Central Banks and defined by Governments  High Security Standards  Unique ID for every Banknote/ Coin  Crypto-Money (IT representation of Money)  Online Payment only  Store Value  Traded on a particular Bitcoin / Coin Exchange using cryptography  Bitcoin can be issued by everyone who owns a required tool and are defined by user with peer to peer system  High Security Standards  Decentralized
  4. 4.  Since Bitcoin was the first Crypto-Currency in the world and with all the  advantages it carries, there were certain weaknesses as well like  Bitcoin is still at its infancy stage with incomplete features that are in  development. To make the digital currency more secure and  accessible, new features, tools, and services have to be developed  Bitcoin Mining is not an environment friendly task as it uses lot of  energy and power, moreover its very expensive to mine a Bitcoin. So  new developments needs to be taken to make a currency user friendly  as well as environment friendly  To overcome all these weaknesses- a new currency has to be  developed and we feel very proud to announce that we have  developed that new revolutionary crypto currency in name of                                                     LifeCOIN BITCOIN – a revolution with some Weakness
  5. 5. We are the Future
  6. 6. LifeCOIN is a new crypto currency founded by Scott Nadal, a developer  who has been previously associated with Peer Coin. PEER COIN(PPC)  is created by Scott Nadal and Sunny King, but by the time Peercoin  actually came out to be used by the public in 2013, Scott Nadal had  slowly stopped working on it, making it primarily Sunny King’s creation at  that point.  Scott Nadal was actually working on more improved and a better  performing crypto currency by combining proof-of-work and proof-of- stake in a hybrid system that aims to address and resolve the  weaknesses of Bitcoin, including using less energy just like Green  alternative. In August 2016 Scott Nadal finally came up with a better  currency in name of LifeCOIN. LifeCOIN – An Introduction
  7. 7. Crypto Currencies are the future of Payments CRYPTO CURRENCY CREDIT CARDS PRINTED CURRENCY CATTLES Used in the PAST Used in PRESENT times Future
  8. 8. LifeCOIN has been developed by Company named LIFECOIN LTD, a company based out of Manchester- United Kingdom, which works extensively on Crypto currency research and also undertook development programs in the field of digital currency sphere. The company started its journey from United Kingdom, but after the Britain takes exit from the European Union, it becomes difficult for developers to complete their research. Scott Nadal makes a move ahead by carrying forward the research activity to Chicago, Illinois and the resultant Coin will be launching finally from the United States. The name of the new resultant company founded by Simon David Bate, his partner David Clifford Shackley, and Scott Nadal is “LifeCOINX Advisors Limited” About the Company
  9. 9. “The vision of LifeCOINX is to see a world with LifeCOIN as numero uno in all crypto currencies and no paper money” Vision of LifeCOINX
  10. 10. We at LIFECOINX aims to make a lifecoin- a digitally revolutionized concept which will change the lives of people and financial world. Mission of LifeCOINX OUR MISSION
  11. 11.  We are all set to launch this revolutionary crypto currency in the world digital arena on May 1st , 2017. On this day LifeCOIN will be traded on all International Exchanges but until that time LifeCOIN will be traded in our internal exchange system, available on our website, starting with the base price of $0.1 (or INR 7)  The creators has joined hands with the fastest growing Network Marketing industry to promote LifeCOIN to all the directions of the world.  Network Marketing + Digital currency paves the way for the fastest and strongest combination of future. Launch of LifeCOIN
  13. 13.  To participate in our Business Opportunity, first of all you have to get yourself registered with our Business by signing up on our website.  Registration charges with LifeCOINX are $10 or INR 700.  After registration, purchase any package from any of our Joining Packages and become a LifeCOIN member. Our Package details are mentioned in the next slide.  In the pre-launching period, LifeCOIN will be traded in our inbuilt exchange by our LifeCOIN members  You will get “n” number of LifeCOINS in your account according to the prevailing price of that day.  The daily traded price will be visible to you in your Lifecoinx account How to do LifeCOIN Business
  14. 14. Package Amount Weekly Income Direct Referral Binary Income 50$ (Rs 3500) 7.5% 5% 10% 100$ (Rs 7000) 10% 5% 10% 200$ (Rs 14000) 11% 5% 10% 500$ (Rs 35000) 12.5% 5% 10% 1000$ (Rs 70000) 15% 5% 10% LifeCOINX Packages (Where $1 = INR 70) # Registration Charges are fixed as $10 for any package
  15. 15. LifeCOINX gives you an excellent business opportunity to earn, but we have to understand one thing that LifeCOIN is a digital currency, it has a new value everyday. For instance, you have purchased a package of $1000 and on that particular day the value of 1 LifeCOIN is $0.1. It implies you will get 10,000 LifeCOINS in your digital wallet/ account made on These 10,000 LifeCOIN will remain in your account till the time you sell them in open exchange. Value of these coins will increase according to buying pattern of people associated with our concept. To earn with us, we have some Incomes for you : LifeCOIN Business Opportunity
  16. 16. As Mentioned above in the table, this income is provided on your package amount. Starting from 7.5% and can go upto 15% weekly. This income will be credited in your wallet after 7 days from your date of activation. 1. Weekly Income
  17. 17. As mentioned above in the table, this income will be provided for any person referred by you directly in our concept. This income is calculated on the respective package price of the person being referred and Income will be 5% of the package referred. It will be credited to your wallet immediately after your referral process. 2. Direct Referral Income
  18. 18. Matching Income or Binary income is 10% of your total business matched daily. Daily Closing of Binary will be there in midnight. LifeCOINX provides an excellent opportunity for earning maximum Matching Income by removing a Cap on this Income. So Refer, Promote & Earn maximum. 3. Matching Income 1:1 10%
  19. 19. This income is calculated as 5% of your Direct Referral’s Matching income. Suppose you have 5 direct referrals and their matching incomes are 12000, 16500, 24500, 7000 and 40000. Then your Referral Bonus is calculated as (12000+16500+24500+7000+40 000 = 90000*5% = Rs. 4500) 4. Referral Matching Bonus
  20. 20. As mentioned earlier there will be a daily price of LifeCOIN, “N” number of coins will be credited to his digital wallet on the same day. The daily price of Coin will change as per demand of members. In a month if currency’s value grows more than his total weekly income in last 30 days, than he can claim the remaining growth portion on his coin in form of our 5th income from his wallet by making a withdrawal request. 5. LifeCOIN Growth Income
  21. 21. You can also Join us as a Franchisee or Business Partner. Franchisee are given extra priviledges and extra income apart from all other incomes mentioned in previous pages. Franchisee can earn income on generating Pins either from his income or his fund. His income will depend on his Franchisee Slab You will also earn extra income if you refer anyone as a franchisee directly in our concept. 6. Franchisee Bonus
  22. 22. 3% 10% 6%
  23. 23.  LifeCOIN is a digital currency and will be launched in May 1st 2017 in an open market exchange. Until then, it will be traded in our internal exchange within our members.  Actual currency in a required quantity will be mined from May 1, 2016 onwards.  Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the quantity of LifeCOIN mined is restricted to 21 million in its lifetime. Limited quantity will help approximates the rate at which commodities like gold are mined. Users who use their computers to perform calculations to try and discover a blockchain are thus called Miners  Business Plan of LifeCOINX is aimed to promote this currency to ground level before its launch. Terms & Conditions
  24. 24.  Matching Income closing is automatic and will occur daily.  No Capping on Matching Income for the initial period.  Weekly Income will be credited in your wallet after 7 days from your date of activation.  Referral Matching Bonus will be calculated only on your direct referral’s Matching Income only. No other income will be taken into consideration.  Withdrawal period is 7 days. You can place your withdrawal request with the company on Saturday and Sunday every week. Your payout after deductions will be transferred to your Bank Accounts within 3-4 working days. Terms & Conditions
  25. 25.  Every Payout is liable for some deductions. TDS @5% Admin Charges @5% Currency Conversion Charges @5%  LifeCOIN Growth Income, if any, will be paid once in a month starting from 30 days from your date of activation.  Pin Generation, Fund transfer, Withdrawal requests are possible on Saturday and Sundays only.  Franchisee Bonus Slab increases by 1% on every direct franchisee referral. It is to be noted that it can reach maximum till 20%. Terms & Conditions
  26. 26. CONTACT US
  27. 27. LIFECOINX Advisors Ltd #4116, Chicago Board of Trade Building 141 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL, US Email: Website: Nearest Stations: Metra Rock Island, Metra Union Station, Metra Ogilvie Station
  28. 28. Don’t Wait Come and Join