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Female Foeticide


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Female Foeticide

  1. 1. :Doctor’s can make a difference STOP Dr. Sharda Jain Director :- Founder Chairman PCH OBST/ Gynae Dpt. Sec General : Delhi Gynaecology Forum
  2. 2. Elimination of Girls in India
  3. 3. 1 crore Girls were Eliminated in last 2 decades GOI-2007
  4. 4. INDIA is Losing A Million Girls annually to Sex Selection (GOI-2007) IMA feels number is much more
  5. 5. Census Total Rural Urban 1981 962 963 931 1991 945 948 935 2001 927 934 903 SRB/ 2003-05* 880 882 872 Source: Census of India *Sample Registration System Child Sex RatioChild Sex Ratio
  6. 6. Note: SRB calculated as Females/1000 males International=952 Comparative Trends in SRBComparative Trends in SRB 911 880 912 926 900 933 935 898 833 885 780 800 820 840 860 880 900 920 940 960 China S.Korea I ndia(Three-years moving av.-SRS) SRB 1982 1989 2000 2003
  7. 7. BIGGEST SHAME “Problem of elite and educated” It is shameful that extreme consumerism traps even the most educated and elite A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Past President of India
  8. 8. Access to technology: • Density of USG machines and child sex ratios are significantly correlated (Maharashtra ) indicating technology driven nature of problem r: - o.679 (Highly significant Negative correlation) • Variety of providers including qualified medical professionals running USG clinics Son Preference & Daughter AversionSon Preference & Daughter Aversion Source : A Study of Ultrasound Sonography Centres in Maharashtra by Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune
  9. 9. According to one micro-study conducted in some hospitals of Delhi: Birth Order Sex of previous child Sex Ratio at birth (girls to 1000 boys) 2nd order One male child 959 One female child 542 3rd order One male and one female child 558 Two female children 219 * This information is from a study done by Christian Medical Association of India. It takes into account 11267 births for the year 2000-2001 collected from one of the public hospital in Delhi Sex Ratio at Birth by sex of the previous children* Who does it ?Who does it ?
  10. 10. Ratios are balanced when • Parents have medium levels of education (high school education) • Women are not only educated but also employed outside home • When the difference between the incomes of the spouses is marginal Son Preference & Daughter AversionSon Preference & Daughter Aversion
  11. 11. STING OPERATIONS & Follow up Rajasthan Suspended - 41 doctors Rajasthan Medical council – debarred -7 U.P Delhi Cases are pending in courts Gujarat ( PC – PNDT Act) Bihar Punjab M.P MOHFW, 2007 Exposed 100 doctors
  12. 12. IMA IS CONCERNED Non maintenance of records • Incomplete records – No address of patient ,No signature, No reason of scanning. • Non registration of ultrasound centre • Delay in renewal of ultrasound centre • Not submitting the properly filled form F in time. Only in 5%, cases are booked for verbally telling the sex of child. 95% cases registered against doctors under PC-PNDT Act are due to
  13. 13. Violation Under the Act Type of Violation Number Dec.2006 Non-registration 199 Non-maintenance of records 109 Communication of sex of fetus 52 Advt. about sex selection 25 Other violations 37 All 422 MOHFW,2007
  14. 14. What can be done ?
  16. 16. IMA’S Resolution (Dec 2006 at Patna) IMA expresses its concern over the declining male to female child sex ratio in the country and its adverse consequences on the society. Pre-natal sex determination needs to be strongly condemned. Members of the Association are advised to desist from such illegal, unethical and unsocial practice of prenatal sex determination. IMA is committed to work on this issue proactively for reversal of declining child sex ratio and ensuring a gender balanced and healthy society.
  17. 17. IMA resolves that National, State and District branches:- • Will constitute Monitoring Cell for curbing female foeticide at all levels of IMA with representative of ultrasonologists, gynaecologists & other volunteer related specialities or their organisations. • Will continue to sensitize its doctors at different forums on this issue especially on gender, legal, ethical and rights dimensions being compromised by perpetuation of this heinous crime. • Will initiate voluntary monitoring on legitimate use of sonography techniques by registered centers in preventing misuse of technology.
  18. 18. IMA resolves that National, State and District branches:- Cont… • Will collaborate & co-operate with Appropriate Authorities for effective implementation of PC- PNDT Act. • Will engage with civil society groups/members by constitution of “Doctors forum Against Sex Selection” (DASS) to create awareness regarding PC-PNDT Act and restoring dwindling and decreasing female child ratio. National IMA will provide necessary guidance to the branches to act on implementation of this resolution.
  19. 19. Interventions proposed by IMA • SENSITIZATION AND CAPACITY BUILDING of doctors to become PC- PNDT compliant. • AWARENESS BUILDING on the issue through IMA publications (IMA News and JIMA)
  20. 20. Activities proposed in 2008 SENSITIZATION AND CAPACITY BUILDING. - Identification of national faculty - 4 regional workshops (East, North ,West and Central regions) Involving IMA , FOGSI, IRIA office bearers and selected faculty from Medical Colleges - 50 District level workshops
  21. 21. Objectives of Regional/District Level Workshops • Provide a PLATFORM to discuss the issue of sex selection. • Sensitize on ROLE OF DOCTORS in addressing this issue of sex selection. • Identifying VISITING FACULTY AND VOLUNTEER MONITORS to make IMA branch PC-PNDT compliant. • Motivate medical fraternity to form DOCTORS FORUM AGAINST SEX SELECTION in each district
  22. 22. Doctor’s Forum Against Female Foeticide (Doctors, Govt functionaries, NGOs & Civil society) OUR LAST HOPE to make it a PUBLIC MOVEMENT
  23. 23. National meet of religious leader, 2001- May
  25. 25. More and More POLITICIANS to be roped in for Championing the cause of FF
  26. 26. IMA-EDB Signature Campaign Initiative
  27. 27. Samuhik Marriages e.g Patels in Gujarat
  28. 28. Thank You
  29. 29. ADDRESS 35 , Defence Enclave, Opp. Preet Vihar Petrol Pump, Metro pillar no. 88, Vikas Marg , Delhi – 110092 CONTACT US 011-22414049, 42401339 WEBSITE : E-MAIL ID &