[INFOGRAPHIC] Virtualization and Mobility: Why Companies Shouldn’t Ignore These Trends


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According to recent research, the number of mobile workers is set to reach 1.3 billion by 2015. This number means that the mobility trend is something that can no longer be denied. If companies want to attract and retain talent, they are going to have to empower their employees to work from wherever they are. One way for companies to better manage their mobile, desktop and room-based video collaboration environment is through the use of virtualized technology. This infographic outlines some of the benefits of virtualization.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Virtualization and Mobility: Why Companies Shouldn’t Ignore These Trends

  1. 1. 71% say it increased efficiency 77% say it improved resource utilization 74% of virtualization users say it reduced infrastructure costs 60% of IT pros say virtualization allowed for faster provisioning SOLVED BY TOO MANY ONSITE SERVERS VIRTUALIZATION Half of all companies have virtualized 1/3 or more of their environment Onsite Servers are Costly and Consume Resources 3% use private virtualization 15% use hybrid private / public The Sony PlayStation Network breach in 2011 cost Sony up to US$171 million in damages Sending workers to attend training & conferences is costly Average cost to attend conference: $277 per day per person Video conferencing accomplishes the same goals cheaper & faster Initial setup as low as $600, reuse it again and again Through 2016, the financial impact of cybercrime will grow 10 percent per year due to the continuing discovery of new vulnerabilities The average total cost per company that reported a data breach in 2012 was over $5.4m Data centers offer multi-level security including protection from app hackers and infrastructure hacking Onsite servers take teams of IT pros monitoring multiple frameworks around the clock Onsite servers mean constant infrastructure repairs and maintenance Virtualization allows IT to focus on business-specific tasks like improving workflow 80% of virtual environments are growing by 10-50 VMS per year Virtualization allows the monitoring of all IT processes in a single framework and seamless automation Sources: networkworld.com/research/2001/1029feat2.html itracs.com/data-center-outages-cost-11000-a-minute/ evolven.com/blog/downtime-outages-and-failures-understanding-their-true-costs.html evolven.com/blog/virtualization-infographics.html?goback=.gde_835317_member_92433412 americandailyherald.com/sci-tech/computers/item/five-ways-businesses-use-virtualization computerweekly.com/news/2240148942/Infosec-2012-Record-security-breaches-cost-UK-firms-billions trade-shows.findthebest.com/app-question/808/What-is-the-average-cost-to-attend-a-trade-show-convention-or-conference zdnet.com/losses-from-security-breaches-becoming-significant-for-firms-2062305073/ indefenseofdata.com/data-breach-trends-stats/ HOTEL ! SECURITY BREACHES 39% use public virtualization 53% plan on upgrading infrastructure to add videoconference capacity 51% of companies plan on expanding use of desktop videoconferencing Videoconferencing speeds performance by 66% Videoconferencing reduces TCO by 50% Outages can cost $11,000 per minute Virtualization reduces downtime by 64% Virtualization improves continuity by 70% z z zz 65% say it reduced software licensing costs 45% of companies are challenged by the cost of buying infrastructure 31% of companies are challenged by deployment and integration Virtualization improves disaster recovery by 70% Allows for 65% faster deployment INFO TECH TIME DRAIN COSTLY CONFERENCES $ $ £$ $ $ $ $ $ $ LEARN MORE BOOK A DEMO