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  1. 1. THE HEART OF THE APOSTOLIC ANOINTING ISAIAH 61 First: The Apostolic anointing EFFECTS the Church: It INFLUENCES / EQUIPS the Saints for effective ministry. The Apostolic Anointing WILL deliver the greatest sinner and make him / her a son / daughter of GOD, and then UNLOCKING the potential of GOD in that person. Jesus, who brought and introduced the Apostolic Anointing took ordinary young men and turned them into Apostles who established the Kingdom of GOD. LEADERSHIP is the ability to influence others / somebody to take a course of action which they are to reach where GOD wants then to reach. This is typically the heart of the Apostolic Anointing, to focus more on the Saints than on self. The FIVE-fold’s focus is not the gifted person, BUT the people who needs to receive the ministry of the GIFTS (5-fold). HEART / SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP: 1 > Raising up BUILDERS; NOT converts? through TIME; COMMITMENT; SUFFERING (Hebr 2:10); EFFORT 2 > RESTORERS (v4): Structures that will enhance development; Acts 3:19-21 Developing/ment of excellence; leaders; growth; worship; What is excellence?? Development of self; have a plan 3 > RESTORE what is lost; integrity; authority; sons; men; women; serving; commitment; true worship; prayer; holy living; evangelism; etc Apostolic Anointing brings back what is lost 4 > PRODUCING SONS; people with a kindred spirit – Phil 2:19-22 5 > FOREIGNERS will be your farmers and vinedressers; Apostolic Anointing will establish you in your position and it will define the role of others (sons) who will join you. They will be involved and we who have the Apostolic Anointing will help them define their roles / give them identity and affirm their calling and purpose / value 6 > DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER / MARK; on the offspring (spiritual children), because they will understand GOD’s order of father – son; Acts 4: 13