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Planning for Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Workshop

  1. 1© Life Cycle Institute© Life Cycle Institute Planning for Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Developed by Joel Levitt and the Life Cycle Institute
  2. 2© Life Cycle Institute Effectively planning for shutdowns requires careful consideration in these areas: Risk management and safety Prioritizing, validating and planning work Logistics Accounting Purchasing Materials management
  3. 3© Life Cycle Institute Developed by Joel Levitt, world renowned expert in maintenance management Based on Joel’s highly acclaimed book Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages Aligned with maintenance management best practices as taught by the Life Cycle Institute and Life Cycle Engineering
  4. 4© Life Cycle Institute Participants will learn how to: Evaluate the effectiveness of your shutdown effort Measure shutdown efficiency Formulate good contractor relations Unearth tools and technologies to create a backbone for effective plant maintenance and reliability Reduce unnecessary costs Develop a checklist of everything to consider before the shutdown
  5. 5© Life Cycle Institute Planning for Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 3-day workshop 2.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Public Open enrollment Private Workshops may be tailored to your specific needs and delivered at your site. STO Competency Improvement Program This course is delivered as part of the three-week STO Competency Improvement Program
  6. 6© Life Cycle Institute Who Should Attend • Maintenance Planner/Schedulers • Production Supervisors • Storeroom Managers • Maintenance Managers and Supervisors • Operation Coordinators • Plant Engineers • Outage Coordinators • Reliability Engineers • Facilities Managers • Project Managers • Asset Management Specialists • Quality Assurance • Procurement
  7. 7© Life Cycle Institute Many project areas are impacted by shutdown size Money spent Duration Lead time Project software Contractors Team organization
  8. 8© Life Cycle Institute Target waste during a shutdown One idea can save thousands of $ in waste Lean is war against waste and part of your lean maintenance effort Find the easiest waste and eliminate it
  9. 9© Life Cycle Institute Scoping the Shutdown Look for work Assess condition Validate work Prioritize work Plan work
  10. 10© Life Cycle Institute Shutdown Manager Must be Vigilant for Risk Consequences • Risk to duration of the shutdown • Risk to cost of the shutdown • Risk to quality of product after start-up • Risk to the workers, the public or the environment
  11. 11© Life Cycle Institute 3 Reasons to Choose the Life Cycle Institute Building competency is what we DO! Our team of learning professionals understands what it takes before, during and after training to change behavior to produce results! LCI instructors are trained learning facilitators Rigorous facilitator qualification and certification process Focus on the learning process and transfer to the job Engage learners, reinforce relevancy and integrate prior experience LCI training is an active experience Learning by doing vs. lecture Group activities, assessments, case studies Network with peers Develop action plans to drive results post-training   
  12. 12© Life Cycle Institute 800-556-9589 The Life Cycle Institute is the learning, leadership and change management practice at Life Cycle Engineering.