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Operator Care Training - A Program for Reliability

  1. 1© Life Cycle Institute© Life Cycle Institute Operator Care – A Program for Reliability Engage People, Reduce Risk and Improve Performance
  2. 2© Life Cycle Institute Operator Care: Engage the Workforce Effort driven by operations Build skills and capabilities Reduce waste and eliminate problems Improve safety, quality and reliability
  3. 3© Life Cycle Institute Learning Objectives 1. Explain how an Operator Care (OC) program improves production performance and asset reliability 2. Tailor the benefits of an OC program to reach stakeholders 3. Assess your organization’s readiness to implement an OC program 4. Use the TPM and Rx models to inform your OC program design 5. Draft a single point lesson 6. Use a skills matrix to assess and plan for training & skill development 7. Outline OC program installation key concepts, critical success factors 8. Create an action plan for OC program goals, setup and execution
  4. 4© Life Cycle Institute Course Details • 3-day class • Private, onsite classes • 2.1 CEUs
  5. 5© Life Cycle Institute Why Operator Care with Life Cycle Institute? Instructors are qualified content experts and trained facilitators of learning – They apply the content they teach – They complete a rigorous facilitator qualification and certification process • Focus on the process of learning and transfer to the job • Engage learners, reinforce relevancy and integrate prior experience The training program is an active experience of learning by doing vs. lecture – Group activities, assessments, case studies – Network with peers Participants develop action plans to support learning and results
  6. 6© Life Cycle Institute LCE Approach to Operator Care • Focus on the 4 elements of Operator Care • Based on Reliability Excellence® and TPM • Start with goals, metrics, monitor progress • Includes standards and templates • End with A3 report and plan for a successful Operator Care program
  7. 7© Life Cycle Institute Know Your Machine and Process (KYMP): OC Element 1 • Understanding losses from ideal • Measure OEE • Visual workplace • Equipment mini- manual
  8. 8© Life Cycle Institute Prevent and Postpone (P2): OC Element 2 • How machines fail • Equipment life stages • TLC: tighten, lubricate, clean • Return like new • Cleaning standards • SPL: single point lessons
  9. 9© Life Cycle Institute Detect Defects, Diagnose and Report (D3R): OC Element 3 • Inspection requirements and standards • Defect tagging and tracking • Visual management (progress boards)
  10. 10© Life Cycle Institute Continuous Improvement (CI): OC Element 4 • Lean maintenance • Root cause analysis and countermeasures • Installing OC: – Assess – Manage – Motivate
  11. 11© Life Cycle Institute 4 Elements of Operator Care KYMP P2 D3R CI
  12. 12© Life Cycle Institute Operator Care is available as a private class. 800-556-9589