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  1. 1. Summary  Purchasing departmentsupervisor with 1.5 years of in-depth experience in retail industry.  I am willing to face to new challenges because Ican learn more from solving them.Moreover, I always have a strong beliefthat I justtry my best, nothing is impossible.  I wantto continue contributing my abilities and experiences in purchasing department. Strength  Ability to co-operating with manydifferent departments to make plan ofpurchasing.  Ability to communicate, negotiate and persuade others effectively.  Proactive ability to work well under pressure .  Problem solver who rapidlyidentifies,give the reasonable and solve the problem.  Willing to share my knowledge to my colleagues.  Adapting easilyto circumstances. Certifications CERTIFICATE OF UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN HCM CITY( GPA= 7.96) CERTIFICATE OF TOEIC 715 CERTIFICATE OF MICROSOFT OFFICE: LEVEL B CERTIFICATE OF THE COURSE “SOFT SKILLS PROGRAM 2011” Experience SAIGON UNION OF TRADING CO-OPERATIVES Purchasing department supervisor in central Viet Nam.  Searching new competitive sources of quality fresh foods which meet supermarketsystem ‘s high standards.  Negotiating favorable terms,conditions and pricing to arrange for delivery to supermarkets.  Considering the relative costs and benefits to choose appropriate suppliers.  Coordinating with other departments to order supplies.  Conferring with the vendors to ensure bestprocurementconditions.  Monitoring the quality, quantity, delivery, pricing of goods to ensure for stable supermarketsystem’ s operation.  Assessing performance ofsupermarkets,diagnosing problems and reviewing related information to implementsolutions.  Analyzing pastbuying trends, sales records,quantityof goods to build promotional plans.  Surveying competitor’s prices to build competitive pricing strategy. 11/ 2013 to present Other Experience TUTOR English tutor.  Teaching English for two primarystudents.  Teaching TOEIC for working people. 11/2009 to 08/2013 Tran Thi Thuy Lieu Purchasing department supervisor. Experience years: 1.5 years. Personality: Responsible, ethical, independent, sociable, self- motivated, along with ability to learn. Phone: 093 873 2623. Birth Date: 18/05/1991. Address:307 Khuong Viet, Phu Trung ward, Tan Phu district, HCM city.
  2. 2. QUYNH ANH NUTRITION- FOODCOMPANY LIMITED Staff.  Serving customers  Advertising on the internet.  Contributing myideas for designing flyer and planning promotion programs. SUMMER HOLIDAY 2012 06/2012 to 08/2012 BUSINESSSELF-EMPLOYEDPERSON Self-employed person  Creating and selling garlic wine. SUMMER HOLIDAY 2011 06/2011 to 08/2011 PHUOC THO SUGAR COMPANY LIMITED Staff  Finding customers.  Packaging the product. SUMMER HOLIDAY 2011 06/2010 to 08/2010 Activities GOP SANG GROUP Volunteer  Organizing programs which everyone can read free books.  Taking part in holding events for children. STUDENT’S GROUP OF FINANCE RESEARCH Member  Researching and analyzing finance.  Introducing programs to students.  Taking part in holding events for student. 12/2012 to 12/2013 12/2011 to 6/2013 Skills  Strong negotiation and persuasion skill.  Good ability in analyze information,problem solving skills,judgmentand decision making ,time management.  Good command ofEnglish and Vietnamese.  Advance in word,excel.  Good social perceptiveness and active listening.  Critical thinking and active learning.  Basic knowledge offood safety.  Some other soft skills:Team working,Presentation,Communication. Other personal information. ACHIEVEMENTS  Education encouragementscholarship ofUniversity(2010-2011). HOBBIES AND INTEREST  Travelling.  Playing football,hiking,swimming.  Watching foreign films,reading books. References Mrs. Bui Thi Minh Thu Vice- manager ofpurchasing departmentatSaigon Co-op. Mobile: 090 837 1636 Mrs. Pham Duong Phuong Thao Lecture of Corporate Finance Faculty at University of Economics. Mobile: 090 843 2069